《PHP 网页设计软件》(MPSOFTWARE PhpDesigner)v8.1.0.10 Multilingual + Portable[压缩包]

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    制作发行MPSOFTWARE ApS. Michael Pham.
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中文名PHP 网页设计软件
英文名MPSOFTWARE PhpDesigner
版本v8.1.0.10 Multilingual + Portable
制作发行MPSOFTWARE ApS. Michael Pham.

IPB Image

  PHP Designer----php程序和WEB开发的最好编辑器和PHP IDE。快速,省时,强大。稳定!phpDesigner不仅是一个功能强大,速度超快的PHP IDE和PHP编辑器,也是一个功能丰富的CSS和JavaScript编辑器,它既适合新手也适合经验丰富的开发人员。 phpDesigner 能帮你编辑分析,测试,发布程序和由php,HTML或其它WEB语言驱动的站点。不管您是PHP网页设计高手,或者是刚入门的新手,您都可以使用此软件来帮您设计网页程序(SQL、HTML 亦支持)。

PHP Designer特色
  1.提升了你编写程序的效率PHP Designer提升了你编写程序的效率和简化了复杂的编码项目,同时还含有许多加快开发速度的功能
  2.支持PHP,HTML, CSS, JavaScript等phpDesigner不仅是一个功能强大的PHP IDE和编辑器还是一个HTML, XHTML, MySQL,XML, CSS, JavaScript, Smarty, VBScript, Java, C#, Perl, Python,Ruby编辑器!
  3.智能化语法加亮功能PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript内自动切换语法加亮区域,这取决于鼠标在文档内的位置同时还淡化剩下的代码,这样你就更容易保持注意力集中----这十分适合Ajax开发者。
  5.使用Xdebug来测试和分析程序使用断点,排查,计算来逐步分析你的代码. 找出瓶颈的地方或哪块代码减慢了并能使用分析器来做个加速
  7.易于学习,使用PHP Designer是一种享受phpDesigner背后的理念是通过提供直观、可定制、易于操作、TAB形式的界面和工作区来让开发者或新手在使用PHP Designer数小时后觉得是一种享受。

PHP Designer重点功能
  成熟的PHP, HTML, CSS和JavaScript编辑器
  PHP, HTML, CSS, JS 语法加亮
  Xdebug来测试和分析PHP代码PHP, HTML和CSS实时错误检测
  PHP, HTML和CSS代码美化工具

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image


PHP DESIGNER was created to help you enhance the process of edit, debug, analyze and publish PHP scripts all wrapped into a sophisticated streamlined interface! Get the complete IDE. Small in size but still one of the most popular award-winning IDE for editing, debugging, analyzing and publishing application- and websites powered by PHP and other web-languages.

Developer Productivity. Time saving features that helps you boost your productivity so you can get more done, like accessing as you type functions, variables, tags and properties. The Intelligent Code Highlighter, that automatic switches between code highlighters dependant on your position in the document.

Righteous Eye Candy. Enjoy a streamlined interface that focuses on the needs for both beginner and professional developers including WIMP/LAMP and AJAX developers!

Key features of "PHP Designer":

Syntax highlighters:
· Intelligent syntax highlighting, switch automatic between PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript
· PHP (both version 4 and 5 are full supported)
· SQL (MySQL, MSSQL 2000, MSSQL 7, Ingres, Interbase 6, Oracle, Sybase)
· CSS (both version 1 and 2.1 are full supported)
· JavaScript
· VBScript
· Java
· C#
· Perl
· Python
· Ruby
· Smarty

· Support for PHP 4 and PHP 5+
· Code explorer for PHP (support for includes, classes, extended classes, interfaces, properties, functions, constants and variables)
· Code completion (code insight) for PHP with OOP support
· Code tip for PHP (helps you completing your functions as you type)
· Support for PHP object oriented programming (OOP) including nested objects
· Go to any declarations (classes, functions, variables, interfaces etc.) declared in your files, projects or frameworks
· Work with any of your favorites PHP frameworks
· Code completion for phpDocumentor
· Add automatic phpDocumentor documentation to your classes and functions
· phpDocumentor wizard (generate a full documentation of your code in seconds)
· Smart comment/uncomment of code
· Enclose strings with single- or double quotes, linefeed, carriage return or tabs
· Automatic close single- or double quotes, brackets etc.
· Fast, powerful and very configurable PHP code beautifier with profile support

