David Helpling & Jon Jenkins -(The Crossing)[MP3]

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专辑英文名The Crossing

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压缩码率:320 kbps
风格:Ambient, Instrumental, Electronic, New Age


David Helpling是一位非常有才华的音乐人,也多次担任电影的原声制作。近年来其与Jon Jenkins的合作主要集中在氛围音乐领域,两部作品都非常出彩,将其中一张《The Crossing》推荐出来。

Both David Helpling and Jon Jenkins as solo artists put out truly remarkable, magical albums, the former wiht "Between Green & Blue" and "Sleeping on the Edge of The World", and the latter with the eerie "Flow" and foggy-urbanite "Beyond City Light", all of which are magnificent CDs of their own nature.

Yet came 2007, the two artists brought their magical styles together to create what I considered at the time, and still do, among the best New Age albums of all time, "Treasure" which was totally different from either artists solo albums and yet took me on a journey into a totally different sonic landscape, or should I say deep chasm, of beauty and spirit especially during foggy or rainy nights on the edge of civilization.

Three years later, low and behold, a deeply anticipated follow-up "The Crossing" is released and WOW! I never thought they'd be able to but here, I think they even managed to surpass "Treasure". "The Crossing" I've had for only four months and already, I can sense that this will become perhaps among my top twenty favorite New Age released of all time. The previous CD "Treasure" had a dark, late night, feel of leaving civilization as a whole or as the cover portrayed, going into a deep cave beyond daylight and into the unknown. "The Crossing" on the other hand, has a slightly brighter but at the same time, colder mood altogether. The mountaintop poking through low clouds at sunset perfectly defines the actual mood of "The Crossing": Gray, evening, sunset, wintry, and very cold in feel yet exhibiting beauty of a rare scale.

The opening notes of "Awake" almost sound perfectly identical to the echoing notes of the ending of "The First Goodbye" from the previous album only for it to begin and culminate in an intense and urgent-feeling track.

Some of my favorites are "From The Smallest Seed" which has a haunting and ethereal atmosphere not to mention a marvelous melody and chord structure. Towards the last minute and a half, it culminates into an intense and adventurous track that has very strong elements of Helplings solo material, especially from his second album. Another favorite is "Above All" which has a very ominous atmosphere, very much like flying over a mountainous landscape during winter, at sunset and above the clouds, almost like the album cover. "For The Fallen" is pure beauty with a strange blend of beautiful and ominous in one. The first half of the song reminds me of Jenkins "Flow" era that was released a dozen years before, the second half has more of Helpling's early sound especially from his debut album from the mid 1990s.

Much like the previous album, "The Crossing" is among those albums that does not have a second-half slump but is consistent throughout from start to finish. That consistency is brought to a glorious close with "Lifted" which has a beautiful build up intro and culminating with a haunting blend of rhythm, keyboard arrangement, and even having some rock guitar riffs during the songs climax. Pure aural beauty and a glorious conclusion to "The Crossing".



01. Awake 4:13
02. Two Paths 6:57
03. From the Smallest Seed 5:35
04. The Same Sky 6:07
05. The Crossing 5:58
06. Above All 3:28 $0.99 Buy MP3
07. For the Fallen 9:29
08. The Lesson 6:38
09. To the Ends of the Earth 8:23
10. Not Forgotten 7:16
11. Lifted 6:35






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