Simone Kopmajer -《The Best In You》(最好的你)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名The Best In You

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席捲香港、新加坡发烧界的澳洲爵士新天后 60.70黄金年代金曲温柔再现

来自奥地利的新声代爵士女伶---席梦卡麦儿Simone Kopmajer,自上张〈Nothing’s Gonna Change坚定不移〉席捲香港、新加坡发烧乐迷界,睽违几年后,準备再次带给您更贴进心房、更富爵士风情的金曲回忆。

The Best in You
Simone Kopmajer

Released on May 9, 2014 by Lucky Mojo Records
Main artist : Simone Kopmajer
Genre : Pop/Rock > Pop

It was Simone’s idea to take the great songs of different generations and put all together in what could be considered a level playing field. «I love to sing the great jazz standards,» the 20-something Austrian native tells me, «but, great as they are, I don’t want to sing them exclusively.» Thus she mixes it up–going seamlessly from the music of Prince and Motown to that of the Gershwins and Rodgers & Hart. She varies between the old and new, which is entirely logical considering that virtually all of them are considerably older than she is. She also includes music from both Broadway and Nashville–also a logical choice considering that New York and Tennessee are roughly equidistant from Vienna.

Simone takes an evocative country-folk song associated with Alison Kraus, and, with her stunning voice and the combined musicality of herself and co-producer/pianist John di Martino, makes it into something even more special. «I was driving from one show to another in the States, when I heard it on the car radio.» she reports, «I couldn’t get all the details, but I eventually figured out what the song was. Before I could find the sheet music, I wrote out the chords myself.» It’s a beautifully sung and even haunting performance–in more ways than one.

The new CD also includes three excellent original songs, my favorite of which is «Didn’t You Say.» «It’s about these men that promise you all kinds of things, and then in the end, they don’t deliver anything.» She tells me it’s inspired by real relationships, and I tell her she’s too young to be so cynical. However, the Count Basie-style beat provided by the combination of di Martino and ace rhythm guitarist helps negate any possible ill will, and «Didn’t You Say» turns out to be a real romper after all.

Meet a fresh, young singer from Austria, whose US debut in the year 2000 was hailed as "captivating“. Jazz legend Ira Sullivan calls her “a great young talent” with a big future in Jazz.

Simone, now 25 years old, grew up in a family of musicians and started to sing, in her father's band when she was 12. At the same time she studied piano, though singing remained her first love. Early on, she entered and won various talent contests and even made appearances on television in her native land, Austria. As a young performer, she twice toured the Netherlands with the “Euro Big Band” and later appeared in several International Jazz Festivals.

Influenced by some of the great American vocalists, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Jon Hendricks, Simone has developed into a true Jazzsinger, a singer who uses a wide variety of rhythms and excels in her very individual style of scatting. Laurie Antonioli says that “Simone is an excellent musician, with soulful and hip improvising. She digs in and isn't afraid to take risks with the music”.

Simone received her Masters Degree from the University for Music and dramatic Arts in Graz, Austria where she had the opportunity to work with such Jazz luminaries as Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Michele Hendricks, Jay Clayton and the New York Voices.

Simone Kopmajer´s new album containing mostly original compositions and songs like Wichita Lineman, Blue Bayou and Impossible was produced by Jamaaladeen Tacuma and recorded in Philadelphia. Highly recommended for Jazz & Singer/Songwriter Lovers !
Genre: Jazz: Jazz-Pop
Release Date: 2014

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01. Blue Bayou [04:15]
02. Shoes [04:37]
03. All The Words Are Gone [05:10]
04. The Best In You [04:36]
05. Inseparable [03:29]
06. Lucky Mojo [03:49]
07. Up Here On The Rooftop [03:54]
08. Wichita Lineman [06:03]
09. I Dream of You [03:28]
10. A Perfect Love [05:55]
11. Stay [04:09]
12. Our Love Is Light [04:10]






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