Laura Fygi -《北海爵士音乐节现场实况》(Live At North Sea Jazz)[DVDRip]

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专辑英文名Live At North Sea Jazz
歌手Laura Fygi

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继2002年罗拉在英国伦敦的Ronnie Scott's爵士俱乐部演唱一周,而倍受乐评青睞之后。2003年她再度受邀参加著名的北海爵士音乐节演出,由於整个表演正好横跨十年来她个人录音的回顾与未发表录音歌曲。包括安可曲在内,18首歌曲,不仅支支动听,节目安排也极为流畅。

  此张《Live at North Sea Jazz 2003》从开场的 《That Old Feeling》就以爵士的即兴表现让现场热闹非凡,这首乐曲曾於1937年创下流行单曲的冠军榜,包括路易.阿姆斯特朗都曾灌录过唱片。其它如爵士抒情曲《Bewitched》、《The Nearness of You》,法国香颂《For Me Formidable》与上面这收吟唱式的《AutumnLeaves》等歌曲都让人充满聆赏歌曲的喜悦。

  本辑特别收录了精彩的照片、访谈与幕后花絮等等,其中还有一段罗拉与乐手们在后臺自己余兴的演出。简短的Unplugged 弹唱, 却有种独特的韵味 , 原来音乐的魅力就在实时的灵感,罗拉的受欢迎也在她的真诚演出。

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5.0 out of 5 stars Love Laura At North Sea Jazz, November 11, 2004
MISS CHILLY HUNG "CHILLY" (Kennedy Town Praya, Hong Kong) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Laura Fygi: Live at North Sea Jazz (DVD)
Laura best and most widely acclaimed work is represented incredibly well in this magical performance. Live she exuded more sheer presence than any other performance. The high standard of this stage performance, especially in the strings and percussion sections, completely captures the audiences' hearts, while, at the same time, this live recording by Laura offers a driven and magisterial interpretation which a set a new standard in recording excellence that remains unmatched.

The theory is proved here on the live 18-track DVD recording of North Sea Jazz Festival, on which some new interpretation have been published for the first time. Such outstanding performances include `Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend', `The Nearness Of You' and the encore `I Get A Kick'.

On this live recording, Laura not only captures the gentle, quiet elegance of the seldom heard `Just One Of Those Things', she also performs `That Old Feeling', `Bewitched', `Let There Be Love', `Don't It Make My Brown Eyes Blue', `Guess Who I Saw Today', `I Will Wait For You' and `The First Time'.

The depth of feeling that Laura portrays in the concert alternates unmistakably between the lyrical and the passionate. All the greats are here, and it's interesting to see the difference between the Portuguese bossa nova tunes, `Triste' and `Corcovado' (Quiet Night Of Quiet Stars), Spanish evergreen `Como Fué' and French chanson, `For me Formidable' and `Les Feuilles Mortes' (Autumn Leaves)'. It's easy to imagine yourself not only right there at the concert North Sea but on tour to the whole world.

Laura is not only one of the best, but one of the most successful jazz female vocalist in the jazz world today. She is a thoughtful, talent artist and an arresting, involved performer. All of these qualities are reflected in this live recording.

Technical difficulties do not exist. Even the finale of `Almost Like Being In Love' and the wild romp of `Rhythm Is Our Business' are dispatched with perfect clarity and consummate effortless ease. Altogether, this is another most impressive remarkable achievement of Laura since her last live recording `Live' recorded at the Theatre Carre in Amsterdam back in 1998.

To my super admirable greatest Dutch Jazz Goddess - Laura, I love you!

  罗拉.费琪(Laura Fygi)是继传奇爵士乐歌手Bille Holiday、Ella Fitzgerald、Dinah Washington后的新一代爵士乐天后。而与她的前辈们所不同的是 : 如果说,曾经苦难的岁月让 Bille Holiday的嗓音浸入了太多的沧桑,那麽,罗拉的嗓音则多了几分优雅和从容……

  此张《 live at the royal theatre carre》收录了罗拉.费琪(Laura Fygi ) 1998年於阿姆斯特丹卡列皇家剧院所举办的演唱会实录,曲目包括罗拉&S231;费琪前四张专辑中许多炫丽迷人的歌曲,以及与法国电影配乐大师米歇尔.李格兰合作的二首对唱,再加上Laura Fygi 最善於的经典爵士《All of me》等 ,近两个小时的演出,皆由指挥大师迪克.贝克指挥以及在音乐界享有盛誉的大都会管弦乐团担任伴奏,温婉、磁性、Laura Fygi 的嗓音飘忽在回旋漫舞的管弦乐上有著天鹅绒般的质感,当深入骨髓的优雅幽幽划过,夹杂著忧伤的浪漫,恍若落寞时的情怀......

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NTSC/Region 0. Live DVD from the Dutch Jazz vocalist features 18 tracks including the song 'I Get A Kick' as an encore. Extras include footage from behind the scenes at the North Sea Jazz festival, behind the scenes of the making of 'Rhythm Is Our Business', a photo gallery, and links to a website with even more content. Universal.

The North Sea Jazz Festival offers a variety of delights, and Laura Fygi has been something of a fixture at the event. This release captures her third time at the festival, and offers a great way to discover the incredible vocal talents of Fygi. Tracks include "Bewitched," "Let There Be Love," "The Nearness of You," and many others.

Performer: Laura Fygi, Jan Menu, Marcel Serierse, Maarten Van Der Grinten, Hans Vroomans
Format: DVD Video
Video: MPEG2
Audio: AC3,DTS
Run Time: 76 minutes

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01. That Old Feeling
02. Let There Be Love
03. Bewitched
04. Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue
05. Guess Who I Saw Today
06. I Will Wait for You
07. The First Time
08. Just One of Those Things
09. For Me Formidable
10. Les Feuilles Morles (Autumn Leaves)
11. Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend
12. The Nearness of You
13. Triste
14. Corcovado (Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars)
15. Como Fué
16. Rhythm Is Our Business
17. Almost Like Being in Love
18. Encore: I Get a Kick Out of You

extra :
Rhythm Is Our Business(Unplugged)
Behind the scenes at North See Jazz
Behind the scenes “Rhythm Is Our Business”






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