Bolling & Baxtresser -《Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano 》(长笛与爵士钢琴组曲)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano

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纽约爱乐首席系列:长笛珍妮‧巴克斯崔瑟Jeanne Baxtresser

Claude Bolling为当代欧洲非常重要的融合爵士与古典的音乐巨匠,巧妙的运用古典音乐中熟练的写谱方式,记载爵士音乐不正规的节奏型态。此首组曲扮演著长笛曲目中不同的角色,因为曲风轻快,似爵士风格、充满巴洛克时期的对位也流串於些爵士风格的长笛作品中。此首爵士曲充分达到古典与爵士中的融合感,也感受到巴洛克时期的另一种领悟与趣味。

Album Notes
Jeanne Baxtresser has held principal positions with three major orchestras, culminating in her 15-year tenure as Solo Flutist of the New York Philharmonic. Making her heralded debut with the Minnesota Orchestra at age 14, Ms. Baxtresser began her professional career as Principal Flutist of the Montreal Symphony immediately following her graduation from The Juilliard School, where she studied with Julius Baker. She was subsequently appointed Principal Flute of the Toronto Symphony before being invited by Music Director Zubin Mehta to join the New York Philharmonic. Ms. Baxtresser appeared as soloist with the New York Philharmonic on more than fifty occasions, and has been featured as a soloist across North America and Europe.

Recipient of the National Flute Association’s Lifetime Achievement Award for significant, lasting contributions to the flute world, Ms. Baxtresser was also awarded the National Medal of Arts from the Interlochen Center for the Arts. She is recognized internationally as a leading recording artist, author, and lecturer.

In great demand as a teacher, many of Ms. Baxtresser’s students occupy principal and section positions in major orchestras throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. While in New York, Ms. Baxtresser served on the faculties of The Juilliard School and the Manhattan School of Music. In 1998, she was appointed the Vira I. Heinz Professor of Flute at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, where she has attracted many outstanding flute students from around the world. Ms. Baxtresser was also named University Professor, Carnegie Mellon University’s most distinguished professorial position awarded to those individuals who have achieved exceptional international recognition.

Ms. Baxtresser’s exceptional career as a recitalist, concerto soloist, and chamber musician has produced numerous recordings, including New York Legends—Jeanne Baxtresser (Cala), Jeanne Baxtresser—A Collection of My Favorites (MSR Classics), and Chamber Music for Flute (Cala), featuring her performances with principal players of the New York Philharmonic. She has recorded many of the major symphonic works with the New York Philharmonic under Leonard Bernstein, Zubin Mehta and Kurt Masur.

Ms. Baxtresser’s acclaimed first book, Orchestral Excerpts for Flute with Piano Accompaniment (Theodore Presser), has been re-released in a new revised edition. This book and a companion CD, Orchestral Excerpts for Flute with Spoken Commentary (Summit), have become a vital part of flute pedagogy. Her subsequent book, Great Flute Duos from the Orchestral Repertoire was named the 2004 winner of the National Flute Association’s Newly Published Music Competition.

Ms. Baxtresser is joined on this disc by pianist Eric Robertson along with Bryan Leonard on bass and Rick Homme on drums. Ms. Baxtresser’s former teacher, Julius Baker, who served as solo flutist of the New York Philharmonic before her, makes a special guest appearance on alto flute.

Original Release Date: October 1, 2010
Label: Pro Arte
Copyright: 2010 Jeanne Baxtresser
Total Length: 40:16
Jazz > Traditional Jazz & Ragtime

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1. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano: I. Baroque and Blue 5:16
2. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano: II. Sentimentale 7:53
3. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano: III. Javanaise 5:17
4. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano: IV. Fugace 3:57
5. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano: V. Irlandaise 2:49
6. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano:VI. Versatile 5:35
7. Suite for Flute & Jazz Piano:VII. Veloce 3:49
8. Impromptu in 2 Keys/Promenade from Shall We Dance 3:33
9. Swanee 2:07






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