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英文名MAGIX Independence Pro Software Suite
制作发行MAGIX Software GmbH

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MAGIX独立采样工作站MAGIX Independence Pro Software Suite 是专业音乐制作工作室,并进行现场表演 。独立的音频引擎已重建和改进,它现在包含的时间伸缩和变调选项。使用创新的多核心兼容性,您可以指定在您的计算机上应该保留内核的数量。这将确保最高的CPU资源量在它的处置,不造成其他进程的问题。

顶级品质的采样技术,从独立第三方加载VST效果, VST乐器插件,让您可以即时访问您自己的VST效果器和乐器,以及其他样本库。页面中的“浏览器”可让您在瞬间搜索并导入任何MIDI文件。您还可以搜索所有其他类型的项目,图层组和图层组和部分独立的文件,如 - 各种属性。

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Independence Sampler Workstation

The Independence Sampler Workstation is the ultimate package for professional music production in both the studio and for live performances - now included in Independence Pro, Independence Basic and all Independence Instruments.

Independence's Audio Engine has been redeveloped and improved, it now contains Time-Stretching & Pitch-Shifting options. Using the innovative Multi Core compatibility you can specify the number of kernels on your computer that should be reserved for Independence. This ensures Independence has the highest amount of CPU resources at its disposal, without causing problems for other processes.

Top-quality Sampling Technology

Another milestone is the option to load VST effects, VST instruments and plug-ins from third parties into Independence, so that you have instant access to both your own VST effects and instruments as well as other sample libraries too. The "Browser" page in Independence allows you to search and import any MIDI files in an instant. You can also search for all other types of Independence files such as projects, layer sets and layer sets and sections - with all kinds of attributes.
Flexible Workflow

The Independence browser features "attribute" based batch processing making it as easy as possible to manage files. This allows you to edit and add attributes in one simple step. Independence's quick edit page with "Custom Remote Control" range contains 32 freely-assignable fader and buttons featuring an built-in "Learn" option. These can be assigned to Independence parameters as well as other programs Thus these parameters can easily be assigned as your favorite features and functions, so that the Independence workflow adapts to your needs in the most flexible way.

Creative and flexible solutions

The Independence Pro 3.1 Software Suite, comprising Independence, Independence Live and Independence FX, provides access to hundreds of fully adjusted, and above all music-related software functions and guarantees unbeatable performance.
Regardless of whether you want to work in Mono, Stereo or Surround environment, Independence is ready for anything and offers creative, flexible and immediate solutions for any demands that a music producer, film composer, sound designer, songwriter or remixer may have. You can use the software as a VST plug-in (Mac and PC), as RTAS plug-in (Mac and PC), as AudioUnits plug-in (Mac) and as a powerful standalone version with 32 MIDI ports, up to 512 MIDI channels and up to 64 Mono and 64 Stereo audio outputs.

Independence Live

A powerful host application, which was specially developed for Independence Performances "live on stage". Beside an unlimited amount of Independence Projects you can also load third party VST effect and VST instrument plug-ins in Independence. Being able to immediately switch between currently loaded projects allows you to create your custom setups for any live event - thanks to the flexible audio and MIDI routing of Independence Live. To help make live performances even easier, Independence Live supports all hardware controllers - which you can control with the knobs and buttons of the "Custom remote control" area.

Independence FX

An amazing virtual effect rack with all the Independence filters and effects.
Now you can use all premium Independence insert filters and effects as separate effect plug-ins You have access to over 45 powerful inserts, amongst which you'll find the fantastic realtime impulse response processor "Origami". Independence FX contains hundreds of presets which you can load using drag'n'drop thanks to the browser. The virtual rack function allows you to load an unlimited number of inserts in Independence FX and to change their order.

Quick Edit Page

Use the Quick Edit Page for fast access to the Premium Instruments, it is also referred to as the "Composer Page" as it contains everything that a composer might need. The Quick Edit Page provides quick access to all the most important parameters for fast, high quality results.

Pro Surround

Independence contains by far the most elaborate surround environment you will find in a software sampler, it is compatible with all professional surround formats up to 8.1. It goes without saying that the all of Independence's insert filters and effects and surround compatible.


Independence features Elastique (developed by zplane.development) which allows you to make tempo and pitch changes to audio loops in high quality.
Furthermore Elastique can also be used to make tempo and pitch changes to multisampled instruments.


The modules provide an array of professional manipulations for the highest of musical standards. A layer's alternates and sections are displayed using the Context Browser and can be edited individually or in layers.

Mapping & Editor

The sophisticated Mapping feature within Independence is crucial to liveliness and sound when playing. The individual adjustments to personal playing style, velocity and the range of varieties are essential to an authentic performance.

