Gloria Estefan -《Greatest Hits》(精选专辑)[CD + SACD-r]

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专辑英文名Greatest Hits
版本[CD + SACD-r]

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原为Miami Sound Machine一员的Gloria,在出版了两张英文专辑后,因有感於她在乐团的重要性,而要求将团名改为Gloria Estefan&Miami Sound Machine,至今天的单打独斗拥身为国际巨星,表现可说是愈发明艳动人,他们的作品不论快节奏的舞曲或抒情作品,都充满浓烈的拉丁浪漫色彩,将拉丁民族特有的动感与活泼现极为生动。

此精选辑收录了他们1984到1992年间所推出的五张英文专辑中的畅销曲一“Conga”、“Words Get In The Way”、“Can’t Stay Away From You”、“Bad Boy”、“Anything For You”……等12首最受欢迎的歌曲,并收录四首新作Christmas Throuht Your Eyes”、“I See Your Smile”“Go Away”和“Always Tomorrow”,将他们从以前到现在作最完整的纪录。


This collection of pop hits is easy to listen to and hard to turn off, which is exactly what pop music is suppose to be. This 14 song compilation truly is the best of Gloria. You'll recognize every song here, which is a tribute in itself. From infectious dance songs (1,2,3 - Get on Your Feet-Conga - Go Away)) to powerful heartbreak (I See Your Smile - Here We Are - Words Get in the Way) we get it all.
We also get the inspirational post accident (her back broken and hospitalized for months) songs, "Coming Out of the Dark" and Always Tomorrow". Even the wonderful seasonal "Christmas Through Your Eyes", quickly becoming a holiday classic, is included. Gloria Estefan is really something special and one listen to this collection is proof enough.
The music is great, the production smooth, and Gloria's emotional vocals always perfect. She makes this look so easy she sometimes doesn't get credit for how difficult creating good pop music can be. Husband Emilio, a terrific artist in his own right, always manages to give just the right production to a tune, enhancing the flavor of a song while not overpowering Gloria's emotional voice.
These hits are the perfect blend of popularity and artistry. In turns uplifting, exciting, and heartbreaking, this greatest hits album reminds us what is good about listening to radio occasionally. You might be missing out on something truly special that is right in front of us

Gloria Estefan ‎– Greatest Hits
Label: Epic ‎– ES 86729
Format:SACD, Compilation, Multichannel
Country: US
Released: 2002
Genre: Latin, Pop

Review by Jose F. Promis

In 1984, Gloria Estefan started off as the lead singer of Miami Sound Machine. By 1987, after scoring four big hits from their first major U.S. album, they became Gloria Estefan and Miami Sound Machine, and by 1989, after even bigger success, it was simply Gloria Estefan. This greatest-hits collection covers the years 1985 to 1992, featuring most of the pop confections that propelled her to the top of the charts and to international stardom. Among the hits included are her three number ones: "Anything for You," "Coming Out of the Dark," and "Don't Wanna Lose You," as well as other Top Ten hits including "Conga," "Words Get in the Way," "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," "Can't Stay Away from You," "Here We Are," and the single mix of "1-2-3." There are a few glaring omissions, however. "Bad Boy," her second Top Ten hit, was left off, and that is unfortunate because the hit version was a remix of the original album version and is extremely difficult to find on CD. Other omissions include "Dr. Beat," "Falling in Love (Uh-Oh)," "Oye Mi Canto," "Live for Loving You," and "Can't Forget You." To round off the set are four new recordings, including the album's first single, "Always Tomorrow," the Jon Secada-penned "I See Your Smile," the irresistible Latin-flavored dance track "Go Away," and the semi-tepid holiday tune "Christmas Through Your Eyes." This is a good collection from a great artist that could have been a great collection had they included all the hits.

Greatest Hits is a 1992 compilation album by the Cuban-American singer Gloria Estefan.

As well as a collection of her greatest hits, the album also contained four new songs (see below). Although credited solely to Estefan on the front cover, the album also contains material released when she was part of the band Miami Sound Machine (which would later became her backing band). The international releases of the album included "Dr. Beat" and "Bad Boy", though the Australian/New Zealand release replaced "Bad Boy" with "Cuts Both Ways". A limited edition Australian double CD set was released which included the "Megamix" - a medley of Estefan's early dance hits.

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01. Dr. Beat 04:22
02. Conga 04:15
03. Words Get In The Way 03:27
04. Can't Stay Away From You 03:57
05. Bad Boy 03:45
06. 1, 2, 3 (Remix) 03:35
07. Anything For You 04:03
08. Here We Are 04:51
09. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You 03:58
10. Get On Your Feet 03:39
11. Don't Wanna Lose You 04:10
12. Coming Out Of The Dark 04:06
13. Christmas Through Your Eyes 04:55
14. I See Your Smile 04:35
15. Go Away 04:19
16. Always Tomorrow 04:51


01. Conga (04:15)
02. Words Get In The Way (03:26)
03. Can’t Stay Away From You (03:56)
04. 1,2,3 (03:34)
05. Rhythm Is Gonna Get You (03:57)
06. Anything For You (04:02)
07. Here We Are (04:54)
08. Get On Your Feet (03:37)
09. Don’t Wanna Lose You (04:07)
10. Coming Out Of The Dark (04:03)
11. Christmas Through Your Eyes (04:53)
12. I See Your Smile (04:36)
13. Go Away (04:17)
14. Always Tomorrow (04:55)

Engineer [SACD Authorizing] – Woody Pornpitaksuk
Mastered By – Bob Ludwig
Mixed By [Multi-Channel Mix] – Eric Schilling






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