《微软 MCITP Windows Server 2008培训视频教程合集》(Microsoft MCITP: Enterprise Administrator 2008 Certification Package (Windows 7))[光盘镜像]

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中文名微软 MCITP Windows Server 2008培训视频教程合集
英文名Microsoft MCITP: Enterprise Administrator 2008 Certification Package (Windows 7)
学校CBT Nuggets Online
主讲人James Conrad

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Enterprise Server MCITP is Microsoft's leading Server 2008 certification. It shouts out that you're an IT pro of the first rank.
In this MCITP training, CBT Nuggets trainer James Conrad shows you how to be a top-flight Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator using Windows 7 -- as it fully prepares you for all five MCITP exams.



1-Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Active Directory 70-640
Whether you're an experienced database administrator getting up to speed on Server 2008, or a brand-new network admin learning Active Directory from the ground up, this is the series for you. James Conrad's video series Configuring Active Directory for Windows Server 2008 includes plenty of tools to help you shine as an administrator.
James starts by giving you a nuts-and-bolts background understanding of this terrific Microsoft product, then he shows you lots of cool Server 2008 tools that were unavailable in previous versions of Active Directory.
In no time, you'll be an expert administering Windows Server 2008 roles and features and be ready to take Microsoft's MCTS exam 70-640. Passing this exam also moves you closer to two Server 2008 MCITP certifications: Enterprise Administrator and Server Administrator.

2-Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure 70-643
You're administering network operating systems. Prove to the world (and prospective employers) that you're ready to implement and administer networks of any size.
James Conrad's training for Exam-Pack 70-643 MCTS Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuring shows you how to boost user productivity by configuring Windows Server 2008.
You'll soon be configuring automatic installation procedures, leveraging hardware resources with Hyper-V, and using great tools, such as terminal services gateway and RemoteApp.

3-Microsoft PRO Windows Server 2008 Enterprise 70-647
Passing Microsoft's 70-647 Enterprise Administrator exam is your final step towards earning Microsoft's premiere Server 2008 MCITP certification.
It says you're ready to implement new capabilities and higher security in a medium-to-large enterprise using the latest advances in Windows Server 2008 technologies. And once you've completed this terrific video training series from Microsoft expert James Conrad, you will be ready.
By the time you've finished watching James's fantastic series you'll have your servers running reliably and secure, and you'll be ready for the 70-647 exam.

4-Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure 70-642
Are you an intermediate to advanced IT professional or a new IT professional with a foundation in Windows Server 2008? Then sharpening your skills by watching this James Conrad video training on Windows Server 2008 technologies is a terrific career move.
Knowing how to use Windows Server 2008 technologies (such as IPv6, Network Access Protection, IPSec, and new performance monitoring and event log tools) sets you apart from other IT professionals. By the time you've finished watching this training, you'll understand each of these technologies inside-out.
James goes into great detail preparing you for Microsoft's 70-642 exam. In no time, you'll be ready to earn MCTS certification and be well on your way to MCITP/MCSA certification as a Server 2008 Administrator.

5-Microsoft Windows 7 Config 70-680
Wouldn't it be great to administer every aspect of Windows 7, including: installation, daily administration, optimizing configuration, and troubleshooting reliability and performance issues?
After watching this great training series from James Conrad, that's exactly what you'll do. And you'll be thoroughly prepared for Microsoft's 70-680 exam.
Soon you'll be your organization's go-to person for selecting its OS, installing that OS using mass deployment methods, performing advanced troubleshooting and administration.






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