Maurice Andre & Jane Parker-Smith -《安德烈的小号与管风琴名曲集》(Music for Trumpet & Organ)[DVD-A 2.0 4.0 24bits 44.1KHz]

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Music for Trumpet & Organ
版本[DVD-A 2.0 4.0 24bits 44.1KHz]

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★EMI CLASSICS录音中的瑰宝,大时代洪流中的试金石,每份录音都是经典,每份作品都是最能代表作曲家创作精髓的首选。入门古典音乐世界的最好选择,EMI德国精心企划,低价系列!



唱片公司:Gold Typhoon Music
系列:新‧古典长红 RED LINE
进口专辑 / CD / 1 片装

01 夏邦提耶:狩猎曲,选自《谢恩讚美歌》
02 阿比诺尼:慢板〈改编:吉亚佐托〉
03 巴哈:嘉禾舞曲
04 韩德尔:最缓板,选自《赛尔斯》
05 巴哈:「我虔诚的心」,选自第68号清唱剧
06 韩德尔:光荣颂
07 舒伯特:圣母颂
08 克拉克:小号志愿军
09 史奈耶:精神抖擞的快板
10 巴哈:「G弦之歌」,选自《第三号管絃乐组曲》
11 史坦利:小号旋律
12 巴哈:「布列舞曲」,选自《第四号无伴奏大提琴组曲》
13 巴哈 / 古诺:圣母颂
14 莫札特:「哈利路亚」,选自经文歌《跳吧欢喜吧幸福的灵魂》,k165(158a)

Trumpet & Organ / Maurice André, Jane Parker-smith

Maurice André (21 May 1933 – 25 February 2012) made over 300 recordings from the late 1950s onwards. He was part of the rebirth of interest in Baroque music in the 1960s, playing on piccolo trumpet many transcriptions of music originally written for other instruments or voice as on this album. He was one of the finest trumpet players of the 20th Century and many current trumpeters including Alison Balsom and Wynton Marsalis cite him as an influence on their playing style and sound.

Jane Parker-Smith is an organist with an international reputation and has played with many major conductors and orchestras and given solo performances around the world. She continues to tour to this day and in 2014 will be playing the Royal Festival Hall organ after restoration for its 60th anniversary. Her collaboration with Maurice André is listed as a highlight in the biography on her web site.

I first encountered this recording on a 2 CD compilation boxset about 3 years ago. I fell in love with the music but never knew it was in quad until I researched the original LPs after being inspired by this blog. The 2 CD boxset presents three LPs plus two tracks from a fourth, but the tracks are a little mixed up which makes the musical experience a bit confusing. So while the tracks have been taken from the CD’s, they are presented here as one LP using the original LP’s cover art, which is much more informative than the CD inlay.

It is intended that the other two LPs from the boxset will be decoded and released in due course. Owen Smith

Release: DS270f

Source: SQ CD (SQ / Stereo Quadraphonic)

Process: SQ/II

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Trumpet & Organ / Maurice André, Jane Parker-smith

Release Date: 08/28/2012
Label: Emi Classics Catalog #: 6365602
Composer: Marc-Antoine Charpentier, Tomaso Albinoni, Johann Sebastian Bach, Franz Schubert, ...
Performer: Hedwig Bilgram, Maurice André, Alfred Mitterhofer, Jane Parker-Smith
Number of Discs: 1

Original Release Date: 1 Aug 2005
Release Date: 1 Aug 2005
Label: Warner Classics
Copyright: © 2005 EMI Records Ltd.
Record Company Required Metadata: Music file metadata contains unique purchase identifier. Learn more.
Total Length: 1:06:35
Genres: Classical

By Teemacs TOP 1000 REVIEWER on 8 Dec 2011
Format: Audio CD
To the best of my knowledge, the combination of trumpet and organ is a very recent one, and there is no 18-19 century music written for such a combination. Thus, everything on this CD consists of adaptions of pieces written for other instruments/ensembles. To many purists, this is completely off-putting. However, not being a purist, I am not at all off-put.

Super-trumpeter Maurice André always felt the lack of music for his instrument and was always willing to adapt other pieces for it (the versatility of the piccolo trumpet made it possible to play things that could never be played on the natural instrument). The initial trumpet and organ records were made with the French label Erato and Hedwig Bilgram as partner, later with other partners.

To my ears, the combination two sounds, the clear sound of the trumpet and the sonorous richness of the organ, almost seem meant for each other, and the result here is a wonderful listening experience, with André's burnished tone and dazzling virtuosity showcased by splendid accompaniment. Indeed, the only quibble I can think of that listening to it all at once is like having a banquet consisting entirely of your favourite ice cream. You end up totally sated by it all. As a result, I tend to listen to bits at a time. I confess to having played some bits to death, such as the marvellous version of "Gloria in excelsis Deo ", with the tune known as "Angels we have heard on high". In this regard, I'd echo Tom Lehrer's famous version of the carol and say:

Angels we have heard on high
Tell us to GO OUT AND BUY!

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01. Te Deum H146: Prélude Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 2:04
02. Adagio In G Minor (Arr. Jean-Michel Defaye) Maurice André 6:32
03. Partita No.3, Bwv1006: Gavotte En Rondeu Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 2:58
04. Largo (From Serse) Maurice André 3:20
05. Mein Gläubiges Herze (From Cantata No. 68 'Also Hat Gott Die Welt Gel… Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 2:34
06. Gloria In Excelsis Deo Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 2:58
07. Ave Maria D839 Maurice André 2:47
08. Suite In D: Round-O: The Prince Of Denmark's March (Trumpet Voluntar… Maurice André 2:54
09. Premier Livre De Sonates: Allegro Spiritoso Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 2:25
10. Orchestral Suite No. 3 In D Bwv1068 Maurice André 3:51
11. 10 Voluntaries Op. 6: 5. Trumpet Tune In D (Arr. Jean-Michel Defaye) Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 2:54
12. Cello Suite No.4 Bwv1010: Bourrée i Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 3:15
13. Ave Maria Maurice André/Jane Parker-Smith 3:06
14. Alleluia (From Exsultate, Jubilate K165/K158a) Maurice André 2:24






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