Various Artists -《伟大作曲家亨德尔》(The Very Best Of Handel)[2 CD] Alac

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精华资源: 2006

全部资源: 2007

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专辑英文名The Very Best Of Handel
艺术家Various Artists
版本[2 CD] Alac

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Composer: George Frideric Handel
Audio CD (3 Oct 2005)
Number of Discs: 2
Format: CD
Label: Naxos
ASIN: B000B6N64U

5.0 out of 5 stars Handel's Top of the Pops 16 Nov 2009
By T. G. Evans
Format:Audio CD
I bought this as an easy-listening compilation and enjoy it very much. This is the collection you would hear when listening to UK radio's Classic FM - fragments of most of Handel's popular classics on 2 CDs.

The sleeve notes have the usual track listing,a potted biography,an introduction to Handel's genres such as church music,orchestral,chamber music, keyboard music, operas and oratorios and, helpfully, pointers to some complete works by the composer under the Naxos label. The inside back cover has a glossary of useful terms so the beginner will understand the sleeve notes better (What's an oratorio?). The performers are credited on the inside back cover.

How does it sound? Firstly, the sound quality is better than adequate to my unpractised ear. Secondly, the performances you would expect from (inter alia) the Tallis Chamber Choir, the Scholars Baroque Ensemble, the Alsfelder Vocal Ensemble and Wolfgang Heibich do reflect the stately, some would say austere style of Handel's North German Baroque adapted to the early eighteenth century English ear. I liked the performances. The performers play as if they mean it - not just playing the notes.

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Disc 1

01. Zadok the Priest - 1 01:59
02. Zadok the Priest - 2 00:51
03. Zadok the Priest - 3 03:01
04. Fireworks Music: La paix 03:26
05. Concerto Grosso in B minor: Larghetto 03:43
06. The Messiah: I know that my redeemer liveth 06:10
07. Judas Maccabeus: See here the conqu'ring hero comes 03:07
08. Water Music: Overture 03:09
09. Rinaldo: Lascia ch'io pianga 03:41
10. Harpsichord Suite No. 5: Air and Variations 'Harmonious Blacksmith' 04:12
11. Ode for Queen Anne's birthday: Eternal Source of Light Divine 03:36
12. Fireworks Music: Le rejouissance 03:07
13. Concerto Grosso in D major: Vivace 02:42
14. Dixit Dominus: Dixit Dominus 05:36
15. Saul: Dead March 03:07
16. Recorder Sonata in A minor: Allegro 03:11
17. The Messiah: How beautiful are the feet 03:28
18. Water Music: Allegro - Andante 07:02

Disc 2

01. Solomon: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba 03:28
02. Ode for St Cecilia's Day: What Passion cannot Music raise 08:20
03. Oboe Concerto No. 3: Sarabande 03:04
04. The Messiah: He was despised 05:02
05. Concerto Grosso in G minor: Larghetto e affettuoso 03:30
06. Samson: Let the Bright Seraphim 05:27
07. Organ Concerto 'Cuckoo and Nightingale': Allegro 03:19
08. Violin Sonata: Larghetto 03:36
09. Concerto for Two Wind Groups and Strings: A tempo ordinaro 04:09
10. The Messiah: For unto us a child is born 04:08
11. Water Music: Air 02:32
12. Water Music: Alla Hornpipe 03:02
13. Xerxes: Ombra ma fui 03:26
14. Concerto Grosso in G major: Allegro 02:32
15. Dettingen Te Deum: Vouchsafe, O Lord, to keep us this day 02:14
16. Alexander's Feast: Allegro 03:24
17. The Messiah: Hallelujah 03:45






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