Kari Bremnes -《Og Sa Kom Resten av Livet》(随后而来的岁月)[24bit/96KHz 2.0][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Og Sa Kom Resten av Livet
歌手Kari Bremnes
别名And then the rest of your life
版本[24bit/96KHz 2.0]

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Artist: Kari Bremnes
Title Of Album: Og S? Kom Resten av Livet
Year Of Release: 14 September 2012
Label: Kirkelig Kulturverksted
Genre: Folk, Jazz

About Kari Bremnes:
· Born in Svolvaer in Lofoten in 1956, but is an "urban northerner" who lives in Oslo.
· Published his first solo album, "My Wild Heart" in 1987. See full discography here. "And then came the rest of your life" is Kari Bremnes 16 solo album.
· Her songs take place somewhere between dance and comforting, she says. Musically provides great rooms here, others are closer.
· Has a large audience in Germany and has sold over 90,000 albums there. 1. november begins a three-week Germany tour.
· Has won several awards for his musical work and lyricist; Pr?ysen Price, TONO's Edvard prize of text to music, Grammy Awards, Telenor Culture and others.

Kari Bremnes band:
Weekend Norbakken: Drums
Sondre Meisfjord: Bass
Hallgrim Bratberg: Guitar
Bengt E. Hanssen: Tangents

Manufacturer: Bengt E Hanssen, Moonstone A / S

ALBUM: When does the rest of your life? For Kari Bremnes (55) is that when you're there in life that you have a good view both backward and forward. Not early in life, but not late either.

A good starting point to "take on" Bremnes' 16 solo album, "And then the rest of your life," which is masterfully produced and played.

At Kari Bremnes has sold over 90,000 albums in Germany - despite the fact that she sings in Norwegian - says something about especially this: The ability to capture a musical feel and a vibrant voice that transcends language.

But it is a pity that the Germans did not understand what she was singing about, Bremnes is one of the best songwriters - with the ability to translate thoughts and emotions in well-chosen words.

It is otherwise the delicate and tasteful sound that makes you always recognize an album with Bremnes. It is not for nothing that the sound of a Bremnes-plate is used as a reference among hifi enthusiasts.

Understand each other
Again, the keyboard man, Bengt E. Hanssen, manufactures, and he and Bremnes understand and read each other much like an old married couple - just as musicians Hallgrim Bratberg (guitars), Helge Norbakken (drums) and Sondre Meisfjord (bass) follows Bremnes exactly where she will.

Norwegian born singer and songwriter Kari Bremnes was born in 1956 in Lofoten. Her career as a performer was delayed by her desire to finish university (she earned a Master’s Degree) and a short stint as a journalist. Eventually, the call of the stage won out, and in 1987 she released her first album, Mitt Ville Hjerte. From there, Bremnes went on to release more than ten full-lengths over the next 20 years, as well as a number of successful — in Norway and in other European nations — singles. In 2007, Bremnes released the album Reise — or, “Journey,” in English.

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01. E du nord 5:17
02. Like før dagen går ned 3:55
03. Trist når du får tænkt dæ om 4:14
04. Mann på rommet 3:12
05. Denne veien 4:24
06. På kanten av et liv 4:55
07. Lysestake i Sannergata 3:05
08. Med sin nydelige kone 3:52
09. Nytt imellom oss 4:26
10. Håpet 3:41
11. Tidlig 3:45






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