《Java基本教程Android应用程序开发》(Lynda.com Android App Development with Java Essential Training)[压缩包]

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    主讲人Lee Brimelow
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英文名Lynda.com Android App Development with Java Essential Training
主讲人Lee Brimelow

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主讲:Lee Brimelow
教程所使用的软件:Android 2

本课程全面的了解Android 的体系结构,教导如何使用 Java 编程语言构建和部署Android 手机和平板电脑的应用程序。以及安装所需的开发工具,包括Eclipse和Android SDK ,课程包括如何建立本地数据的用户界面、将数据从加速度传感器和其他应用程序集成和部署到 Android。

This course is a comprehensive look at the Android architecture that teaches how to build and deploy applications for Android phones and tablets using the Java programming language. Starting with the installation of the required developer tools, including Eclipse and the Android SDK, the course covers how to build the user interface, work with local data, integrate data from the accelerometer and other sensors, and deploy finished applications to the Android Market.

Topics include:
Understanding project creation and structure
Using explicit and implicit intents
Setting up security and permissions
Building text, button, and list controls
Applying styles and themes to the interface
Providing alternate layouts for different screen sizes
Creating menus and dialogs
Working with audio and video
Adding animation
Displaying notifications
Using input from sensors
Creating a home screen widget

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11m 18s


Using the exercise files

What you should know
1m 29s

Updates to Android Development Toolkit
8m 14s

1. Getting Started
28m 19s

Installing the SDK tools on a Windows machine
4m 12s

Installing the SDK tools on a Mac
1m 32s

Installing platforms and samples
3m 11s

Creating an Android Virtual Device (emulator)
5m 46s

Installing Eclipse on a Mac
2m 50s

Installing Eclipse on a Windows machine
3m 56s

Installing the Android Development Tools
4m 43s

Preparing an Android device for development
2m 9s

2. Android App Fundamentals
1h 24m

Overview of Android development
8m 51s

Understanding project creation and structure
9m 44s

Working with the AndroidManifest.xml file
4m 27s

Creating and managing activities
16m 17s

Using explicit intents
10m 15s

Using implicit intents
8m 45s

Creating and using resources
9m 47s

Understanding security and permissions
7m 2s

Debugging an app
9m 6s

3. The User Interface and Controls
50m 55s

Understanding units and layout
7m 11s

Using layout managers
7m 7s

Working with text controls
7m 15s

Building button controls
6m 34s

Building list controls
7m 12s

Building custom list layouts
12m 20s

Other interesting controls
3m 16s

4. Graphics and Styling
28m 1s

Creating and using styles
7m 36s

Creating and using themes
4m 56s

Creating icons
7m 20s

Creating NinePatch drawables
8m 9s

5. Supporting Multiple Screens
11m 26s

Understanding screen size and density
6m 19s

Providing alternate layouts
5m 7s

6. Animation and Graphics
25m 59s

Setting up frame-by-frame animation
8m 56s

Showing tween animation
10m 22s

Working in 2D graphics
6m 41s

7. Menus and Dialogs
33m 19s

Setting up options menus
8m 50s

Building context menus
7m 16s

Building alert dialogs
7m 4s

Setting up progress dialogs
5m 11s

Creating custom dialogs
4m 58s

8. Notifications and Toast
15m 18s

Displaying status bar notifications
12m 0s

Displaying toast notifications
3m 18s

9. Working with Media
17m 10s

Setting up audio playback
4m 0s

Establishing video playback
5m 11s

Accessing the camera and camera roll
7m 59s

10. Preferences and Data Storage
43m 35s

Using shared preferences
8m 41s

Creating a preferences activity
9m 4s

Using the SQLite database
8m 47s

Setting up network access
10m 25s

Using ContentProviders
6m 38s

11. Locations and Maps
24m 45s

Incorporating Google Maps
14m 1s

Using GPS to find the current location
10m 44s

12. Creating a Home Screen Widget
34m 24s

Creating a simple home-screen widget
17m 14s

Creating a widget configuration activity
17m 10s

13. Publishing Your App
18m 51s

Preparing for publishing
4m 3s

Signing and building
3m 32s

Preparing the graphics
3m 34s

Publishing to the Android Market
7m 42s

6m 18s

Using the SDK samples
2m 30s

More useful resources
3m 48s






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