Debug PHP:
· Debug PHP scripts with Xdebug
· Breakpoints
· Step by step debugging
· Step into
· Step over
· Run to cursor
· Run until return
· Call stack
· Watches
· Context variables
· Evaluate
· Profiling
· Multiple sessions
· Evaluation Tip
· Catch errors
· Run PHP scripts using the PHP interpreter from php.net
· Catch output (both formatted and as text) and errors and warnings
· Support for localhost preview
· Preview with Internet explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari
· Support for debugging from external browsers and stepping into the code in phpDesigner 7

Syntax check:
· Real time syntax check for PHP, HTML/XHTML and CSS
· Real time syntax check for PHP using the PHP interpreter from php.net

· Code completion (code insight) for HTML/XHTML with embedded CSS and JavaScript code completion (code insight)
· Tag code inspector for HTML/XHTML
· Find and select matching tags
· Show HTML/XHTML syntax errors in real-time
· The code completion will automatic suggest the missing close tag
· Support for HTML tidy (w3 standard, upgrade to css, upgrade to xhtml and upgrade to xml)
· Link-, image-, table-, list-, forms-, meta-, flash-, font-, color dialogs
· Format tools and tags
· Special character dialog and converter
· Remove tags
· Import tag from other documents
· Selection between a variation of doctypes

· Code Explorer for CSS
· CSS code completion (code insight)
· Show CSS syntax errors in real-time
· Selector wizards (simple, class, id, contextual, child, sibling and pseudo)
· Go to any CSS class or id located in either your document, project or opened files

· Code Explorer for JavaScript
· Code completion (code insight) for JavaScript with OOP support
· Code tip for JavaScript (helps you completing your functions as you type)
· Support for the JavaScript framework jQuery (code completion, code tip, go to declaration etc.)
· Support for the JavaScript framework YUI (code completion, code tip, go to declaration etc.)
· Support for the JavaScript framework Dojo (code completion, code tip, go to declaration etc.)
· Support for the JavaScript framework MooTools (code completion, code tip, go to declaration etc.)
· Support for the JavaScript framework Prototype (code completion, code tip, go to declaration etc.)
· Support for the JavaScript framework Ext JS (code completion, code tip, go to declaration etc.)
· Go to any JavaScript function or variables declared in either your document, project or opened files

OS : Win XP/2000/Vista/Win 7
Language : English

What's New in phpDesigner 8
phpDesigner 8

phpDesigner 8 version 8.1 -- 6. August 2012

New. Support for CSS3 colors HSL, HSLA and RGBA
New. Spanish Language update
New. Catalan Language update
New. Japanese Language update
New. Simplified Chinese Language update
New. Traditional Chinese Language update
New. Hungarian Language update
New. Romanian Language update
New. Git output dialog
Fixed. Git Add file
Fixed. Git Commit file
Fixed. Git Commit folder
Fixed. Git Status
Fixed. Git List committed files
Fixed. Git Diff
Fixed. Git Log
Fixed. Git Log file
Fixed. Run custom Git file command
Fixed. Run custom Git command
Fixed. Text marker with spaces
Fixed. Text marker with tabs

