Pete Alderton -《Living On Love》(为爱而生)[LINN 24bits 44.1KHz][FLAC]

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全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名Living On Love
歌手Pete Alderton
版本[LINN 24bits 44.1KHz]

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★ 来自德国的蓝调创作歌手彼德.艾德顿首张个人专辑,演唱充满感情,录音效果真实无比!

★ 「这张专辑的录音是靚到不得了!人声醇厚,质感十足,乐器的结像玲瓏剔透。爵士乐迷自然要买,发烧友更是不容错过。」~音响技术

★ 老虎鱼工作室(Pauler Acoustics)的录音师Hans-Joerg Maucksch担任录音的强化与前期母带处理工作,音质绝顶发烧!

从第一首《Evil Was Her Name》,彼德.艾德顿(Pete Alderton)蓝味十足的嗓音就紧紧抓住聆听者的耳朵,让人以为他是来自美国南方蓝调发源地的歌手,其实彼德.艾德顿生於英国,却在德国成长,不过他的父亲是美国人,可说是与蓝调有那么一点渊源。彼德.艾德顿从来不是多产型的歌手,目前也只出了两张个人专辑,这张「为爱而生」是他的首张作品,也是他建立个人风格的重要专辑。他把英式蓝调融入美国与非洲的音乐元素,使得整体内容更为丰富,里面同时收录了许多他的创作曲,也让人得以一窥他才华过人的一面。

与他合作的Carsten Mentzel,是一位德国人,不但担任共同制作人、编曲、混音以及母带处理,同时也负责吉他、键盘、电贝斯及打击乐器演奏,也是塑造专辑迷人风采的重要功臣。比较特别的是,录音的强化与前期母带处理是由知名的老虎鱼工作室(Pauler Acoustics)的录音师Hans-Joerg Maucksch担任,整体录音效果真实丰满,完全表现出彼德.艾德顿歌声感动人心的力量。


Pete Alderton may come from a rural town in England, but the authenticity of his music has been with him for a long time.
The man with Afro-American roots and his passion for love and life proves it on his album ‘Living on Love' that he is as versatile in his singing as he is in his music - always crossing the borderline, but always keeping it in his own style.

This album is licensed for download from Ozella Music.
Download includes - cover art

Reviews (1)

Pete Alderton doesn‘t have to live the blues to make this album credible.

The British-born son of an American G.I. stationed in England has his roots firmly tied down in this album, always crossing the borderline between playing the blues and composing as a singer-songwriter. Maintaining his own brand of blues-pop and sometimes adding a touch of Latin Flair, his voice has a certain ruggedness which adds softness to his ballads.

‘Living on Love' tells a complex story ranging from the isolation of a life on the road to a man's experience with love, complete with all the joy and pain that accompanies that and even touching on the often overlooked spiritual aspect of love. This album is a deeply emotive work with which almost anyone would be able to identify.

Pete Alderton puts his whole soul into his performance with sophistication reminiscent of J.J.Cale and coolness similar to Issac Hayes.

Pete is supported on this album by Carsten Mentzel, Dagobert Böhm (acoustic guitar), Siggi Zufacher (bass) and Michel Roggenland (drums).

Smoky, raspy, blues-songs with sparing, subtle sound colors and a remarkable voice.
This year there could hardly be anyone more easy-going than Englishman Pete Alderton, who has put out blues album of the year. Soaked in the roots of British blues and enriched with its American and African counterparts, Alderton virtually plays himself into intoxication. He sings brilliantly but simply, loves accompanying himself by himself, but is also great with a band. With Pete Alderton the blues gets a new voice, a different colour and an indescribably bright album.

Pete Alderton. Vocals, Acoustic Guitar on „Living On Love“
Carsten Mentzel – Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Basses, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards, Percussion, Programming, Backing Vocals
Dagobert Böhm – Additional Acoustic Guitar on „I‘m Sad“
Siggi Zufacher – Bass on „Witching Hour“ and „Gimme All Your Love“
Michel Roggenland – Drums on „Song For David“, I‘m Sad“, „The Loved“ and „Passing Ships“

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01. It Seems Strange… (Intro)
02. (She Said That) Evil Was Her Name
03. Song For David (alternative version)
04. Have The Roses Gone Dry
05. I‘m Sad
06. Living on Love
07. Jesus In A Bottle
08. A Fool For Her Body (Skit)
09. Witching Hour
10. Give Me All Your Love
11. I Still Remember… (Skit)
12. A Taste Of The Blues
13. Baby I Love You
14. The Loved
15. Evil Was Her Name (Full edit)
16. Passing Ships
17. The End Of The Day (Outro)






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