Guitarra Azul -《Lotus Flower》(莲花)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Lotus Flower
歌手Guitarra Azul

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“莲花”是广受好评的世界组Guitarra Azul 期待已久且备受瞩目的第三张专辑。

“莲花” 以充满迷情,惊速的吉他炫技 和 魔力迷人的打击乐 让音乐旋律激情不断 。。

这抚慰灵魂的音乐,它填满你的心灵与热情,让人在不直觉中 手舞足蹈!

"Lotus Flower" is the Third CD Release of The Critically Acclaimed World Group Guitarra Azul. This is Music that is Invigorating to the Spirit and soothing to the soul...

Album Notes
"Lotus Flower" is the Long Awaited and Highly Anticipated Third CD Release of The Critically Acclaimed World Group Guitarra Azul.

Lotus Flower Flows With Breathtaking Virtuosity, Hypnotic, Mesmerizing World Percussion, Unforgettable Melodies, and Passionate, Fiery Guitars.

This is Music that is Invigorating to the Spirit and soothing to the soul... it will fill your Heart With Passion, and it will make Your Body want to Dance With Joy!!!

Featuring the title track.... Finally on CD! Guitarra Azul's Super popular, Spellbinding Encore Song Japanese themed "Lotus Flower"....

Check Out The Song "Desert Flower" - a Fantasy Mix of Arabic Percussion, Indian Tabla, Latin Percussion, and Spanish Guitars - Featuring World Renown Syrian Percussion Master Omar Al Musfi and Iraqi Born Violin Virtuoso Rami Joseph or The Hauntingly Beautiful "Tango de Reve" (Dream Tango) Featuring Tango Violin Virtuoso Victoria Moreira, French Gypsy-Jazz Violin Sensation Marielle de Rocca-Serra, and Accordion Wizard Don Stille. And The Smoking Hot "Fuego Loco" Featuring a Smoldering Guitar Solo by World renown Virtuoso Guitarist Luis Villegas.

Artist: Guitarra Azul
Title Of Album: Lotus Flower
Year Of Release: 2012
Label: Guitarra Azul
Genre: Flamenco, Instrumental
Total Time: 01:01:48
WebSite: Amazon.com

Genres: World, Music, Rock
Released: Jun 04, 2012
℗ 2012 Guitarra Azul

4.0 out of 5 stars A cool drink of water...or maybe tequila. September 14, 2012
By Capsaicin
Format:MP3 Music|Amazon Verified Purchase
First listened to Guitarra Azul at the Walworth County Fair, Elkhorn where they played outside in the park. Forced by the wife and kid to endure hours and hours of our third Wisconsin Fair this year, fried by the hot sun, stuffed by the deep-fried fair food, and sick of the crowds, I went to the less-crowded park area briefly to lie down and recover. Absorbed in reading Henry David Thoreau on my Kindle, I didn't see the band arrive, and expected a polka band maybe. When they started playing, Guitarra Azul blew me away--in retrospect they felt like a reward for the day of suffering I had endured. They played several selections from Lotus Flower, their new album. The music was like a cool drink of water...or maybe tequila.

No flamenco expert, I can't really describe their music--but it is full of virtuoso guitar play, drum work, forward-moving, mellow and fiery at the same time--Gipsy Kings is the closest musical comparison to them I own currently--only Guitarra Azul is strictly instrumental so far as know. Listening to them makes me want to snack on eye-watering habanero salsa and sour lime guacomole. One of these songs reminds me of the musical interlude in the Eagles song Hotel California; Lotus Flower the title song evokes a more Eastern sound. The song 'Fuego Loco' is particularly rewarding.

The band is an eclectic mix of nationalities and music talents (read their bios to see the diverse, multi-continental mix) and living in Wisconsin, I'm lucky to have them nearby in the Chicago area. I'll certainly be buying their other albums, and hopefully heading south to another live event sometime.

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01. El Chino [00:03:50]
02. Tears in the Rain [00:05:44]
03. Desert Flower [00:05:46]
04. Lotus Flower [00:04:16]
05. Wildflower [00:03:24]
06. Fuego Loco [00:04:38]
07. El Gato Malo [00:05:56]
08. Arco [00:04:40]
09. Cafe Triste [00:04:53]
10. Tango de Reve [00:06:10]
11. Siempre [00:04:23]
12. Ride [00:08:04]






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