Isaac Stern & Leonard Rose -(Brahms Violin Concerto & Concerto for Violin and Cello)[APE]

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专辑英文名Brahms Violin Concerto & Concerto for Violin and Cello

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作曲: Brahms
演奏者: Isaac Stern, Leonard Rose
乐队: The Philadelphia Orchestra
指挥: Eugene Ormandy
唱片公司: SONY




艾萨克·斯特恩(Isaac Stern),美籍前苏联小提琴大师,李纳德-罗斯(Leonard Rose),也有译作雷奥纳多·罗斯,美国大提琴家

one of the greatest recordings ever made August 5, 2001
By "thebestdictator"

This performance of two of Brahmes most beautiful concerti is truly unbeleivable. isaac stern is one of my favorite violinists and this shows him at the peak of his form. He combines subtle humor and a remarkably light touch into the heavy dramatic passages that the violin concerto is famous for. you can easily tell how involved he is with the music. the cadenza in the first movement is sheer technical brilliance, and yet stern's tone in the second movement needs little flourish. He is truly one of the masters of the instrument. Rose plays a highly dramatic part in the double concerto. he uses the full extent of the cello to produce moving sound, at times warm and at times powerful. Ormandy does a superb job in maintaining a perfect set of dynamics with the philadelphia orchestra. He makes the orchestra very forceful when the soloists rests, but never gets in stern or rose's way. It is interesting that one of the greatest violin concerti of all time was written by a pianist. part of the greatness of the piece must be attributed to Brahmes's close friend, one of the great Romantic virtuosi, Joseph Joachim. the influence of one of the giants of the violin is thoroughly felt in the composition.

The best performance I have yet heard of a piece I love. December 8, 1998
By A Customer

This is a very underappreciated work, possibly because it does not give the soloists that much chance to show off their "licks", but it is still a beautiful piece which does not "talk down" to it's listeners. The fact that Stern and Rose spent considerable time playing chamber music together shows to glorious effect here in this extremely chamber-like concerto.



1. Concerto For Violin & Orchestra In D Major, Op. 77: I. Allegro Non Troppo
2. Concerto For Violin & Orchestra In D Major, Op. 77: II. Adagio
3. Concerto For Violin & Orchestra In D Major, Op. 77: III. Allegro Giocoso, Ma Non Troppo vivace
4. Concerto For Violin, Cello & Orchestra In A Minor, Op. 102 'Double Concerto': I. Allegro
5. Concerto For Violin, Cello & Orchestra In A Minor, Op. 102 'Double Concerto': II. Andante
6. Concerto For Violin, Cello & Orchestra In A Minor, Op. 102 'Double Concerto': III. Vivace Non Troppo






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