《注册表工具软件》(Registrar Registry Manager Professional)v7.51.31124 x86|x64_Retail[压缩包]

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英文名Registrar Registry Manager Professional
版本v7.51.31124 x86|x64_Retail
制作发行Resplendence Software Projects Sp.

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网站链接: http://www.resplendence.com/registrar

Registrar Registry Manager 是注册表编辑工具。它允许你像使用资源管理器一样对注册表进行复制、剪切、粘贴、移动等操作。
软件的搜索及替换功能十分强大;书签编辑器可以对注册表书签进行彩色显示、添加注释等操作;灵活的注册表键值编辑器可以从文件中导入注册表数据;注册表监视器能记录对注册表作出的每一项操作,以后可以随时进行恢复。另外,软件还允许你查看、编辑、导入、导出注册表文件 (*.reg)。当你在 WinXP/2000/NT 下运行时,软件还可以对主键的许可、审核及所有权进行设置。Registrar 无疑是 Windows 的注册表编辑器及其他同类软件的最卓越的替代品。

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Registrar Registry Manager is an advanced and complete suite of tools that allows you to safely maintain your local registry as well as the registries on the systems of your network. Since many years, Registrar Registry Manager has been the expert's choice in registry management.

This software offers solutions for backing up and restoring registries, fast background search and replace, a bookmark editor with categories which supports key coloring and adding descriptions to registry keys and values, detailed property pages, tools for easy navigation. The program offers multi-level undo so all registry changes can be individually undone.

The software offers a registry defragmenter as well as a registry monitor which logs registry access by the system and other applications in detail. It provides security editors which allow you to set access permissions on your registry keys. An advanced registry compare tool allows you to check the differences between two keys in detail. Registry files can be edited in a separate registry window.

Fully supports Windows 8 and Windows 7

Registrar Registry Manager 7.50 supports all versions of Windows 8, Windows 7 and Windows 2012 Server. For a list of supported operating systems, click here.

Take control of your system configuration

The Windows registry is the key to all hardware and software configuration. This powerful and reliable registry manager will help you get the most out of your system.
For each Windows operating system, there are hundreds of registry tweaks and registry key descriptions included to help you find your way in the forest of system tweaking and optimization.

Powerful and complete collection of tools

Registrar Registry Manager includes the right collection of power tools which will do the right job in any registry editing situation. Tools include registry monitoring, blazing fast search and replace, backup and restore, advanced compare, bookmarks, a file reference editor, a CLSID utility and much more. Take a tour of features to see what Registrar has to offer.

Comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions

The professional version of Registrar comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit editions. On an x64 version of Windows, the 64-bit edition offers significantly better performance and other advantages.

Repair broken Windows configurations

Registry file editors allow you to edit the registry files which make up the systems registry image on disk. This feature has been a life saver to many administrators who managed to recover broken Windows configurations this way.

Increase safety with a reliable registry backup system

Reliable registry backup and restore features will give you the security that new hardware or software installations will not become irreversible in the case of a failure.
On top of that, every registry operation performed with the program can be individually undone.

Maintain remote systems easily

Get complete control of your network by using the remote features of Registrar Registry Manager. Each remote registry will be opened in a separate window and will give you the same power and flexibility as on the local registry.

Keep your registry clean and healthy

The registry defragmentation tool will reclaim wasted space and keep your registry running smoothly. The advanced registry search, replace and delete tool will help you to find and destroy unwanted registry entries quickly. The new file reference editor will allow you to find registry references to non existing files.

Command Line Edition included !

The command line edition which offers a advanced set of batch scripting utilities for registry management is now freely included in the professional edition of Registrar Registry Manager.

What's new ?

The following changes were made to Registrar Registry Manager 7.51 since version 7.50

Bug fixed: the bookmark editor could display a "list index out of bounds" error

When sorting on columns using the bookmark editor and then selecting another bookmark category on the left pane, an error message would popup displaying a "list index out of bounds" error. This has been fixed.

Bug fixed: in an intermediary release, registry rootkeys were not displayed when selecting the registry root

In an inermediary release, a bug had slipped in that caused registry rootkeys not to be displayed in registry views. This has been fixed.

Bug fixed: RRC.EXE: selecting A to select all could be ignored

When running the command line edition of Registrar, in case the program would prompt for a Yes/No/All/Quit, the All option was sometimes ignored, this has been fixed.

Bug fixed: RRC.EXE: search function with /replace option would not rename all matching values

When using RRC to search and replace on a registry key, it would replace only a part of the matching value names. That means some value names were left in their original state.






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