J Rabbit(제이레빗) -《STOP GO》专辑[MP3]

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专辑中文名STOP GO

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2只不漂亮但是很可爱的兔子组成了J Rabbit组合,정다운在组合里担当钢琴 吉他等乐器演奏和合唱,정혜선拥有迷人声线和俏皮可爱的脸庞是组合的主唱,2011年3月4日发布的《It's Spring》专辑口碑不错,2012年5月发布了第二张专辑《Looking Around》,在结束了漫长的两年期盼与等待,终于盼来了第三张正规专辑《Stop & Go》。又是一股清新的民谣演唱风格,喜欢这种音乐的朋友可不要错过吆.


Further develop gradually because the third full-length album, complete with a look at the burden to demonstrate that you can love many people worried for music oncoming J. Levitt a means to maximize the benefits of their own as you can work more comfortably make room for the new, and various stringed instruments and percussion, as well as the recording of their album to the grand piano rental space, the more you can focus on playing and tried to make the environment. Technically side of economy and efficiency in the recording studio working with the existing irrational than one way, but more in the space of their own, which focused on the state of the music they want to play and record the wishes of naeryeotdago that decision.

The album includes eight new songs for a drama last year 'sleep' was released under the title 'I love thy blot' and 'romantic trip' and two newly recorded 'We're in love' to a total of 11 The track is a song to be recorded. Only full-length album, playing traditional music of these two big portion of this album is more than what the player's participation in the portion of the song made natjiman nevertheless increased by a universal instrument configuration needs more variety yirwonae a look at the combination of three show.

[We're in love] or [romantic journeys - often on the same track is used as monophonic melrodieon to do the ensemble consists of a variety of percussion and a chorus line, showing a unique atmosphere and scale [Round & Round]. Vocalist duet for two men focused on a variety of percussion while playing bass guitar and understated hidden [I Promise I Do] Other tracks, such as a conventional piano bass drum is not a common combination, but the combination of their music in a more individual trying to give the heard. On the other hand - you'll be a good thing], [I look anyway], [I love thy blot] seen two people on the same track, but as long as the breath of the past and focus more jyeoteum can feel deeper.

At the end of a long time contemplating the newly released third album [STOP & GO] people are living busy life for a moment to stop and recharge with room to spare in a new move to encourage their messages to the effort to put the best called out the album. Live music this time to please all those who help you a little hope.


01. 좋은일이 있을거야
02. We’re In Love (2014 Recording)
03. 낭만여행
04. Good Night
05. Round & Round
06. 내 모습 이대로
07. Let’s Fall In Love
08. 나 그대의 사랑이 되리 (선잠)
09. I Promise, I Do (With 반광옥)
10. 쉬어 (Stop & Go)
11. In This Time






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