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英文名Promt Expert English Giant v8.0.442

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@promt Expert 8.0 是一款先进的翻译软件,为用户提供一整套广泛的专业级的定制工具和集成能力,包括与 Microsoft Office®、Internet Explorer® 以及 Adobe Acrobat® 等软件的整合,对于翻译机构或组织而言是一套理想的系统。

新版采用 Microsoft Office 2007 界面风格,操作更为便捷,只需一次点击便能轻松保存用户词汇。@promt Expert 8.0 允许自动创建词典,选择性地利用内部的翻译记忆系统,并提供在 Mozilla Firefox 和 OpenOffice 上的最佳使用支持。

English Giant 是英语至俄语、德语、法语、西班牙语、葡萄牙语的双向翻译版本。翻译选项包括翻译 DOC、RTF、HTML、XML、TXT 格式文件,电子邮件以及网页,并保持原来的布局;双窗口界面同步翻译;任意 Windows 程序剪贴板内容翻译;翻译记忆技术允许调用以往的翻译文本;批处理文件翻译模式,允许预定翻译多个文件,无需用户交互;ICQ 信息翻译和 PDF 文本内容翻译;电子辞典作为独立的附加应用程序等等。


- 易于使用的翻译与编辑环境
- 提高人工翻译效率
- 工作与用户词典专家级工具
- 术语管理专家级工具
- 直接整合到相关应用程序的功能齐全的翻译工具
- 自定义选项可满足每个人不同的要求

@promt Expert 8.0 is the most advanced translation software system available, providing users with an extensive set of professional-grade customization tools and integration capabilities, including those with Microsoft Office®, Internet Explorer®, and Adobe Acrobat®, as well as SDL TRADOS, making it the ideal system for translation agencies and organizations working extensively with multilingual information.

The new Microsoft Office 2007-style interface lets you enter new words into user dictionaries with a single click. @promt Expert 8.0 also enables you to create dictionaries automatically, optionally make use of the internal Translation Memory system, and supports Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice to deliver optimum ease of use.


- Easy-to-use translation and editing environment
Translate text quickly and accurately with just a single click. For ease of editing, source and target texts are synchronized at an individual word level and translation variants are displayed for words with multiple meanings.

- Increase human translation throughput
Smooth inter-operation between two high-end translation tools – @promt Expert machine translation and TRADOS Translation Memory - enables companies to dramatically increase the productivity of human translators.

- Expert tools for work with user dictionaries
Automatically create user dictionaries from existing glossaries or TRADOS Translation Memory databases; compare and merge user dictionaries or convert them into specialized dictionary format and attach them to any @promt 8.0 translation program.

- Expert tools for terminology management
Search for terminology candidates at the pre-translation stage and use the list of words retrieved to create specialized dictionaries.

- Translate from within your favorite applications
Full-featured translation tools integrate directly into Microsoft Office applications (Word®, Outlook®, Excel®, PowerPoint® and FrontPage®), Adobe Acrobat Reader®, Adobe Acrobat 5.0-8.0, and Internet Explorer 5.x-7.x.

- Adjust program options to meet your requirements.
The extensive set of professional customization options included enables users to fine-tune and save translation settings for future application with similar documents.

Translation options:

- Translates DOC, RTF, HTML, XML and TXT files, e-mails and web pages, preserving the original layout
- Synchronization of source text and translation output at individual word level to assist with process control and editing.
- Synchronous translation in a convenient two-window interface alongside typed text
- Clipboard translation in any Windows application
- Translation Memory technology allows reuse of previous translations
- Batch File Translation mode allows ‘hands-free’ scheduled translation of multiple files without user interaction.
- Translation of ICQ messages and text content of PDF files
- Electronic Dictionary as a standalone application
- Translation of XML files

Integration options:

- Integration with TRADOS® Translation Memory 5.0-7.5 tool enables the translation of text blocks not in the translation database, as well as the use of databases for dictionary creation
- Full-featured plug-ins for Microsoft Office 2000/XP/2003/2007 (including Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and FrontPage)
Integration with Microsoft Internet Explorer® 5.x -7.x and Mozilla Firefox 1.5/2.0
- XML file translation using Microsoft Word plug-in
- Integration with Adobe Acrobat 5.0-8.0
- Integration with ICQ PRO 2003/ICQ 5
- Integration with OpenOffice 2.x

Web options:

- Real-time translation of web pages directly in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x-7.x or Mozilla Firefox 1.5/2.0
- Translation of search queries linked to most popular search engines.

Customization options:

- Create and edit personal dictionaries for custom translation of specific words and phrases
- Reserve words that should not be translated
- Choose between alternative translations for selected entries.
- Attach specialized dictionaries and prioritize them according to topic
- Attach Translation Memory databases to optimize translation quality
- Save custom translation settings in topic templates for re-use with similar documents in the future.
- Automatically extract specialized terminology
- Manage lists of specialized terms using Terminology Manager
- Back up personal customization settings

Additional features:

- Text-To-Speech (TTS) support.
- Automatically convert existing user glossaries into @promt user dictionaries
- Inclusion of specialized dictionaries – specific topics available vary according to language pair selected.
- Stand-alone dictionary application makes it easy to translate a single word or phrase.
- Extensive external application support, including scanners, spell-checkers, and third-party dictionaries
- Complete user's guide.

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    -+---------------------------------DVTiSo- .      $$$--------------+-
    | TEAM DVT presents:                        ` .  ,$$$              |
    :                                              `?$$$              :
    . Promt Expert English Giant v8.0.442            d$$              .
      Company ..: Prompt                                '
      Url ......: [url]http://www.promt.com/[/url]
      @promt Expert 8.0 is the most advanced translation
      software system available, providing users with an
      extensive set of professional-grade customization  
      tools and integration capabilities, including those
      with Microsoft Office? Internet Explorer? and    
      Adobe Acrobat? as well as SDL TRADOS, making it  
      the ideal system for translation agencies and      
      organizations working extensively with multilingual
      The new Microsoft Office 2007-style interface lets
      you enter new words into user dictionaries with a  
      single click. @promt Expert 8.0 also enables you to
      create dictionaries automatically, optionally make
      use of the internal Translation Memory system, and
      supports Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice to deliver
      optimum ease of use.                              
      +- Release Information -+
      +- Install Notes -+
      1. Unpack & Burn/Mount
      2. Follow the instructions from DVT/Readme.txt                                  
      +- Group Notes -+                                                  :
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