Home Page - http://www.mpsoftware.dk

                      REAL LEGENDS NEVER DIE!                       ÜÛÛÛ    
     ÜÜÜÛßß                                                      ÜÜÛßÛÛÛÝ    
  ÜÛÛÛß                                                     ÜÜÜÛÛßÛÛÛÛÛÛÝ    
ÛÛ²Û                                             ÜÜÜÜÜÛÛÛßßßßÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛ۲ݠ   
ÞÛ²ÞÝ °                                      ÜÜÛÛÛßßß°°°Üܲ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²    
ÛÛÛ°ÛÜ                           ÜÜ      ÜÜÛÛßß  °°°±±²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²      
ÞÛÛÛ±ßÛÜÜ                     ÜÛß     °ÜÛÛÛß°°°±±±²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²±ß      
ÛÛÛÛ²²ÜÜßßßÛÜÜÜ            ÜßßÛÜÜ  ÜÜÛÛß  °°±±²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²±±±        
   Û²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²±±°°ßßßÛÛÜÜßßÛÛ ÛÛÜßÛÛ °±²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²ßßÛÛÛßÛßÛÛÛ²²²        
    ÞÛ²²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²±° ßßÛÛÛÛ Ý°²²²°ÜÜÛÛÛÛÛßß°°°²²ÛÛÛ²²±±°°°ÛÛÛßßßß  
    ÞÛ²²²²²²²²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²±°° ÞÛÛÝÞܱ°ÛÛÛÛÛßß°°±±²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛßß        
ßßßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²±±° ° ßßÛÛÛÜ°±²±°°ÛÛ²ÞÛÛÛÝ°±²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ ÞÛ  Þß        
      ßßÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²±±°°°° ßÛÛÛÛÜÜÛÛÛ±  ßÛÛÛÜ°±±²²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ßÛÜÜ        
         ßÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²±±°° ßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛß     ²ÛÛÛÜ°±±²²²²²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÝ    ß²ÛÜÜ    
           ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²±°° ÞÛÛÛÛÛ°        ²ÛÛÛ °±±°ÜÜÜÜÛÛÛÛÜÜÜÛßÜ      ßÛÛÛÜ  
           ÞÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²±°°° ÞÛÛÛß           ÞÛÛÛÜÛÛÛÛÛßßß ÜÜÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛÜÜ    ßÛÛ²
           ÛÛÛß°±ÜÜÜÜÜ°  ÜÛÛÛÝ        Ü    ÛÛÛÛÛÛ°°Ü²ÛÛÛ²²²²ßßß          ²ÛÛÝ
          ÛÛÛÜÛßßßßßßßÛÛÛÛßÛÛ     ÜÝ  ÞÜ   ÛÛÛÛ °²²ÛÛ²²²ß                ÞÛÛÛ
         ÞÛÛßßßßÛÛ²²±±±°ßÝݲÛÝ   ÛÛÛÜ  ÛÝ ÜÛÛÛ °±²Û۲ߠ                 Ü²ÛÛ²
         ß        ßß²²±°°ÝÛ ²Û  ÞÛÛßßÛÜÛÛÞÛÛÛ°±±²ÛÛÛ                 Üܲ²ÛÛÛÝ
                     ²²²°°ÛÝßÛ²ÜÛßܲ²±°ÞÛÝÞÛ²²±²ÛÛÛÝ           Üܲ±±²²²ÛÛÛÛ²
                     ÞÛ²² ÛÛ Ü²²Ý°²²±°°ÞÛÛ ÛÛÛÛ²²ÛÛ       °Ü±±²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²  
                      ÜÛÜ ÛÛݱ²±Ûݲ±±° ÞÛÛ °²ÛÛÛÜÜßÝ    Ü±²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²²ß  
                   ÜÛ²²²±°ÞÛÛ °²ßÛ²°°  ÝÛÛÝÞÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜÜ°±²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²²²ßß    
                  Û²²ÛÛ±±°Þ°ÛÛ °°Þ °   ±²ÛÝ °²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜß²ÛÛÛ²²²²ß        
       CRUDE.12  ²²ÛÛ²±°° Þ²ÛÛÛ °   ÜÜ ßßÛÛ   °°²²²ÛÛÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛܲ²²²ß          
        Ü       ²ÛÛÛ²±°°   ÛÛÛÛÛÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛÜÜÜÝ   Ü °²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ°Ý            
       ߲ߠ    ÞÛÛÛ²±°°  Þ±ÞÛÛßßÜÛÛÛÛÛÝÛÛÛ°²²ÞÛ   °±²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ <___Z>  Ü  
