《Outlook备份工具》(Backup Outlook )v3.0.20[压缩包]

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英文名Backup Outlook

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应用平台:Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista

Backup Outlook 是一款备份工具,让你可以备份和恢复所有的Microsoft Outlook 电子邮件信息,约会,杂志,任务,笔记和联系方式,以及电子邮件账户设置,分类,签名,便笺,宏和其他设置。

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Protect Your Most Valuable Outlook Data!
backup outlook Backup all your Outlook data and settings including Emails, Contacts, Tasks, your Calendar, Notes, Journal entries, Email accounts, Outlook rules, Signatures and many more.

And if you need to, restore your Outlook data with only a few clicks!


Do you want to save your important Outlook information?

"Backup Outlook" enables everybody to back up all of their Outlook data. You can even protect your Outlook backup with a secure password!

Transfer your complete Outlook data and Outlook settings to another computer.
Do you have a new PC?
Just restore your complete Outlook to the new computer and start working with your Outlook as you left Outlook on your old computer. You need only one license to backup Outlook on the old computer and to transfer your Outlook to the new computer.
Is your profile not created yet? No problem! BackupOutlook will create your profile if necessary.

Schedule the backup of your Outlook data and keep your latest backups for the case that one backup doesn't contain the data you are looking for. This way you will never lose any important Outlook information.

Your Outlook backup can be compressed if required. Simply choose the compression rate.


Exactly which Outlook data and Outlook settings will be backed up by "Backup Outlook"?
"Backup Outlook" saves not only your

Microsoft Outlook E-mails
Microsoft Outlook Tasks
Microsoft Outlook Calendar
Microsoft Outlook Contacts
Microsoft Outlook Journal Entries
Microsoft Outlook Notes

But also
Outlook profiles
You can select if only one or all available Outlook profiles are stored.
Outlook Email accounts
All your email accounts are saved.
It doesn't matter if you have several accounts like one POP3 account, one Exchange account and one Hotmail account.
Unfortunately it is not possible to restore your password for your Email accounts. Please keep your Email account password in a safe place.
Send/receive groups
You can review your send/ receive groups in your Outlook menu Tools > Mail Setup > 'Send/Receive'. Here you have all the information stored for when you want to send or receive your different email accounts.
Auto Complete Names
These are the names which are displayed when you start typing an email address. Very useful if you need some addresses frequently. No need to build up this history from nothing again!
Customised toolbar settings
Which toolbars are displayed and where.
Every user creates his own dictionary and this amounts to a great deal of work.
Your signature appears at the bottom of nearly every email. Just tick the option for your signature and it will be saved.
Many people use personalised stationery with their own corporate design. You can choose to store only one stationery format or your complete set of stationery formats.
Do you use a template for message auto-replies? BackupOutlook will save these too.
Outlook options
All individual options of the Outlook menu 'Tools' > Preferences are stored.
Do you use categories? With this setting you save your Outlook categories with one click.
Outlook today
The page 'Outlook Today' can be customised. You can use summer and winter layout or you can display different folders in this view.
Email options
Over time, you have probably customised a lot of settings in the Outlook menu 'Tools' > 'Options' > 'E-mail Options'. All of these options will be stored.
VBA projects
Do you enhance the power of Outlook with your own VBA programs? This setting will save your VBA projects used in Outlook.
Your Favorites of your Internet Explorers are backed up.

System Requirements

"Backup Outlook" runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows 2000/XP and Windows Vista with Outlook 2000, Outlook 2002 (XP), Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2010.

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                          Dead On Arrival
                            Presentz :


    size 02 * 4,77MB
    date 19/01/13

    Backup your Outlook Data and Settings

    Registration : see key.txt
    Note : As usual, block app with fw when registering!


    DEAD ON ARRIVAL : we sure acknowledge that what
    we do may be questionnable, but considering a lot
    of people seem to like our releases (no matter if
    they expire or not), we shall keep on releasing
    cause it seems our stuff is way more appreciated
    than what is usually done scenewide. Now instead
    of logging onto your coolest ftpd and grab last
    update of some soft nobody gives a shit about, maybe
    show your talent in removing the i-net checks of
    our apps and/or keygening them. That will be really
    useful for everybody!
    Today, some apps can\'t be cracked/keygened the old
    way, that\'s why we\'re here.

    Contax : n/a

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