《Lynda.com 用Dreamweaver CS5.5开发Android和iOS应用程序》(Lynda.com Building Android and iOS Apps with Dreamweaver CS5.5)[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人Joseph Lowery
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中文名Lynda.com 用Dreamweaver CS5.5开发Android和iOS应用程序
英文名Lynda.com Building Android and iOS Apps with Dreamweaver CS5.5
主讲人Joseph Lowery

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在这个课程里, Joseph Lowery展示如何开发iOS和Android的HTML5应用程序,以及各自生成一个本地程序,适合用于测试的开源PhoneGap框架。本课程涵盖了程序创建,包括使用内建的起始页、从头建造自定义程序。然后重点讲解程序打包、除错以及发布。


In this course, Joseph Lowery shows how to develop HTML5 applications for the two mobile operating systems supported in Dreamweaver, iOS and Android, and generate a native app for each OS, suitable for testing with the open-source PhoneGap framework. The course covers basic app creation, including working with the built-in starter pages in Dreamweaver, as well as creating custom apps from scratch. It then focuses on packaging and preparing finished apps for debugging prior to deploying to the Android Market and the Apple App Store. Development techniques particular to the mobile arena, including the use of jQuery Mobile, are emphasized for developers to create apps on multiple platforms.

Topics include:
Understanding the mobile app toolset
Working with jQuery Mobile and mobile starters in Dreamweaver
Applying an overall theme to an app
Specifying Android settings
Simulating the iPhone
Setting up mobile pages
Keeping jQuery Mobile current
Applying page transitions
Creating collapsible content
Defining list views with images
Creating web forms for mobile
Integrating geolocation data with Google Maps
Previewing an app in Device Central

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Introduction2m 36s
Welcome 48s
Using the exercise files 1m 48s

1. Exploring the Mobile App Landscape 10m 51s
Understanding mobile app basics 3m 13s
Introducing the PhoneGap framework 2m 13s
Getting to know the Android OS 2m 56s
Working with iOS for iPhone and iPad 2m 29s

2. Creating Your First Mobile App29m 3s
Understanding the mobile app toolset 4m 27s
Working with jQuery Mobile 7m 37s
Using the Dreamweaver mobile starters 8m 59s
Applying an overall theme 8m 0s

3. Setting Up an Android Work Environment14m 44s
Preparing for Android development 4m 43s
Specifying Android settings 3m 10s
Testing the Android emulator 2m 49s
Managing your Android SDK 4m 2s

4. Establishing an iOS Workspace7m 49s
Setting up for iOS development 3m 24s
Defining iOS settings 2m 47s
Emulating the iPhone 1m 38s

5. Building a Mobile App from Scratch1h 7m
Setting up page divs and updating jQuery Mobile 9m 33s
Handling sub-navigation 8m 6s
Going back in history 13m 7s
Applying page transitions 3m 25s
Making multiple columns 5m 57s
Creating collapsible content 5m 18s
Defining basic lists 10m 22s
Incorporating images with lists 2m 44s
Custom styling with CSS3 8m 49s

6. Crafting a Form for Mobile44m 2s
Mobile form basics 3m 4s
Gathering text details 7m 53s
Working with checkboxes 4m 13s
Defining radio buttons 3m 42s
Using standard select menus 4m 5s
Creating custom select menus 6m 24s
Incorporating a slider control 3m 16s
Integrating a flip switch 3m 40s
Submitting forms 4m 47s
Setting up search 2m 58s

7. Advanced Features25m 50s
Using the compass 12m 46s
Using geolocation with maps 13m 4s

8. Working with Device Central9m 55s
Previewing your app from Dreamweaver 1m 48s
Changing devices 4m 0s
Documenting your app's appearance 4m 7s

Next steps 28s






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