《硬盘数据擦除工具》(Active KillDisk Professional Suite )v70.1[压缩包]

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    制作发行LSoft Technologies Inc.
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英文名Active KillDisk Professional Suite
制作发行LSoft Technologies Inc.

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Active KillDisk Professional Suite 是一款功能强大的硬盘数据擦除工具,让您的硬盘,USB驱动器和软盘上的所有数据完全销毁,排除未来任何可能恢复已删除的文件和文件夹。这是一个硬盘驱动器和分区橡皮擦工具。

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Powerful and compact software that allows you to destroy all data on hard disks, USB drives and floppy disks completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery of deleted files and folders. It's a hard drive and partition eraser utility.

350MB RAM for Boot Disk a tiny utility for any PC:
400KB storage space for executable
640KB RAM for real-mode executable
Bootable CD/USB/floppy to start from Starting from the bootable CD/DVD/USB media allows the erasure of any disks on Intel compatible based systems like, Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, OpenSolaris Unix, Mac OS X, and others
Active@ KillDisk 7.0 (Windows):

One Pass Zeros erase method supported in free version
Erases all data on HDD and USB disks completely
Wipes out all unused space on disks, not touching existing data
Professional package:
Supports 17 security standards including DoD 5220.22-M
Bootable Disk Creator that allows you to boot from CD/DVD/USB into Windows environment, and erase or wipe out your system disks
Supports Vertification, Batch Mode, Emailing Reports, Certificate customization, PC Shutdown after completion
USB Plug'n'Play devices are supported

Parallel erasing/wiping of several disks at the same time
Erase\wipe speed has been significantly increased
Support for previewing and wiping Apple HFS+ and exFAT
Custom Logo & Info can be embedded into erase/wipe certificate
Enhanced Certificate look and functionality
Notifications and reports can be sent by e-mail
Ability to send e-mail reports via pre-configured FREE SMTP account
Universal Boot Disk Creator for CD/DVD/USB for Windows & DOS
Professional version includes the latest Active@ Boot Disk 6 Lite
Settings stored in portable INI text file instead of local Registry
Save Log & Shutdown PC option after erase completed
Re-designed User Interface


                    :::====  :::====  :::====
                     :::  === :::  === :::  ===
                     ===  === ===  === ========
                     ===  === ===  === ===  ===
                     =======   ======  ===  ===
                          Dead On Arrival
                            Presentz :
    Active@ KillDisk Professional Suite v7.0.1 *DIRFIX*
    size 1x10mb
    date 01/18/13
    Powerful and compact software that allows you to destroy
    all data on hard disks, USB drives and floppy disks
    completely, excluding any possibility of future recovery
    of deleted files and folders.
    Registration : see key.txt
    Note : As usual, block app with fw when registering!
    It's not v5.5.1 that we released before! It's v7.0.1
    DEAD ON ARRIVAL : we sure acknowledge that what
    we do may be questionnable, but considering a lot
    of people seem to like our releases (no matter if
    they expire or not), we shall keep on releasing
    cause it seems our stuff is way more appreciated
    than what is usually done scenewide. Now instead
    of logging onto your coolest ftpd and grab last
    update of some soft nobody gives a shit about, maybe
    show your talent in removing the i-net checks of
    our apps and/or keygening them. That will be really
    useful for everybody!
    Today, some apps can't be cracked/keygened the old
    way, that's why we're here.
    Contax : n/a
          ===       :::  === :::===  :::====        ===
     ====   ===     :::  === :::     :::  ===     ===   ====
              ===   ===  ===  =====  ========   ===
     ====   ===     ===  ===     === ===  ===     ===   ====
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