《纪元2070:深海》(Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Expansion)[光盘镜像]

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    游戏类型RTS 即时战略游戏
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英文名称Anno 2070: Deep Ocean Expansion
别名AD 2070
游戏类型RTS 即时战略游戏

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IPB Image

《纪元2070:深海》中将加入一个新的派系“the Techs” 。在新的文明等级中,“the Techs”能够进一步拓展至深海。is a new faction called the Techs. Thanks to the new Genius population class, the Techs are able to expand further into the deep ocean.通过采用地热电厂作为新能源,玩家能够在海面之下建造大规模的生产设施,甚至可能获得对人类而言最重要的需求之一:无限的能源供应。岛屿之间可以通过能量发射装置传输能量,玩家也可以建造宏伟的“Tech”纪念碑和新建筑来装点自己的城市。


                     Anno 2070 Deep Ocean Addon (c) Ubisoft
        10/2012 :..... RELEASE.DATE .. PROTECTION .......: SS2/Crap
              1 :.......... DISC(S) .. GAME.TYPE ........: Strategy
                   Üßß  ÜßßÜ ÜßÜßÜ Üßß  ß ÜßßÜ ÜßßÜ ÜßßÜ Üß
  ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß Û ß² Ûßß² Û   ² ²ß Ü Û Û  ² ²ß   Û  ² ßßßÛ ßßßßßßßßßßßßßßßß
                    ßß  ß    ß   ß ßßßß ß ß    ß     ßß   ßß

  In the depths of the ocean and hidden in overgrown stones for years, the
  Techs unleash their ultimate power: Geothermal Energy Generation. The most
  powerful tool of the future forces the world of 2070 to expand exploration
  into the deep blue sea. Becoming the focus of gameplay, underwater plateaus
  offer new industries, large production chains, and resources.

  Success elevates the Techs to a new level: the Genius population. They
  assert themselves even over the ocean's surface. Impressive monuments and
  various new buildings strengthen their position.

  Underwater exploration and exploitation require players to take advantage of
  their environment and master a brand-new resource, using diplomacy and trade
  as powerful weapons to make their civilizations thrive in this hostile

  Bound to islands lost in the deep blue sea, players will have to conquer
  remaining stretches of land and dive underwater to create a futuristic,
  submerged industry to support an expanding economy.

  To nurture supremacy, players will construct new buildings, erect monuments,
  open power plants, exploit exclusive energy resources, develop underwater
  trading routes, and gain access to a new civilization development stage to
  take control of the advanced Genius population.

  Even though evolution is at the heart of the gameplay, don't underestimate
  the environment - beware of devastating natural disasters like tsunamis!

             ß ÜßßÜ Üß   ²ÜÜ  ÜßßÜ ²   ²   ÜßßÜ ÜßßÜ ²ÜÜ  Üßß  Üß
  ßßßßßßßßßß Û Û  ² ßßßÛ Û  Ü Ûßß² Û   Û   Û  ² Û  ² Û  Ü ²ß Ü ßßßÛ ßßßßßßßßßß
             ß ß     ßß   ßßß ß    ßßß ßßß ß     ßß   ßßß ßßßß  ßß

  1. Unrar.
  2. Burn or mount the image.
  3. Install the game. This is an addon and it requires Anno 2070 to be
  4. Copy over the cracked content from the /Crack dir on the disc to your
     <install> dir. Then either run install.bat or copy the "Profile" dir to
     "%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\Ubisoft\ANNO 2070" yourself.
  5. Block all of the game exes in your system firewall. If you don't know how
     to, google for it.
  6. Play the game. When prompted, use "RELOADED" as login and "1" as password
     to play the game offline. Enjoy.

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IPB Image
IPB Image






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