Paolo Pandolfo -《C.P.E.巴哈: 低音古提琴奏鸣曲》(C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas for Viola da gamba & Basso Continuo)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名C.P.E. Bach: Sonatas for Viola da gamba & Basso Continuo
专辑中文名C.P.E.巴哈: 低音古提琴奏鸣曲
艺术家Paolo Pandolfo

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  1714年出生於威玛的卡尔‧菲利浦‧艾曼纽‧巴哈(C.P.E. Bach 1714-1788),在大巴哈(J.S. Bach)的儿子当中排行老三,1740年起担任宫廷音乐师兼大键琴演奏家,1767年继泰雷曼之后就任汉堡教堂的音乐总监,因此有「汉堡的巴哈」之称,藉以与其他巴哈家族成员区别。他在音乐上最大的贡献,即在於前古典乐派的协奏曲与奏鸣曲样式上的确立,扮演著重要的角色。他作有近五十首的大键琴协奏曲、为大提琴、双簧管与长笛等协奏曲,以及各类的器乐室内乐,包括本片收录的低音古提琴奏鸣曲与三重奏。Wq係音乐学者Alfred Wotquenne为C.P.E. 巴哈的作品所编辑的作品编号。版权来自义大利Tactus公司,优雅婉约的琴韵与鲜活的录音,散发著古典乐派早期悠扬而清爽的气氛。(Brilliant)

1-3. D大调低音古提琴与数字低音独奏曲Wq.137
4-6. C大调低音古提琴与数字低音奏鸣曲Wq.136
7-9. g小调低音古提琴与大键琴助奏三重奏曲Wq.88

低音古提琴:潘多佛Paolo Pandolfo
大键琴:亚历山卓尼Rinado Alessandrini
Licensed From Tactus, Italy

唱片公司:Brilliant Classics

Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach (1714 - 1788)

Sonatas for Viola da Gamba and Basso Continuo

Paolo Pandolfo - viola da gamba
Rinaldo Alessandrini - harpsichord

At first glance the combination of C.P.E. Bach and the viola da gamba may seem somewhat anachronistic. But the famous son of J.S. did write specifically for this instrument rather than for the by then - mid-eighteenth century - more common violoncello.
These works, therefore are among the last in the gamba repertoire and represent its outer limits. The ‘language’ being a transition from the Baroque to the Classical style, the so-called Empfindsamkeit (sensitivity). The primary purpose of music thus being to "communicate, transmit and provoke moods and emotions".
The combination of an ‘ancient’ instrument and innovative music does result in a some sort of clash. This music unusually has both virtuosity and expressiveness. Thanks to these sonatas, it is possible to explore all those elements which would provide the material for the development of the Classical Style.
Gamba player Paolo Pandolfo is one of the most prominent musicians on this instrument. He studied with Jordi Savall’s and a member of his Hesperion XXI. His imaginative performances of these sonatas are most enjoyable to listen to.

Performer: Rinaldo Alessandrini
Composer: Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach
Audio CD (February 5, 2008)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: Brilliant Classics
ASIN: B0011367O8

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5.0 out of 5 stars Empfindsamkeit on viola da gamba February 4, 2011
By Le Parnasse Musical
Amazon Verified Purchase
"Expression of feelings" (empfindsamkeit) was a new courant of ideology in germany between 1740-1780 by new poets in that time. C.P.E Bach is one of composers of that time that express himself in music. His style, although very close of baroque period of his prestigious father, is in another way totaly different by expressing human feelings.

This interpretation of these sonatas is completely outstanding!! Paolo Pandolfo his a great violist who takes his time to play these very beautiful pieces. Harpsichordist Allessandri plays with gentle sensibility and imagination. This recording is totaly a superb experience for all who loves great baroque music. Must be heard to rediscover these not very known masterpieces by C.P.E. Bach.

Highly recommended!!!

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Solo, for viola da gamba and bass Wq 137 in D major
1. Adagio, ma non tanto 4:53
2. Allegro di molto 8:58
3. Arioso 10:30
Sonata for viola da gamba and bass Wq 136 in C major
4. Andante 4:48
5. Allegretto 10:13
6. Arioso 6:18
Trio for viola da gamba and harpsichord obbligato Wq 88 in G minor
7. Allegro Moderato 7:29
8. Larghetto 6:33
9. Allegro assai 6:57

Total: 67:12






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