Various Artists -《MoFi Collection 2》(MoFi 典藏 2)[SACD-r]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名MoFi Collection 2
专辑中文名MoFi 典藏 2

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★ 创立於 1977 年,以走在时代尖端的最新技术,不断追求声音与空间的极致完美!

★ 经典摇滚、爵士、流行的终极梦幻重制版本,全部限量发行,乐迷不可错过的珍藏!

★ 美国四十年发烧厂牌 Mobile Fidelity 精心后制发行,以更具类比韵味的音质重现这张历久弥新的经典作品。

Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab(简称MOFI)由资深录音工程师兼制作人 Brad Miller 成立於 1977 年,擅长在户外录音、并对人工音响有独到处理技巧的他,1965 年即开始以 Mobile Fidelity 名称发行唱片,后来更致力於老摇滚与爵士、流行等唱片的重制,使得每一张 MOFI 发行的作品,都是发烧友心目中的梦幻逸品。本专辑收录九首音响效果卓越拔群的歌曲,极具可听性,喜爱流行与摇滚的发烧友不可错过!

EAN: 821797900263
Date Of Release: 07.11.2013
Format: Hybrid SACD
Item no.: SACD-S2

Collection Volume 2 on Numbered Limited Edition Hybrid SACD
Successor to First-Ever Exclusive Collection Made Available to Public
Here’s the demonstration disc for which you’ve been waiting. The successor to the imprint’s first collection ever made available for purchase by the public, Collection Volume 2 showcases nine sterling tracks stemming from iconic classic rock, soul, new wave, and country-folk artists. Ideal for audiophiles as well as newcomers curious about our history, the compendium also functions as a diverse sampler and system test disc. Like all of our releases, it is an extremely collectable, numbered and limited-edition title.

You may have heard Foghat’s signature “Slow Ride” hundreds of times, but you’ve not truly experienced it until you hear the radio staple on this hybrid SACD. The same can be said for the Pretenders’ catchy “Back on the Chain Gang,” Foreigner’s arena favorite “Feels Like the First Time,” and the Doobie Brothers’ irrepressible “China Grove,” which here takes on unstoppable momentum thanks to an unlimited ceiling and bottom that allow every frequency to reach full potential.

A mix of other familiar, highly respectable material rounds out this powerful jukebox. Ray Charles’ penetrating “Come Rain Or Come Shine” plays on the same level as Gram Parsons’ bittersweet “We’ll Sweep the Ashes Out in the Morning” duet with Emmylou Harris. Similarly, Rickie Lee Jones’ evocative “Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue)” operates on a related emotional scale with Marshall Crenshaw’s hopeful “Someday, Someway,” the singer’s 1982 Top 40 breakthrough.

Looking to reveal your system’s greatest strengths? Bursting with music that will help your stereo come alive with three-dimensional images, appear with huge soundstages, and revel in delicate textures, Collection Volume 2 epitomizes what high-end audio is all about: Engaging, masterful performances rendered in exalted sound that brings you to the event and closer to your favorite artists.

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1. China Grove - The Doobie Brothers 3:14
2. Pirates (So Long Lonely Avenue) - Rickie Lee Jones 3:53
3. We’ll Sweep Out The Ashes In The Morning - Gram Parsons 3:12
4. Someday, Someway - Marshall Crenshaw 2:47
5. Back On The Chain Gang - The Pretenders 3:50
6. Slow Ride - Foghat 8:07
7. Feels Like The First Time - Foreigner 3:52
8. One Time One Night - Los Lobos 4:49
9. Come Rain Or Come Shine - Ray Charles 3:40






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