Independence Mixer

Independence's professional mixer enables the editing, mixing and finalizing of loaded instruments - completely independent of their host. You can assign your projects an unlimited number of bus channels, each layer channel has 5 bus sends at its disposal.

Insert Effekte

Manipulation and distortion are typical ways of specializing and customizing instruments. To this end Independence provides over 40 professional filters and effects for the highest demands and innovative sounds.


During playback Independence has an extremely sophisticated and innovative sound selection method. You can apply various legato and performance settings for each alternate, every playing style and technique individually - the perfect "humanizer" for your instrument.


Independence's superior browser enables immediate, easy access to any information you can use in Independence. It gives you an overview of your projects, layer sets, layers and sections as well as all MIDI and audio files.

Origami Reverb

Origami is an Impulse Response Engine for authentic reverberation rooms - unbelievably powerful and realistic. Every conceivable adjustment and edit to Impulse Response files, and thus to your instrument set up is possible in real-time within the loaded room.

VST Import

To guarantee the highest level of control and flexibility for your music productions Independence is the world's first software sampler that allows unlimited 3rd party VST effects and instrument to be loaded into a sampler environment.

System requirements Windows

Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32Bit & 64Bit)
Pentium / Athlon XP 1.4 GHz, 512 MB Ram
2,2 GB free hard drive space

(recommended: Pentium / Athlon XP 3.0 GHz, 1GB RAM)

