《虹软电子相册制作工具》(ArcSoft Album)v4.3[压缩包]

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    制作发行ArcSoft, Inc.
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英文名ArcSoft Album
制作发行ArcSoft, Inc.

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应用平台:Windows 8, Windows 7 x86/x64, Windows Vista, Windows XP x86(SP2 or SP3)

ArcSoft Album注册版是一款非常好用的电子相册制作工具,程序内置了精美的专业设计的创意模版,打开程序,导入照片,选择所喜欢的模版,再打印出来就能制作出令人拍案叫绝的电子相册影集了!

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Creatively share your memories as shining albums

Make a stunning photo album in just three easy steps
Provides professionally designed and creative templates
Share your books everywhere, such as Facebook, Twitter or Flickr
Personalize your photo album to your taste
Support Windows 8

Why ArcSoft Album?
It has never been so easy to show off your photos! From your Facebook Wall to your Twitter, Flickr, to your best friend's email and your own computer. Do more with your photos than you ever thought possible without efforts. Enjoy photo books with elegant themes instead of watching dull photos one by one. And do it all in two minutes, or three clicks in one place ArcSoft Album, which is fully equipped with ArcSoft's World's advanced technology of smart face recognition, smart photo grouping, intelligent scene analysis, smart page layout, and accelerated graphics rendering etc.

The Quickest Album Three Clicks Away
Make your albums from mass photos in just three clicks. When photos and themes are selected, ArcSoft Album will generate gorgeous albums for you. A smart path is to choose create Photo album with ArcSoft Album from right-click menu of your photo folder. Create and Done!

Share Your Books Everywhere
ArcSoft Album offers a variety of ways to share your digital album -- share it on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr, via email, or post the album link online. All these options are available directly within the program. Your friends and family can view your album by clicking on your link. Besides, they can view your album on multi-platform, PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone etc. For those who enjoy the touch of a real book, a professionally-printed album can be ordered.

Diversity Themes Bring Your Stories to Life
From baby growth life to vocations, school life, family, travel logs, business, wedding, or an annual photo collection, ArcSoft Album is the all occasion and perfect place to hold and display your treasured memories by beautiful themes!

Customize Your Personalized Photo Album
Though ArcSoft Album will do all in two minutes for you, you can also release your own creativity! Polish your photo with flexible photo tools. Move, rotate, pan & zoom, enhance photo or add black and white effects. Change layouts and pages to get your favorite book. Add texts and captions to your albums.

System Requirements

Supported OS: Windows 8, Windows 7 x86/x64, Windows Vista, Windows XP x86(SP2 or SP3)

Processor: 1.0GHz or faster

Hard Disk Space: 20GB or above

RAM: 1GB or above

Graphics: VGA card with 128MB graphics memory

HDD: 400MB

Screen Resolution: 1024x768

Language Support

                     :::====  :::====  :::====
                     :::  === :::  === :::  ===
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                     ===  === ===  === ===  ===
                     =======   ======  ===  ===
                          Dead On Arrival
                            Presentz :


    size 05 * 4,77MB
    date 13/01/13

    Creatively share your memories as albums

    Registration : see key.txt
    Note : As usual, block app with fw when registering!


    DEAD ON ARRIVAL : we sure acknowledge that what
    we do may be questionnable, but considering a lot
    of people seem to like our releases (no matter if
    they expire or not), we shall keep on releasing
    cause it seems our stuff is way more appreciated
    than what is usually done scenewide. Now instead
    of logging onto your coolest ftpd and grab last
    update of some soft nobody gives a shit about, maybe
    show your talent in removing the i-net checks of
    our apps and/or keygening them. That will be really
    useful for everybody!
    Today, some apps can't be cracked/keygened the old
    way, that's why we're here.

    Contax : n/a

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