Alison Balsom -《义大利巴洛克小号协奏曲》(Italian Concertos)[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Italian Concertos
艺术家Alison Balsom

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EMI 50999-456094-2(1CD)5099945609428
Italian Concertos
艾莉森‧鲍尔珊, 小号 / 苏格兰合奏团
Alison Balsom, Trumpet / Scottish Ensemble

Audio CD (October 25, 2010)
Number of Discs: 1
Label: EMI Classics

Catalogue No:4560942
Release date:18th Oct 2010

'She makes the trumpet sing with an irresistible exuberance and eloquence.' With the human voice a particular inspiration in the music of Italy, the words of The Times have a special resonance for Alison Balsom in these works composed or inspired by Italian composers of the 18th century. This collection provides an apt vehicle for the award-winning trumpeter's characteristic brilliance and grace.

Following the popular and critical international success of her Haydn and Hummel concertos recording, Alison Balsom has recorded a programme of Italian Baroque concertos. The album has quickly garnered critics’ praise: “The fast movements are played with sparkling ease and technical brilliance. The slow movement [Balsom] forms delicately, tenderly, yet without denying she’s playing a brass instrument.” - MDR Figaro

After the release of Caprice in 2006, Gramophone wrote, “It's not often that a young musician appears on the scene abundantly blessed with everything both an A&R and marketing person could dream of, but the young British trumpeter Alison Balsom fulfils just such a dream. She's a musician of prodigious talent with an inquisitive, fresh approach to music-making. She is connected to her public, and rewards their attention with playing of a winning ease and fluency. She has an engaging personality … and the intelligence to take her burgeoning career well in her stride.” In this new recording, Balsom, the 2009 Classical BRIT Artist of the Year, plays popular concertos originally composed for the violin or oboe by Vivaldi, Tartini, B. Marcello, Albinoni and Cimarosa, accompanied by the Scottish Ensemble.

“The days are long gone when blowing a brass instrument was a male preserve. Even so, the young trumpeter Alison Balsom remains a singular figure. It’s not that she's long and blonde; it's the roar of her talent that makes her stand out, along with her knack for breaking down barriers and making the trumpet so much more than a toot machine.” The Times

review by James Manheim

The recital of Baroque music on a modern trumpet hasn't been much cultivated since the days of Maurice André, who pretty much cornered the market for many years. Young British trumpeter Alison Balsom here enters the field with a quite competent performance and should find strong success among buyers looking for modern engineering. Undeniably photogenic, Balsom has performed a good deal of crossover repertory and is a favorite among listeners of Britain's crossover-oriented classic FM radio. Here, however, she plays it relatively straight. Most of this music, it's true, was not originally for the trumpet, but that wouldn't have stopped any Baroque-era trumpeter. Except for Tartini's Trumpet Concerto in D major, D. 53, she relies on transcriptions of music for violin or oboe. The two kinds of originals produce pleasingly contrasting results. The oboe is closer to the trumpet in its capabilities and allows Balsom to display her clean, precise tone. She doesn't have quite the sparkling power of André in the Tartini concerto, but the oboe concertos by Benedetto Marcello and Tomaso Albinoni are attractively done. The adaptations of Cimarosa oboe pieces by Australian composer Arthur Benjamin are more of a historical curiosity than an ongoing thing. The main attractions are the transcriptions of violin works, two by Vivaldi and one by Albinoni. The Vivaldi concertos, especially, contain passagework that's difficult to execute on a trumpet, and Balsom, working from her own transcriptions, never loses focus; it's her accuracy rather than her power or even her considerable beauty of tone that sets her apart from her predecessors. Worthwhile even for those with André collections. Brief booklet notes are in English, German, and French.

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Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)

Concerto For Violin in A minor, RV356
[1] I Allegro [2:37]
[2] II Largo [2:34]
[3] III Presto [2:35]

Alessandro Marcello (1669 - 1747)

Concerto For Oboe in C minor
[4] I Allegro moderato [3:11]
[5] II Adagio [4:25]
[6] III Allegro [3:50]

Tomaso Albinoni (1671 - 1751)

Concerto For Oboe in B flat major, Op.7 No.3
[7] I Allegro [2:38]
[8] II Adagio [2:35]
[9] III Allegro [2:11]

Arthur Benjamin (1893 - 1960)

Concerto For Oboe in C minor (after Domenico Cimarosa)
[10] Introduzione (Larghetto) [2:40]
[11] Allegro [2:80]
[12] Siciliana [2:23]
[13] Allegro giusto [2:38]

Antonio Vivaldi (1678 - 1741)

Concerto For Violin in G major, RV310
[14] Allegro [2:13]
[15] Largo [3:40]
[16] Allegro [2:32]

Giuseppe Tartini (1692 - 1770)

Trumpet concerto in D major, D53 (originally for Violin)
[17] Allegro [3:51]
[18] Andante [2:53]
[19] Allegro Grazioso [3:40]

Tomaso Albinoni (1671 - 1751)

Concerto after Sonata da Chiesa in D minor
[20] Grave [2:23]
[21] Allegro [2:30]
[22] Largo [1:56]
[23] Allegro [2:30]






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