Various Artists -《Guitars Unlimited - Quiet Nights and Brazilian Guitars》(静夜吉他)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Guitars Unlimited - Quiet Nights and Brazilian Guitars

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专辑以60年代 bossa 为概念,背衬美丽的节奏,混合不同吉他好手组合而作。

吉他手主要以 Jack Marshall 为主,也集合其它如 Howard Roberts, Bob Bain, Tommy Tedesco, Laurindo Almeida, 和 Rosinha De Valenca 的作品。 这里有好多都是能独当一面的好手,因缘集会以乐会友而彼次擦出生命的火花 !

An excellent concept for a bossa album from the 60s – a set that mixes together a bunch of different great guitarists – all with some light and lovely rhythm backings that really hit a groove! Jack Marshall put the set together – and in addition to his own guitar, the record features work from Howard Roberts, Bob Bain, Tommy Tedesco, Laurindo Almeida, and Rosinha De Valenca – all of whom would be plenty great on their own, but who really sound special here together on the set! Backings have a bit of that bounce you'd hear on some of Howard Roberts' albums for Capitol at the same time – and no surprise, Roberts is really the main soloist on the date. Titles include "Girl From Ipanema", "Manha De Carnival", "Meditacao", "Here Lies Love", "Ho-Ba-La-La", "Bim-Bom", "Desafinado", "Corcovado", "One Note Samba", "These Are The Ways Of Love", and "O Barquinho".

Audio CD (June 18, 2013)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Import
Label: EMI Japan

ID Universe Part number 8949550
Label EMI Japan
Orig Year 1966
Catalog number 0655430
Discs 1
Producer David Cavanaugh; Jack Marshall
Recording Time 27 minutes
Personnel Shelly Manne - drums, percussion
Howard Roberts
Milton Holland
Rosinha de Valen+ºa - guitar
Additional Info Japan

Review by Ted Mills

Yet another record of instrumental hits meant to cash in on the bossa nova craze, or L.A. session musicians at the top of their game? Certainly fans of Howard Roberts, once a recording artist for Verve, will not want to miss this one, as the cool guitarist lends solos to all but one of the tracks here, a usual assortment of Jobim and Gilberto tunes and soundalikes. No strings anywhere on the album, and arranger Jack Marshall keeps things light and lively. Easy to find in cut-out bins and certainly worth the dollar or two price.

Artist: Guitars Unlimited
Title Of Album: Quiet Nights and Brazilian Guitars [Japan Edition]
Year Of Release: 2013 (1966)
Label: Capitol/Toshiba-EMI/Universal | TOCJ-66622
Genre: Bossa Nova
Total Time: 28:04

Jack Marshall - conductor, arranger, guitar (#2,5,7,11)
Howard Roberts, Bob Bain, Tony Rizzo, Al Hendrikson, Tommy Tedesco, Laurindo Almeida (#1,3,4,6,8-10) alternating with Rosinha de Valenca - guitar
Shelly Manne, Milton Holland - drums, percussion
Frank Flynn - bells (#1,3,4,6,8-10)
Joe Mondragon - bass

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01. The Girl from Ipanema (Jobim) - 2:44
02. Manha de Carnival (Theme from "Black Orpheus") (Bonfa) - 2:42
03. Meditation (Meditacao) (Jobim) - 3:06
04. Here Lies Love (Marshall-Mosher) - 2:26
05. Ho-Ba-La-La (Gilberto) - 2:18
06. Bim-Bom (Gilberto) - 2:23
07. Desafinado (Jobim) - 2:41
08. Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars (Corcovado) (Jobim) - 2:03
09. One Note Samba (Samba de Uma Nota So) (Jobim) - 2:34
10. These Are the Ways of Love (Marshall-Mosher) - 2:37
11. O Barquinho (Little Boat) (Menescal-Boscoli) - 2:32






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