《财务预算软件》(PerpetualBudget System)v6.0.260[压缩包]

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英文名PerpetualBudget System

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操作系统:Windows 2000, XP, Win 7
问题反馈: Support@spicer-baer.com
网站链接: http://www.spicer-baer.com/

PerpetualBudget 是一个作财务预算的应用软件. 它作为 MS Excel 中的一个子进程, 其特点是实现分布式预算运行管理, 并含有一个图形化的工具用来建立和维持该预算系统.

PerpetualBudget is a fully configurable distributed budgeting application. It runs as a Windows application and as a child process in Microsoft Excel. It is supported by a program managed database. The product is unique in it's ability to achieve distributed networking from the admin user desktop through the use of programmatic control of all system components. Detailed descriptions and help assistance can be gotten here.

The introduction of pbNOW elevates PerpetualBudget into a unique class of products that can process financial document outlines into full-blown worksheets on-the-fly from data. Put a foot in both camps: data for consistency and operability and spreadsheets for your budget group!

The budgeting application supports a variety of cost and revenue centers through the use of automated templates, setup sheets and adaptive consolidation methods. Manufacturers, retailers, distributors, service companies and government (institutional) agencies can easily apply the PerpetualBudget technologies to their planning requirements. The flexible budget structures achieved using PerpetualBudget allows all users to customize the product to fit their organizational requirements. Generate your budget automatically using the Auto Configure features. Maintain your budget for line item changes in minutes with no manual re-work or data loss.

The underlying database provides a seamless integration between profit centers allowing a rich flexibility in consolidating reports and managing inter-divisional allocations.

Use the Reports Tools to design your own queries and generate customized reports in minutes using the point and click graphical interface. The multi-level database storage contains all summary data from all the operations centers, allowing total flexibility in generating consolidated reports.

Linkless = Goodness!
We can't be quiet about the powerful benefits of using linkless worksheet templates. Here are just a few of the advantages:

Seamless versioning
Data sharing between organizations
High-level workbook updating of remote data
Reduced maintenance of master workbooks

The data collection sub-system provides multiple levels of consolidation without the use of links between worksheets or other workbooks. This allows you to add, change or delete data without disturbing the workbook structure. It also keeps the top-level structure "flat", simplifying the presentation and maintenance of the structures. An unlimited number of profit center levels can be consolidated.

Database and Spreadsheets

PerpetualBudget captures the combined benefits of data collection with reliable spreadsheet processing and database queries and consolidation to generate reports, re-populate changed spreadsheets and facilitate team financial management. The data processing and restoration features of the product eliminates the traditional objections to spreadsheets. The power and ease of use of spreadsheets with organization personnel allows you to field a budgeting system quickly, at low cost and low risk due to the demonstrated capabilities of PerpetualProducts processing.

Custom Templates
It's straightforward to apply or develop additional templates to the system. Contact Sales for further information. We can train you to build linkless templates and we provide templates to your specifications.

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PerpetualBudget System v6.0.260
release date: 2012-06-04        supplier: TEAM BLZ
disks: 5                 cracker:  TEAM BLZ
protection: Licensefile       os:       WinALL  

Run setup and follow instructions.
Copy the licensefiles to your "PROGRAM FILES\COMMON FILES\PBUDGET"
directory and replace the existing files.
Import PB500.REG to set the Registrants Name/Company.






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