《星球大战:旧共和国武士收藏版》(Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic)[光盘镜像]

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    游戏类型RPG 角色扮演游戏
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英文名称Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic
游戏类型RPG 角色扮演游戏

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                                苘苘圻哌圮苘?       苘苘?                 苒?? 苒? ?咣苘苘?           苘苘?     苒??圮苘圻哌圮 苘苘苒哌?苒? 圹? 圹苘苘?咣苘        苒 ?咣苘苘
     ?苒圮苘苘苘圮 圹??  苒  圹? 圹? 圹? 圹??咣?     ?苒圮苘?咣?     ?圹?    圹? ?苒? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹?哌哌哌哌  圹?咣圮 ?     ?圹?  圮 ?苘哌圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 苒? 圹?圹? 圹??     ?圹? 圹? 圹? 圻   圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹??       圹哌??  圹?苘? 咣圻哌圹?咣圻哌苒? ?  圹? 圹? 圹?圹苓咣?       圹? 圹哌 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?     圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹?     ?圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?     圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹??     ?圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?     圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹?? ???圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹???? 避??圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹??曹? 曹??圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹? 圹?圹? 圹??曹? 圮??圹? 咣圮 咣圮苒鄄  圹? 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹?圹圮苓圹苘圹?圹曹苒?苒 曹? 圹??咣圻  ?苘 ?苘 咣?咣圮 圹? 圹? 圹? 圹哕圻 苘??苘?咣圻 苘苒? 槽? 圹?咣 咣 圻哌哌哌哌圹 捋? ? 圹? 圹? 圹哕圻 咣?圹哌哌哌哌?圻 圻      槽? 圹? 咣苘苒    pH7 苒   苒? 圹? 圹? 圹圻 苒?唼 圮 SiLK  圮苘圻       槽? 圹?          ??苒苘苘苒?咣?咣  圹? 圻 苒?咣苘苘圮 ??              槽? 圹?                       20 咣苘?咣?苘苒?12                           槽? 圹?                             哌圮苘圻?                                槽? 圹?                                 ?                                    槽? 圹?  Star.Wars.Knights.Of.The.Old.Republic.Collection.READNFO-FiGHTCLUB   槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  RELEASE.DATE......... 15/09/2012 GAME.TYPE.......... Action / Role   槽? 圹?  SiZE/DiSC(S)........... 2 x DVD5 PROTECTiON............... Securom   槽? 圹?  PACKER............... Angel Face CRACKER............. Tyler Durden   槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?        苘 ?   苘? 苘  苘苘  苘    苘   ?苘?苘  ?       ?        槽? 槽鄄苘苘   咣策  ??苘 曹????曹     ?????曹  曹苘 ?  卟?  苘苘槽鄄
咣苒苘懿圹曹  ? ?哕懿 ?????圮?   ??哕??圮? 苘?? ? 懿圹曹苘圮圻
  圮苘??苒?卟?                                            苘  苒 ?苘苘苘? 圮苘?    ??                                              咣策  ?     苘苘? 圹槽膊圮                                                         ?   苒膊鄄圹
圹圹卟槽                                                              鄄策圹圹
圹? 懿?                                                             卟? 苒? 圹苒咣?                                                               咣咣苒? 圹 ?                                                                     ?圹
圹?  The KOTOR Collection includes both Star Wars: Knights of the Old     槽? 圹?  republic with over 40 Game of the Year Awards and the follow-up      槽? 圹?  chapter, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.   槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  KOTOR - DVD1                                                         槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  For a thousand generations the Jedi Knights have been guardians of   槽? 圹?  peace and justice in the Old Republic. In the war between Jedi and   槽? 圹?  Sith, you are charged with leading a group of freedom fighters on    槽? 圹?  an epic journey across the galaxy.                                   槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  KOTOR II - DVD2                                                      槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  The Sith Lords have hunted the Jedi to the edge of extinction        槽? 圹?  and are on the verge of crushing the Old Republic. With the Jedi     槽? 圹?  Order in ruins, you, a lone Jedi, are the galaxy's only hope.        槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  READNFO: This release is retail and released just recently.          槽? 圹?  It contains no new material as far as we know, but it does contain   槽? 圹?  the two latest versions of the executables, found no where else      槽? 圹?  cracked until now. There is however an equal versionnumber of the    槽? 圹?  first one's .exe (, cracked in 2004 by FLT. However,         槽? 圹?  judjing by the size and other factors, we believe that our included  槽? 圹? is a newer and improved one. Officially our release says     槽? 圹?  nothing about it, but it should fix any previous incompatibility     槽? 圹?  issues possibly had with Vista/Win7 as well as work for Win8.        槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  Ps. We apologize for our last "leaked" release:                      槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?      Batman.Arkham.City.Game.Of.The.Year.PROPER.CRACKFIX-FiGHTCLUB    槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  This should never had happened, and when we first "interfered" with  槽? 圹?  the SKIDROW release we were neutral, hence labeled it what it was    槽? 圹?  CRACK.ONLY.READNFO                                                   槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  For reasons unkown later that night "Bob" took matters into own      槽? 