Tori Amos -《The Beekeeper》[MP3!]

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专辑中文名The Beekeeper
歌手Tori Amos

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Tori Amos:

91年底的首张专辑“Little Earthquake”就如同专辑名称一样,震击整个乐坛,"Silent All These Years"一举入围MTV音乐录影带大奖最佳女歌手影带、新进艺人等4项提名,王菲的"冷战"以及许茹芸的" 讨好"都是改编自Amos唱作的畅销曲。92年挑战Nirvana经典作"Smells Like Teen Spirit"后,94年以英国金榜冠军大碟“Under The Pink”展现超龄的情绪观察功力,深入女性情感暴力、性与宗教议题探讨,96年不甘只是创作才女的她晋升为制作人,在英、美亚军专辑“Boys For Pele”里首度跨越女性情感国度,化身为夏威夷的火山女神Pele,进一步挑战男性情感象征。98年作品“From The Choirgirl Hotel”听见Amos面对流产不幸后,紧紧拥抱生命体的体悟,此张专辑里,Amos放入较多的传统摇滚元素,甚至还首度把电子乐器搬上演唱会舞台,这段期间的演唱会实况再加上一些新创作就成了99年的双CD专辑“To Venus And Back”,专辑中弦乐与电子合成器的情境营造比重逐渐加大。2001年秋季发表的专辑“Strange Little Girl”更是角色扮演的极至与颠覆之作,她藉由清一色演唱Eminem、Depeche Mode、Neil Young、披头四…等男艺人/乐团的歌曲,彻底刺穿乐坛过于男性化的情感观点。911事件后,转换Epic音乐厂牌的专辑“Scarlet’s Walk”里,Amos挑战情绪的对象升级成为整个国家民族,透过词曲冷静反思自己与土地之间的情感,甚至毫无避讳的为受迫于现代文明的印地安民族发声。

Tori will release an album of all new material for Epic/Sony called The Beekeeper on Tuesday, February 22, 2005 in the U.S./Canada and on Monday, February 21, 2005 in the U.K., Europe and Australia. This is an album of all new material and you can see the albums cover to the right (The cover comes from an email sent out by Toriamos.com. Click it to see it larger.). This page on The Dent will contain all the latest reliable information we know about The Beekeeper!

# The Power of Orange Knickers features the vocals of Damien Rice! ( I earlier called this a duet, and I still think it will be something like that, but since the site did not say duet, I will refrain as well until we find out for sure. But his vocals are part of the song!)

# There will be both a special edition version of The Beekeeper (in a soft pak) as well as a regular version (in a standard jewel case). According to The Tori Store, the special edition or Special Packaging Edition will contain "a Bonus DVD of over 25 minutes of interview footage as Tori talks about the songs and their origins as well as a unique glimpse behind the scenes at the photo shoot for The Beekeeper. The DVD also features the bonus track Garlands set to exclusive content from Tori's upcoming book, Piece by Piece, including photographs and text. The Special Packaging also includes a seed packet with a wild flower mix prepared especially for The Beekeeper." I have also been told that the special edition package groups the album's 19 songs into 6 different gardens- Roses and Thorns, Herbs and Elixers, The Desert Garden, The Greenhouse, The Orchard and The Rock Garden. To compliment this garden theme the package includes a "Beekeeper" mix of flower and plant seeds.

# Tori produced the new album herself and recorded it in her UK studio Martian Engineering with drummer Matt Chamberlain and bassist Jon Evans.

# On this album, Tori incorporates vintage organs, Afro-Cuban drums and Gospel choirs according to the album's first official press release.

# Sleeps With Butterflies singleThe first single for this album, at least in North America, will be Sleeps With Butterflies. This single will be sent to various radio formats in January 2005. (We have reports as early as December 23, 2004 that some radio stations are playing it already!) If you look at the list of adds at triplearadio.com, you will see that some stations are officially getting this single on January 10, 2005. (Thanks Robert!) There is no word yet if this will be a commercial single in the U.S. There is a listing at Musicmen.co.uk that appears to indicate that it could be a commerical single in the U.K. You can see the cover of this single to the right, which comes from Tori's management. Click it to see it larger.



Here is the official track listing for The Beekeeper from Toriamos.com along with the track timings from Mike Gray:

Parasol (3:55)
Sweet the Sting (4:14)
The Power of Orange Knickers (featuring Damien Rice) (3:35)
Jamaica Inn (4:02)
Barons of Suburbia (5:20)
Sleeps with Butterflies (3:35)
General Joy (4:12)
Mother Revolution (3:58)
Ribbons Undone (4:30)
Cars and Guitars (3:44)
Witness (6:03)
Original Sinsuality (2:02)
Ireland (3:47)
The Beekeeper (6:49)
Martha's Foolish Ginger (4:21)
Hoochie Woman (2:34)
Goodbye Pisces (3:36)
Marys of the Sea (5:08)
Toast (3:40)






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