Interfaces: VST | RTAS (32Bit) | Standalone

              [D]igital [I]nsanity                                   b!
              ÛÛ ßßßßßßß  ßßß  ßßßßßß  ßßß   ßßß    ßßßßßß   ßßßßßß ÜÛÛ
              ÛßßßÛ   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   ÛßßßÛÜÜ   ÜÜÛ  ßÛß  Û
              Û   Û   Û   Û   ÛÜÜÜÛßßßß   Û   Û   Û   ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÜ   ÜÛÛ
              Û   Û   Û   ÛÜÜÜÜ   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛ
              Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   Û   ÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛ
                           We are the dreamers of dreams...                 ÜÛÛÛÛß
    ÛÛÛÛÛÛ    Today's magic presented by the Digital Insanity heroes is:
    ÛÛÛÛÛ                  MAGIX Independence Pro Software Suite v3.1          
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    Cracker [ Brainrain & DarkSide ]  Protection [ Serial                ]
    ÛÛÛÛÛ   Supplier [ Digital Insanity ]    Release Date [ 01/01/2013            ]
    ÛÛÛÛÛ   Packager [ Digital Insanity ]    Release Type [ Keygen                ]
    ÛÛÛÛÛ     Tester [ Digital Insanity ]    Release Size [ 49 disks/10.0 MB      ]
          ³                        [ Description ]                          ³ ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Note to siteops/nukers:                                           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            This time we decided to pack the setups too next to our           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            keygen (even the non pro, and older versions despite the          ÛÛÛÛÛ
            fact that some of them were released with patch), because         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            as we noticed the downloadable setups/contents can vary           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            depending on various circumstances for example which magix        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            domain you visit (http://www.magix.com,                           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            http://www.magix.com/gb, http://www.magix.com/de, etc) or         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            which country your IP belongs to, and who knows what else.        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Different versions can have different product parameters,         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            so we are trying to avoid troubles at the end user side           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            with this decision.                                               ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Note to MAGIX authors:                                            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            We would like to give something back and not only take            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            away, so open your eyes now: Your WMI implementation is           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            faulty and will never be executed properly.                       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            You should call CoInitializeSecurity to set the needed            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            privileges to be able to query the MAC address through WMI.       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            ----------------------------------------------------------        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Hello Scene!                                                      ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Here is our last masterpiece to you. We have to close our         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            keygen factory.                                                   ÛÛÛÛÛ
            As you probably all know, reversing in high level takes a         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            lot of time, energy and patience that we don't have               ÛÛÛÛÛ
            anymore. We don't see the point in releasing random things        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            that can be done by any other teams just to keep the              ÛÛÛÛÛ
            illusion that we are still alive and increase our release         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            quantity. We have to concentrate on our real life. You know       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            the usual story which makes people disappear from the             ÛÛÛÛÛ
            scene: family, girlfriend, child(ren), job, etc. This was         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            our playground for about 10 years and we enjoyed it pretty        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            much! :) Well, it wasn't only a playground it was more a          ÛÛÛÛÛ
            lifestyle. We met a lot of good people around the world on        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            our journey. Reversing is like drugs, very hard to stop it        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            and nothing can exceed the euphoria what you feel when you        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            realize/solve something. I remember the time when a lot of        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            groups MU raced even on random converter apps. And also           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            there was something to admire almost every day from great         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            teams like AGAiN, CAFE,DT, EDGE, ECLiPSE, PARADOX, TMG,           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            UCF, SHOCK, SSG, ... (Naturally the list isn't complete,          ÛÛÛÛÛ
            just mentioned some of the best). There was life back then,       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            but now it's more like an empty space. Almost all the             ÛÛÛÛÛ
            quality teams are gone and there's quiet everywhere. I feel       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            sorry and miss everyone who i knew/used to compete with. We       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            won't disappear fully from one day to another, but this was       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            our last big release so don't expect anything from us. We         ÛÛÛÛÛ
            may update our existing solutions when we have time &             ÛÛÛÛÛ
            energy. We'll see what future brings. I'd like to say thank       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            you to all of our friends and supporters in ACME, AiR,            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            CORE, EMBRACE, HAZE, MESMERiZE, X-FORCE, ZWT. Last but not        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            least I'd like to thank those who helped us a lot with            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            testing this release: Bionic, dihux, HaRdLoCk and my              ÛÛÛÛÛ
            favourite slackazoid in team AiR who wants to stay                ÛÛÛÛÛ
            anonymous and he was the one who made our kickass                 ÛÛÛÛÛ
            keygenmusics exclusively for us. And another friend in            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Embrace who helped in packing this annoying amount of             ÛÛÛÛÛ
            applications with his packer system. :D                           ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Special thanks goes to DarkSide for hardcore reversing            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            sessions and many sleepless nights. :)                            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Always remember: Quality over quantity                            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            We wish you Happy New Year and all the best in the future,        ÛÛÛÛÛ
            Brainrain & DarkSide [Digital Insanity] - Where mind              ÛÛÛÛÛ
            becomes a weapon                                                  ÛÛÛÛÛ
            -----------------------------------------------------------       ÛÛÛÛÛ
            The Independence Pro Software Suite 3.1 represents the            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            basis of all Independence products. With an overhauled            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            audio engine, multi-core support, timestretching and              ÛÛÛÛÛ
            pitchshifting options and high-end effects such as the            ÛÛÛÛÛ
            realtime impulse response processor "Origami", it now             ÛÛÛÛÛ
            offers more creative possibilities than ever before. The          ÛÛÛÛÛ
            new version 3.1. also has 64-bit Mac OS X interfaces for          ÛÛÛÛÛ
            VST plug-ins, Audio Units and standalone devices.                 ÛÛÛÛÛ
            URL: http://www.magix.com                                         ÛÛÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛÛÛ ³                       [ Install notes ]                         ³
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    1) Install the application                                      
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    2) Block its inet connection with firewall                      
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    3) Run the keygen as administrator, select independence and    
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    click Generate                                                  
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    4) After the needed files were generated, run the              
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    application                                                    
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    5) When a window appears claiming about you aren't              
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    registered click registration                                  
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    6) Type a fake email and click "I'm already registered".        
    ÛÛÛÛÛ    Enjoy ...                                                      
          ³    [ About the team and some thing what's worth to know... ]    ³ ÛÛÛÛÛ
             Some  people  met in a hidden place of the internet long time    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             ago.  They  realized  quickly that they are interested in the    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             same  things,  and  their  thinking  is  similar  too. A nice    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             friendship  started, and they were working on a lot of common    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             reversing   projects.   Later  this  friendship  wasn't  only    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             "virtual", they became friends in real life too. This is what    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             makes  us  a  REAL  team...  We  are  dedicated to do quality    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             keygens.  Don't  cry with stupid requests, nobody cares about    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             it,  because  we  are reversing for OUR entertainment and not    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             for  yours!  We  aren't a new team, just our name seems to be    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             new.  In  the years we got some friend, contact and "fan". An    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             important note to our "fans": We put a hidden trojan in every    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             release, so when you execute our keygen, it logs all activity    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             in  your  computer  and  sends  it  to the FBI. HAHA, DIE ALL    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             [内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明]IN  NOBODIES!  And  finally  a few thinks about legality,    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             copyright, etc: We give a shit on the users, we don't support    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             any  torrents,  DCs  and  other  gay  things.Our releases are    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             internal,  ONLY for the scene. It's not our business that the    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             scene  is full of shitbones who spread the releases to public    ÛÛÛÛÛ
             places.  It's  not our fault that idiots own this world...       ÛÛÛÛÛ
             "Coolin' out with style - like back in the days.                 ÛÛÛÛÛ
              Representin' the skills, puttin' suckers in their place..."     ÛÛÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛÛÛ ³                        [ Greetings ]                            ³
    ÛÛÛÛÛ                Greetings to all souls in hell...
          ³                         [ Contact ]                             ³ ÛÛÛÛÛ
                  If you are skilful enough, you may reach us...              ÛÛÛÛÛ
    ÛÛÛÛÛ         [ NFO Created by b & Last Updated on 09/02/2007 ]






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