圹?  hands and released the above absurdity.                              槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  Just ignore that, we'll IQ-test him later. Hence, we repeat what     槽? 圹?  we know for sure by now: SKIDROW's crack is fine as far as we know.  槽? 圹?  Just add the missing file from our release and you'll probably be ok.槽? 圹?  However, apart from spending time on explaining this shit we should  槽? 圹?  really be fixing our first release, there being a slight             槽? 圹?  miscalibration of our engine causing it to ask for media for some    槽? 圹?  users. It will be provided briefly, meanwhile the only sure          槽? 圹?  functioning crack a.f.a.w.k. is SKIDROW's. If you are experiencing   槽? 圹?  problems with G4WL we have bad news for you:                         槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  It's "[内容被过滤,请注意论坛文明]ed from factory" and if you experience any trouble with    槽? 圹?  it you can take comfort - but really not - in that it happens to     槽? 圹?  original/legit users too.                                            槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  Recommendation: Just Google "In how many ways can G4WL make life     槽? 圹?  unpleasant for the end-user"                                         槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?              ?苘   ? 苘?苘 ??苘?苘?? ? 苘   苘               槽? 槽鄄苘?苘苘?    ???曹苘 ?圮????   ? ?????曹?    苘苘?苘懿圹? 咣苒苘苒咣膊卟 ? ??? 苘????曹?圮? ? ?哕???苘? ?策膊圻圮苘圮圻
  圮苘?哕苒苘?                                                 哕苒苘?苘苘? 圮? ? ???                                                   ??? ? 苘? 圹? 曹懿                                                            曹懿  槽? 圹苓哌                                                                  哌哕圹
圹?  1. Go to the game folder that you prefer (they are independent)      槽? 圹?  2  Unpack the .rar files.                                            槽? 圹?  3. Burn or mount the .iso file.                                      槽? 圹?  4. Install the game.                                                 槽? 圹?  5. Copy the cracked files from the FiGHTCLUB folder into your        槽? 圹?     game installation folder overwriting existing files.              槽? 圹?  6. Unmount the .iso image if you mounted it using a Virtual Device.  槽? 圹?  7. Enjoy - and if you like it: BUY IT!                               槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?       苘                                                              槽? 圹哕苘??咣策                                                 苘  ?  苘苘咣? 圹?  ?苘   ?     苘?苘? ? ??苘?  苘   ?苘?苘  苘   卟圻  苘 ?  槽? 槽鄄苘? 曹苘      ?苘 曹?????圮?  ?????曹  曹? ?  苘懿  曹懿圹? 咣苒苘苘苒苘懿?   哕懿 ??哕?圮??    ??哕??圮?苘?   懿苘苒苘苘苒苒? 圮? ? 卟                                                          策  ? 苘? 圹? ?  ?                                                         ?  ? 槽? 圹苓哌   ?                                                         ?  哌哕圹
圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?  At the moment we're looking for a few things and please feel         槽? 圹?  free to contact us:                                                  槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?   Game suppliers from shop                                           槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?   Game suppliers from digital distribution (Steam, D2D, etc!)        槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?   Game Beta suppliers                                                槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?   Skilled and motivated crackers&keygenners                          槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?     ?                                                         ?     咣? 懿哌??咣            苘?苘? 苘  苘 苘??苘   苘   ?            圻 ?哌卟? 圹咣哌槽鄄?         ?苘 曹?曹  曹   ? ????苘 曹苘          卟圹策咣咣? 圹鄄哌?             哕懿 ??圮?圮? ? ???哕懿  苘?             哌卟圹? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?                                                                       槽? 圹?                                苘苘?                                 槽? 圹?                              苓 苘?哕                                槽? 圹?                   苓哌哕    ?苒圹圹??   苓哌哕                     槽? 圹?                  掭 鄄??苓?圹圹圹?哌苘?懿?掭                    槽? 圹哕苘苘???        ?捋圻 哌 苒圮圹圹圮鄄?   咣圯 ?        ??苘苘苘咣圹
圹?   ?     苘??  ?圹曹  ?咣策圹圹策圹?? 懿圹 ?  ?苘?     ?   槽圹
圹?   ?哌卟圻      ?捋哌  氨?  捋圹圹?  氨? 哌圯 ?     咣策哌 ?   槽圹
  哌圹苘苘   草  苘苘苒捱鄄?北北 懿圹圹圹鄄?北北 懿圻蒇苘苘? 薏   苘苘圹哌
   圹?  ?苘圹哌 苘? ?捋鄄苘苘圹圹圹卟圹圹圮苘懿圹?? 苘?哌圹苘 ?  槽?   圹?  ?    苒圹圹?圮圹圹圹圹圹圹草 捋圹鄄圹圹圹圹茌 佰圹圹?    ?  槽?  苒圹圻哌哌咣 圹圻槽?捋圹圹圹槽圹圹鄄苒圹圹鄄槽圹圹圹  槽策圹?圻哌哌咣圹圮
    哌       ?咣? 苒?苘苘苘哌哌哌哌哌哌哌哌哌苘苘苘?佰? 苒??      哌
             ? 咣咣苒蒉槽圹鄄舶鞍北北北北北卑鞍膊圹圹草捋苒咣? ?                   ??苒苘哌圹鄄膊膊膊膊膊膊膊圹圻哕苒???             ?      ?薏圹圹苘哌圹圹膊膊槽圹圻哕苒圹鄄??      ?                        郯  哌咣圮苓咣膊槽哌苘圹哌? 佰
                        薏?      哌圮圹圮圻?      薏?                         鄄?       捋圹圹?       懿?                          咣曹    苘咣圹圹哕?   懿圻
                            哌圹懿圹圻 ?咣圹曹圹哌
                               咣圹圯 苒?咣圹圻
                               捋圹圮圹圹苒圹圹?                              苒鄄捋圹咿槽圹莶圹?                              薇曹弑曹  捃脖哕脖?                               槽?槽?  捋?捋?                                ?  ?    ?  ?






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