《黎明传说》(Legends of Dawn)[光盘镜像]

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    游戏类型RPG 角色扮演游戏
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英文名称Legends of Dawn
游戏类型RPG 角色扮演游戏

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S  K  I  D  R  O  W
.the leading force.

proudly presents
Legends of Dawn (c) DreaMatrix

27-06-2013......Release Date - Protection.................Steam
RPG................Game Type - Disk(s)....................1 DVD


Fresh out of the lair of Dreamatrix Game Studios, Legends of Dawn
invites players to the brutal northerly reaches of Narr. Survival
depends on you, your magic and your sword.
What sets Legends of Dawn apart, is the freedom of play expressed in
several key attributes that are rarely seen in typical RPG genres. We
have poured our passion and creativity into taking you on an
enthralling ride away from wearisome reality, by providing you with
the choice to be whatever your heart desires, in Legends of Dawn.

Of course, the choices you make during game play does not prevent you
from trying something else later, or simultaneously if you wish. You
could combine the sword and the magic, be a powerful crafter or
anything else. Legends of Dawn liberates from class restrictions
unlike real life. Class, race and differences exist within the game
but after choosing your own race and gender, all else can be altered
without restarting the game.

Another quality that makes Legends of Dawn interesting, is the freedom
of direction and movement. Most games force a player to follow the main
storyline and forbid any deviation, or significant veering off the set
course. Legends of Dawn is more sympathetic to your playing needs. You
are free to wander wherever tickles your fancy within the continent,
without limitations, under one condition. Stay alive. We have been
careful to ensure that the quests only suggest, rather than impose
direction of movement. Your journey is in your hands alone.

In addition to all those remarkable features already mentioned, you
are bound to notice another cool thing about Legends of Dawn. The
absence of loading screen. It would have been so much easier to create
a game that would constantly force you to wait before the screen while
new contents load, but Dreamatrix is aware that your time is too
valuable to waste. We put our heads together and created our very own
engine that discreetly streams content in the background, in real time.
You are free to enter houses, caves, dungeons, temples, new regions and
so much more, without those pesky loading screens interrupting your
playing pleasure.

In order to provide you with such blissful range of possibilities,
we had to create a rather large world called Narr. The world of Narr
in Legends of Dawn, spans across continents through stunning
picturesque landscape that stimulates the mind. There are magical
regions where the mountains and hills defy gravity, buoyant as
balloons. We have also created countless dungeons awaiting for you
to discover what mysteries lie within their cold depths, as well as
camps, impressive docks and grim fortresses that bear silent witness
to battles. Mausoleums and cemeteries also await your exploration.
The hikes over unforgiving mountains and canyons are sure to thrill
the most ardent explorer. Graceful flying islands and mystical swamps
instil a sense of awe that could nudge you to cross the threshold of
the serene temples and shrines to pay your respects to the gods of
the land. With so much more on offer than is mentioned here, there is
no reason why Legends of Dawn should not become your favourite RPG.


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