Mary J. Blige -《A Mary Christmas》[iTunes Plus AAC]


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专辑英文名A Mary Christmas
歌手Mary J. Blige
版本[iTunes Plus AAC]

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发行公司:interscope records


实力派歌姬灵魂天后 Mary J.Blige(玛丽布莱姬) 2013年全新温情圣诞专辑,同时请到了 Barbra Streisand & Chris Bott、Jessie J、Clark Sisters、Marc Anthony 艺人跨刀助阵,打造一张黄金国际圣诞专辑,高质量的专辑,耳熟能详的曲目,一定不会让歌迷们失望,距离圣诞节还有两个月的时间,又是圣诞专辑盛行的时期,冬日的暖阳、蓝色的天空、雪花的飘落一切都是原来的样子,临近冬日,一张圣诞专辑陪你渡过寒冷的冬日,一天的劳累,回到屋中,打开音乐一杯热咖啡一本书都是冬日必不可少的事,温情风吹来,一同体验那份属于内心的安静与温情……

It was confirmed in June of 2013 that Blige had been working on a Christmas album, in an interview with Charleston Scene. In that interview, Blige revealed featured artists to be on the record would be Jessie J, Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and Barbra Streisand, with whom she duets a “jazzy version” of “When You Wish Upon a Star.”
This album is the first collaboration between legendary producer and hit-maker David Foster and Blige. The album will also be released on The Verve Music Group, in which Foster is the chairman of. Foster is also the producer of multi-platinum Christmas albums by Michael Bublé, Rod Stewart, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban and Celine Dion. Chris Walden wrote two arrangements for the album.

It might still be five months away, but it’s beginning to look at lot like Christmas in Mary J. Blige‘s world. The Queen of Hip-Hop Soul announced that she’s releasing her first-ever Christmas album, cleverly titled A Mary Christmas.

Blige paired up with acclaimed producer David Foster for the first time to create A Mary Christmas. Foster’s work on previous holiday albums from adult contemporary acts like Michael Bublé, Josh Groban, and Celine Dion suggests that Blige’s album will be more traditional, with a touch of the singer’s soulful flare. The album will also feature duets with a handful of big-time singers from Jennifer Lopez to Marc Anthony to the rather unexpected Barbra Streisand.

The album will hit stores in October, a solid season for Christmas albums, in order to capitalize on all the glee and festivities of the approaching holiday season. Blige has made appearances on holidays albums in the past from the likes of Andrea Bocelli and Rod Stewart.



01. Little Drummer Boy
02. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
03. My Favorite Things
04. This Christmas
05. The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting On an Open Fire)
06. Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer
07. When You Wish Upon a Star (feat. Barbra Streisand & Chris Botti)
08. Mary, Did You Know
09. Do You Hear What I Hear? (feat. Jessie J)
10. Petit Papa Noël
11. The First Noel (feat. The Clark Sisters)
12. Noche De Paz (Silent Night) [feat. Marc Anthony]






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