《Lynda.com 出品After Effects 学习: 03高级动画后期制作》(Lynda.com After Effects Apprentice 03: Advanced Animation)[光盘镜像]

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    主讲人Chris Meyer
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中文名Lynda.com 出品After Effects 学习: 03高级动画后期制作
英文名Lynda.com After Effects Apprentice 03: Advanced Animation
主讲人Chris Meyer

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Lynda.com 出品的时长2小时52分的 After Effects学徒: 高级动画后期制作 视频教程。Chris Meyer帮助After Effects新手获得动画后期处理达到新的水平。Chris演示了如何完善动画最小关键帧(keyFrame)的数量,并创建出优美,协调运动的动画。添加一部影片时怎样进行逆向工程当前动画,创建一个变化主题和程序其他主要部分的使用。本教程虽是为初学者培


In this course, Chris Meyer helps beginning After Effects artists take their animations to the next level. Chris shows how to refine animations to create elegant, coordinated movements with the minimum number of keyframes—as well as slam-downs, whip pans, and other attention-getters. Additional movies show how to reverse-engineer existing animations, create variations on a theme, and master other parts of the program. Even though this course is designed for beginners, even veterans should learn tricks that many experienced users are unaware of. Chris' friendly running commentary lets you in on his mental process as he works on an animation. Exercise files are included with the course.
The After Effects Apprentice video lessons on lynda.com are designed to be used on their own or as a companion to Trish and Chris Meyer’s acclaimed tutorial book, After Effects Apprentice.

Topics include:
Understanding how keyframes work under the hood
Controlling the Anchor Point to create more predictable animations
Mastering the Graph Editor for the ultimate control over keyframes
Animating parameters including motion paths
Hand-drawing motion paths to simplify complex movements
Applying and tweaking Motion Blur
Using Hold keyframes


Introduction3m 46s
Overview 1m 46s
Using the exercise files 2m 0s

1. Keyframe Basics19m 6s
Reviewing keyframes 4m 48s
Exploring keyframe interpolation, velocity, and influence 7m 15s
Instant gratification: Auto Bézier 3m 14s
Instant gratification: Easy Ease 3m 49s

2. The Anchor Point17m 28s
Setting the anchor point 4m 2s
Exploring an alternate way to edit 3m 46s
Working with motion control moves 6m 21s
Using an anchor point path 3m 19s

3. The Graph Editor38m 50s
Navigating the Graph Editor 6m 27s
Understanding graph types 5m 8s
Editing values and timing 4m 20s
Interpolating in the Graph Editor 6m 33s
Coordinating keyframes 6m 15s
Working with separate dimensions 10m 7s

4. Crafting Organic Movements24m 30s
Using Motion Sketch 5m 26s
Working with the Smoother 5m 6s
Working with Auto-Orientation 4m 18s
Using roving keyframes 9m 40s

5. Smooth Motion and Stop Motion21m 29s
Enabling motion blur 4m 0s
Adjusting motion blur 7m 46s
Slamming down with Hold keyframes 7m 45s
Blinking with Hold keyframes 1m 58s

6. Quizzlers14m 29s
Quizzler challenges 2m 26s
Quizzler solution one: Bounce and squish 3m 25s
Quizzler solution two: Perfect orbit 3m 57s
Quizzler solution three: Overshoot animations 4m 41s

7. Idea Corner26m 21s
Idea corner one: Alternative camera movements 12m 33s
Idea corner two: Independent slam 13m 48s

8. Sidebars15m 19s
Work area tips and tricks 5m 40s
Working with time display format 9m 39s






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