Schleprock -《America's Dirty Little Secret》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名America's Dirty Little Secret

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Audio CD (August 13, 1996)
Original Release Date: August 13, 1996
Label: Warner Brothers


I heard of Schleprock from my brother. He said it was his favorite CD. When I saw it "used" i decided what the hell...and bought it without ever hearing anything from the band. This is one of the best Cd's in my collection. Not only does it have catchy tunes and good beats, it has well written lyrics. I reccommend you all buy it.

the 1st time i heard suburbia on mtv a few years back i didn't really like it.i said to myself it was just another punk band on a major label trying to get the money and fame.i was really blown away from what i heard when my friend decided to buy the album a few weeks later.this is one hell of a punk album.suburbia wan't played much on tv or the radio(thank god cause it was a catchy song and would have hit big back when it came out in the ska comeback era in 96-97)this band has some really good lyrics to go with their in your face punk.the title track is possible one of the best songs i've heard in a while.the lyrics are political and have a good anti-rascism theme to some of them.they also cover cock sparrer's runnin' riot and do a very good job of covering it too.so if you've seen this album or heard suburbia(i like it alot know that i know what schleprock's about and the lyrics are very good on it too)and think they are just another money/fame hungry band well you'll be surprised to find that untrue,i did.by the way,where is schleprock these days?did they break up?-jason


1. We Need An Anthem
2. No Heros
3. Suburbia
4. Like A Rat
5. It's Alright
6. (America's) Dirty Little Secret
7. Runnin' Riot
8. TV Dinner
9. Under The Gun
10. Can't Hold Me Down
11. Somber Song
12. Back With A Bang






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