《虚拟电子合成器》(Brainspawn Forte Producer Edition) v3.2.6.3066[压缩包]

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英文名Brainspawn Forte Producer Edition
版本 v3.2.6.3066

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应用平台:Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows XP Home/Professional SP2 or higher. Windows Vista 32 bit.

Brainspawn forte 虚拟电子合成器,比传统的硬件MIDI合成器功能更多,更方便。它是虚拟乐器的即时演算工作站,并能为舞台音效进行优化,带有音频低延迟,大量的MIDI选择,及即时演算功能。

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Forte 3 unleashes your creativity with features designed specifically for live performance. Control entire sets of plugins using set-lists and scenes. Flip between setups with the touch of a button. Route MIDI in flexible ways to your VST plugins for new creative possibilities.


Native 64 bit version
Multiple output VSTi/DXi support – each stereo pair of a virtual instrument now has independent routing, inserts, mix (see console Mix tab)
Supports VST plugins with up to 8 inputs (only the 1st two channels are used.)
Rename MIDI Ports with custom names
Improved Scene Access
Improved MIDI Filters: 4 key ranges in midi filters to support dead zones, layers, chords, etc.
Improved per-Scene Control for better control of when plugins receive new configuration
MIDI Monitor for plugins
Redesigned SceneView
New Scene Manager for better management of sets
More MIDI automation options for scene changes
Up to 8 “Quick Access” scenes re-callable via MIDI automation for immediate access regardless of set order
Global transpose options assignable to scenes, songs, sets, or the entire rack
jBridge support to host both 32 bit and 64 bit VST plugins
Offline Operation: When loading a rack that is missing audio or MIDI hardware, you can now either adapt the rack to new hardware or choose to run the rack in “offline” mode. Offline mode creates “proxy” devices to emulate audio and MIDI hardware.
Improved MIDI filter editing features

Forte 3 and EHCo System Requirements

Windows 7 (32 bit and 64 bit), Windows XP Home/Professional SP2 or higher. Windows Vista 32 bit.
Minimum 1.5GHz, Multiple cores supported 1GB (more recommended for large racks and sampler plugins)
At least one supported DXi or VSTi soft-synth At least one Windows compatible MIDI input port
At least one Windows ASIO or WDM compliant audio output device 1024x768 256 color graphics mode or higher

Forte 3 and EHCo are available in both 32 bit and 64 bit Windows programs. 32 bit versions will run on 64 bit Windows in 32 bit mode but will load only 32 bit plugins. Likewise, 64 bit Forte will load only 64 bit plugins.

You may run some 64 bit plugins in 32 bit Forte and vice versa using a VST Bridge program such as JBridge.

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size 12 * 4,77MB
date 18/01/13

Forte is a live performance workstation for virtual
instruments, offering more control and convenience than a
traditional rack of hardware sound modules. forte is
optimized for the stage, with low latency audio, vast MIDI
routing capabilities, and unique live performance features

Registration : see key.txt
Note : As usual, block app with fw when registering!


DEAD ON ARRIVAL : we sure acknowledge that what
we do may be questionnable, but considering a lot
of people seem to like our releases (no matter if
they expire or not), we shall keep on releasing
cause it seems our stuff is way more appreciated
than what is usually done scenewide. Now instead
of logging onto your coolest ftpd and grab last
update of some soft nobody gives a shit about, maybe
show your talent in removing the i-net checks of
our apps and/or keygening them. That will be really
useful for everybody!
Today, some apps can't be cracked/keygened the old
way, that's why we're here.

Contax : n/a

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