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艺术家David Garrett

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2013-05-05 21:28 David Garrett


David Garrett

Fourteen is a particular age. So much is changing – physically, socially, and emotionally. I was a very shy, skinny teenager, really not at all popular or athletic. I was an oddity among my peers and uncomfortable in what I saw as the stodgy world of classical music. But when you are young, so much is a matter of instinct, and I always felt I had something to say through my violin.
14岁是个特别的年纪,一切都经历著巨大的变化——生理、情感,还有社会生活。那时的我瘦弱而且内向,没什么朋友也不擅长运动。跟同龄人相比我是个奇怪的小孩,古典音乐的世界在我看来艰深刻板,让我深感不适。可对孩子而言许 多事情都是出於本能,而我总觉得自己想用我的小提琴说些什么。

One of the wonderful things about music is that it is a subjective, emotional language where there is never a single wrong or right. Our feelings change all the time, but in themselves, at any given moment, they are always true. I think that freedom and emotional truth are part of what attracted me to music in the first place, and what nourished me through those challenging teenaged years. Indeed, music’s evolving but enduring universality is a big part of the story of “14”.
音乐的妙处之一在於它是一门极富主观性和感情色彩的语言,从来都没有鲜明的对错之分。我们的感受变幻莫测,可它们本身,不管在什么时候,总是真实的。我想最初,音乐对我的吸引力便是来源於自由和真实的情感,也正是这些,支持著青少年时 期的我接受各种挑战。实际上,在《14》的故事中,很大一部分就是音乐所具有的发展却永恒的普适性。

At the time of recording I was 14 years old. My parents set ambitious goals for me and I was fortunate to have great mentors, like Isaac Stern, Itzhak Perlman, and Ida Haendel, who provided immense encouragement. By that age, I had already made a series of recordings for Deutsche Grammophon. I am not sure I really understood what it meant to me at the time, but the older I get, the more I realise what an honour it was to have been able to begin my recording career with the very greatest classical label.
录制这 张专辑时我14岁。父母早早为我设定了雄心壮志,我也有幸师事以撒·斯特恩(Isaac Stern)、伊扎克·帕尔曼(Itzhak Perlman)和伊达·亨德尔(Ida Haendel)这样的名师,他们给了我巨大的鼓励。那时我在德意志留声机(Deutsche Grammophon)旗下进行了一系列的录制。那时我大概不太明白其意义所在,不过随著年龄的增长,我愈加意识到当时能在最伟大的古典厂牌旗下开始录制是何等的荣耀。

This album was supposed to be a virtuoso recital to showcase my technique and musicality. Unfortunately it was not released, and the tapes disappeared into the archives of Deutsche Grammophon. During all those years I never forgot that my unpublished material was slumbering there, since I knew by instinct that the recordings had turned out well. I do not mean to sound arrogant, but as a musician you clearly feel if something has turned out well or not: artists are their own sharpest critics. And of course it is strange for me to listen to these recordings after so many years. But still, today, I fully vouch for the result, even though almost 20 years have now passed.


Many of the pieces on this record have since become some of my favourites – companions through my career. Of course, there are many things I do differently now. I have developed my own personality and sound, and my approach has evolved. I grew a lot between 12 and 14 and was in the process of adjusting to all those physical changes at the point this recording was made. But at the same time, I feel it is a performance full of freedom and curiosity. And the album reveals modes of expression and details that I succeeded with instinctively. In retrospect, I find it astonishing that I mastered these things back then. I would never have thought that possible.
唱片里的很多首曲子如今已经是我的挚爱——我职业生涯中的伴侣。当然,现在我的演奏和过去不同。我的性格和演奏音色都有了发展,技术也得到了提升。在12岁到 14岁的时候我成长了很多,在录制这张唱片时刚好在努力适应这些身体变化。而与此同时,我又觉得演奏的过程自在自如充满新奇。专辑中的情绪切换和技巧把握 的成功如同本能一般,回顾当时的演奏,我为自己那么小就如此纯熟而感到惊讶,从没想过那会是真的。

That is why I am delighted this “lost” album is finally being released. “14” captures a moment in time – a “snapshot” from my history, a bridge between youth and my adulthood, and an important part of how I became who and what I am today. Music is so personal: every day I play something, every day someone listens, the next day it will sound different. Rediscovering this album, I find myself surprised, touched, and constantly reminded of music’s amazing power to reveal the limitless possibilities of the imagination and the heart. After so many years, I am pleased to be able to share this album – along with the feelings and memories it contains – with you.

