Amandine Beyer -《巴赫:无伴奏小提琴奏鸣曲与组曲全集》(J.S. Bach: Sonatas & Partitas BWV 1001-1006)[24bits 44.1KHz][FLAC]

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专辑英文名J.S. Bach: Sonatas & Partitas BWV 1001-1006
艺术家Amandine Beyer
版本[24bits 44.1KHz]

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Amandine Beyer一开始是以现代小提琴演奏家的身分转入巴洛可小提琴的范畴,现代音乐对於声响的著意与探讨,明显的呈现在她的詮释风格中。这是最有趣的例子-amadine Beyer的新录音-巴哈无伴奏。


BWV 1001-1006. Now in 2011, we have a number of excellent digital recordings at the ready, many recorded on the so-called baroque violin. Among them is this new release from the French violinist Amandine Beyer, for Zig-Zag Territories. The cover depicts a woman, looking away from us, and her body and dress are some how liquid, being dragged out in blank ink. It’s artfully done, and maybe in fact be the artist. It lists her as playing the violon, for in 2011, we don’t bother any longer with defining a performer by the age or style of their instrument.

I’ve come to know Beyer by way of her earlier recordings, such as the one by Matteis, and another by C.P.E. Bach. Watching video of her perform, I was impressed with her interpretive style and her desire to change her playing position to accommodate the habits of the composer (Matteis).

First, Beyer is playing a beautiful instrument. It’s listed as a modern copy by Pierre Jaquier from 1996. It’s got a dark character, with some of the lower notes with a lot of bloom to the sound. She plays without much notice at all of vibrato (win win for me). She plays in a very sympathetic acoustic, with enough “air” to support her instrument, but not “so live” that that we feel she’s far away from us (or her microphones). Occasionally we may hear her breathe, but otherwise, the recording is well done.

Bowing rarely has a sharp “edge” sound. A great example is the fourth movement (Allegro) of sonata BWV 1003. She’s careful enough to vary her articulation but her bow hand never digs into the strings with force. I find this pleasing, but “the softness” of attack might really stand-out for fans used to a more traditional, “romantic” era violin and bow.

Beyer plays with a range of dynamics that supports the music in interesting and affective ways. Nothing is over done, but we might not expect it to be with a baroque mindset. For many of these tracks, Beyer plays with an approach in which she seems to be enjoying the music.

As a bonus track, she offers the Pisendel Sonata a violin solo senza basso in four movements. The booklet notes mark the connection between Pisendel’s solo sonata (after the style of Bach’s?) and the inspiration for Bach of the solo violin works by Westhoff. Anton Steck has recorded the solo Pisendel, and has made it to sound quite difficult; a serious struggle. Beyer whips it off more carefully, but also in a far less-serious presentation.

Performer: Amandine Beyer
Orchestra: n/a
Conductor: Amandine Beyer
Composer: Bach, Johann Sebastian
Audio CD (October 11, 2011)
Number of Discs: 2
Label: Zig-Zag Territoires

5.0 out of 5 stars powerfully thought through and beautifully played February 21, 2012
By Robert Speiser
Format:Audio CD
This is a special recording of challenging, fascinating music. Beyer is an emerging leader in early music practice and performance. She thinks deeply and inventively, and plays with fluency and verve. Her playing here is warm and singing rather than dry or crisp. Nonetheless, the unfolding harmony and contrapuntal interplay, especially in Bach's sonatas and partitas, emerge with gracefully articulated power. As a bonus, she includes a fascinating solo work by Pisendel that honors Bach's example without imitating. The recording, warm and resonant, is also beautifully clear.

Amandine Beyer - J.S. Bach: Sonatas & Partitas BWV 1001-1006 (2011)
FLAC (tracks) 24 bit/96 kHz | Time - 151:32 minutes | 1,59 GB
Official Digital Download - Source: Qobuz.com | Digital booklet

After The Four Seasons, the Bach violin concertos, and the sonatas of Matteis, Amandine Beyer presents her vision of the Sonatas and Partitas, one of the pillars of the repertoire, coupled with the solo sonata of Pisendel, the best-known German violinist of his generation, who met Bach at Weimar.

厂牌:Zig Zag Territoires (ZZT) / 编号:ZZT110902

这张以巴哈夏康为主题的专辑里,收录了amandine Beyer所演奏的另一个夏康版本。
两个版本有相当的差异存在,或许为了呼应Edna Stern,这个版本较为浓郁抒情,而全集的版本则紧凑工整。

Amandine Beyer(阿曼玎.拜尔)/法国

生於1974年法国普罗旺斯省,主修木笛及小提琴,二者皆有优异的表现。15岁进入法国巴黎高等音乐学院(Conservatoire National Superieur de Paris ) 主修小提琴,20岁取得最高文凭,同年继续深造专攻巴洛克小提琴,进入瑞士Schola Cantorum de Bâle 音乐院,师事巴洛克小提琴家Chiara Banchini。
经常与不同的乐团有不定期的合作演出,如 Mala Punica ( P. Memelsdorf) , La Fenice ( J. Tubéry) La petit Bande ( S. Kuijken) Hesperion XX ( J. Savall)等等。除了演奏之外,她也热衷於教学,并定期受邀於义大利L'Academia Montis Regalis学院及法国Barbaste教master class。

Amandine Beyer其实也并非小家碧玉一路,相反地,她是知性、洗练、明快大方的都会女子形象,精心妆点又不露雕琢痕迹.... (STSD)

Amandine Beyer also saw her efforts rewarded a “Diapason d’Or of the Year” for her outstanding recording of the "Sonatas and Partitas BWV 1001-1006"

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01. Partita, BWV 1002: I. Allemanda
02. Partita, BWV 1002: II. Double
03. Partita, BWV 1002: III. Corrente
04. Partita, BWV 1002: IV. Double, Presto
05. Partita, BWV 1002: V. Sarabande
06. Partita, BWV 1002: VI. Double
07. Partita, BWV 1002: VII. Tempo di borea
08. Partita, BWV 1002: VIII. Double
09. Sonata BWV 1003: I. Grave
10. Sonata BWV 1003: II. Fuga
11. Sonata BWV 1003: III. Andante
12. Sonata BWV 1003: IV. Allegro
13. Partita, BWV 1004: I. Allemanda
14. Partita, BWV 1004: II. Corrente
15. Partita, BWV 1004: III. Sarabanda
16. Partita, BWV 1004: IV. Giga
17. Partita, BWV 1004: V. Ciaccona


01. Sonata BWV 1005: I. Adagio
02. Sonata BWV 1005: II. Fuga
03. Sonata BWV 1005: III. Largo
04. Sonata BWV 1005: IV. Allegro assai
05. Sonata BWV 1001: I. Adagio
06. Sonata BWV 1001: II. Fuga, Allegro
07. Sonata BWV 1001: III. Siciliana
08. Sonata BWV 1001: IV. Presto
09. Partita, BWV 1006: I. Preludio
10. Partita, BWV 1006: II. Loure
11. Partita, BWV 1006: III. Gavotte en rondeaux
12. Partita, BWV 1006: IV. Menuet I – Menuet II
13. Partita, BWV 1006: V. Bourée
14. Partita, BWV 1006: VI. Gigue
15. Sonata a violino solo senza basso: I.
16. Sonata a violino solo senza basso: II. Allegro
17. Sonata a violino solo senza basso: III. Giga
18. Sonata a violino solo senza basso: IV. Variatione






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