Performer: Alexander Markovich
Conductor: n/a
Composer: Niccolo Paganin, Giuseppe Tartini, Antonin Leopold Dvorak, Franz Peter Schubert, Fritz Kreisler, et al.
Audio CD (April 2, 2013)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Deutsche Grammophon

David Garrett at 14 The Lost Album, Rediscovered & Issued For The First Time.
For me personally, 14 is the link between the recordings I made as a child and the albums Im now making in adult life. Im delighted that the CD is coming out after so many years because to some degree, it pulls together the story of my life - David Garrett.
14 is the story of violinist extraordinaire David Garrett, a remarkable tale in which music played the lead role from the very start.
Music has always been the constant factor in my life, the thing that gave me strength and equilibrium. In music I was able to find the motivation to carry on, even during the tough times - David Garrett.
The title of David Garretts album for 2013 is simple yet significant: 14 refers to his teenage years, the time of transition to adulthood, and the highly sensitive phase of life in which these recordings were laid down. I was something of an oddity among my peers, and at that age I was just as uncomfortable in the world of classical music - David Garrett.
Despite everything, he found stability in the love of the violin: even at a tender age, the emotional connotations of music came vividly to life for David Garrett.

The new Album ‘14′
Saturday, February 16th, 2013 at 19:55

David releases his new album 14, he recorded as a teenager in year 1995, now for the first time in March/April 2013.

“For me personally, ‘14’ is the link between the recordings I made as a child and the albums I’m now making in adult life. I’m delighted that the CD is coming out after so many years because to some degree, it pulls together the story of my life.”

Conceived as a virtuoso recital, ‘14′ showcases the quite sensational technique and musicality of the youngest artist ever to record for Deutsche Grammophon. The album takes listeners on a voyage into the musical past of the violinist and five-time ECHO prize winner who set out to bring classical music to a young audience – and who has done more than anyone else in recent times to rejuvenate the classical scene.

5.0 out of 5 stars "14" (sometimes referred to as The Lost Album) August 4, 2013
By S. Johns
Format:Audio CD|Amazon Verified Purchase
This wonderful little treasure is a CD recorded in 1995, when David was 14 years old, but only recently released (April, 2013). What we would have missed had this really been lost ! The pieces are well chosen and performed with incredible precision for his age at that time.
While Garrett's 2010 recording "Paginini Caprices" is extremely well done given the technical demands made upon the violinist, I much prefer "14" which includes melodies both quieting and exhilarating. I have almost all of Garrett's CDs/DVDs and of all of them, my favorites are the "14" CD and the "Live at Baden-Baden" DVD.
To experience Garrett a little less serious(ly), watch his live concert DVD "Rock Symphonies" (English) or go out on a REAL musical limb and take in the "David Garret MUSIC" concert (German). A Note of Caution: Strict classical music enthusiasts beware of these ! ^-^

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01. La Campanella
02. Violin Sonata in G minor ''Devil's Tail'' - Larghetto affettuoso
03. Violin Sonata in G minor ''Devil's Tail'' - Allegro
04. Violin Sonata in G minor ''Devil's Tail'' - Grave
05. Violin Sonata in G minor ''Devil's Tail'' - Allegro assai
06. Humoresque (Arranged for Violin and Piano)
07. Ave Maria (Adapted For Violin And Piano)
08. Praeludium and Allegro (In The Style Of Gaetano Pugnani)
09. None but the lonely heart
10. Fantaisie brillante
11. Liebesleid
12. La Capricieuse
13. Kol Nidrei






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