        ° Þ   ° ÛÛ²±Ü   Üܲ±Üܲ±°ßÛÛÛÛÛÜÛÛÞ²ÝÛ   °°±²²²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²        ß²ß  
          ÞÝ Ü²ÜßÛÛ° ßÛÛÛ²Ûß²ÛÛÛÛ±° ßßÛÛÜÛÝÛß ÝÛß °²²±ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²Ý  °   Ý °  
           ²ÛÛÜ ßßÛÛ² ÜÛÛ²ÛÛÛ² ÞÜÜ°ßßßÛÝßÛÛßÛ°ÛÝ    °²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²±  ß ÞÛÝ    
           Þ²ÛÛÛÛÛÜÜß°°  ÜÛÛÛÛ² ßÛÛÜÞÛÜ °²ÛÛܲ²ß     ²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ°Þ ÜÜÛÛ²      
            °²²²ÛÛÛÛݱ  ÜÛßß²ÛÛ²ÜÜ ßßß   ±²Û²²Ý °     °²²ÛÛÛÛ° ܲ²ÛÛÛ²°      
             ß°²²²²Û ²°ß    ßÛÛÛÛÛÛ²±±°°  ²²Û²±Ü        ßÜÛÛ²±ÞÛÛÛÛ²±°      
               ßß±ßÜÛÛÛ²±°°°   ßßÜßßÛÛÛ²±° ²ÛÛÛßÝ   ÜܲÛÛÛÛÛÛ²°Û²²±±ß        
                   ßÛÛÛÛÛÛ²±°° °  ßÝÞ²ÛÛÛßß ²ÛÝÜÛ Û²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²Üßß          
             Ü        ßßÛÛÛ²²²±°°° ßÜÞ²ÛÜÛßÛÜÛÛÜÛ ²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²²²ß  Ü          
            Þ  Ü±Ü ß    Ü ßßßÛ²²²°°ÜÜßß²²ÛÛßÜÛÛÛÝ°ÛÛÛÛÛ²²ßß       Ý          
            ÛÝ  ß Þ     Ý   Ü  ÜÜÛ²²²±°   ßßßßßÜÜßßßß    ÝÜ°Ü    ÞÛ          
   Ü        ÞÛÜÜ   ßÜÜÜ ßÜ  Ü²²ßÛ²ÛßßÛ²²±°°±ßßßÜ ÜÜß ÜÜÜß  ß  ÜÜÛÛÝ        Ü
  ß°ß        ßÛÛÛÛÛÜÜ°ßÛßܲ²±°Ü²²±°ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ß °°°°²ÜßÛßßÜÜÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛÛß        ß°ß
    ÜÜÜ  Ü²Ü    ßßßÛÛÛßÜß±°ÜÛßÛÛßÜÛÛÛÛ²²ßÜ°²²±±²²Û²ÜßÛÛÛÛÛßßßßß    Ü²Ü  ÜÜÜ  
   Ûß ß²  ß   ÜÜÜÛÛÛ²ÝÞÛßÜÛÛÛÛ° ÛÜܲßß     ÛÛ²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÞÛß²ÛÛÛÛÛÜÜÜ   ß  ²ß ßÛÝ
  ÞÝ      ÜÜÛÛÛÛßßßßÛ ß  ÜßßÝ ÜÛÛÛß         ÛÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛßݲÛÛÛßßßßßßÛÛÛÜÜ      ÞÛ
   ßÛÜÜÜÛÛßßÜÜܲ²ÛßßÜÜ  ÞÛÛÝ ÝÜÜÛß           ÛÛÛÝ°²ÛÞÛÞ߰ܲ²ÛÛ²²ÜÜ°ßßÛÛÜ  ÜÛ
      ß   ÛÛÛÛÛßÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÜ Ûß  ÞÛÛ      °     Þ²ßÜݱÛÜÝÛÝÞÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²° ßßßß  
      ÛÛÛÛß°ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ÝÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ    ÛßÜ  ÞÝ     °  ÛÝ  °Þ   Ü ßß²²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ    
     ÞÛÛ±ÝÛÛÛÛÛÛ±²ÛßßßßßÛÛÛÛ   Û° ßÜ ßÜ ÜÜ°   Þ  °°Ý   ÛÞ±²ÜÜßßÛÛÛÛÛ²ÛÛÛÛÝ  
     ÛÛ±ßÜÛÛÛ±°Ûß Üß°ßß²Ü ßÛÝ ÞÛ±° Þ          °±²²ß    ÞÛ²²Û    ÛÛÛÛßÛÛÛÛÝ  
     ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²°Û         °²Ý Û ÞÛ±   °        ²²Ûß      ÞݲÛÛ     ÛÛÛÛÜÞÛÛÛ  
     ÛÛÛÛÛÛ²°ÛÝ          °Þ Þ ÞÛ²°       ° °±ÛÝ         ÝÛ۲ݠ   ÞÛÛÛÛÜßÛÝ  
     ÞÛÛÛÛ²°²ß                ÛÛ²°    °°±Ý°°²Û          ÛÛ۲ݠ   ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜ    
      ÛÛ²ÛÛ±ÝÞÝÞ        Üß    ÛÛÛ±°  Ü²ßß  °±ÛÝ         ßÞÛÛÛÜÜÜÛßÛÛÛÛÛÛ²    
       ÛÛ²ÛßÜ²Û ß°     ÞÜ    ÞÛÛÛ²±°²Û      °²ÛÜ       ßßÜßÛÛÛÛÛÛ±ÞÛÛÛÛÛ    
        ßÜܲ²²²ÛÜÜßßÜÜ  ßÛÜÜÜÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ÛÝ  °±°  °±²ÛÜ      ÞÞݱÛÛÛÛ°ÜÛÛÛÛÛ      
          ßßßÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÜÜÜÜß ßß²ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÝß²²Û²°  °²²ÛÛÜÜ   ÜÛ ß²ÛÛÛÞÛÛßßß      
               ÜÜÜßßß         ßß²²ÛÛÛÛ ÞÛÛÛ²±°ÜÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛß   ÜÜÜÜ            
            ÜÛß     ߲ܠ          ß²ÛÛÝ ÛÛÛÛÛÛÛÛ²ßßß    Ü²ß    ßßÛÜ          
           Þ²Ý °ÜÛß²Ü Û°           ÞÛß  Þ²Û۲ߠ        °Û ܲßÛÜ° ޲ݠ       
            Û° Þ    Þ²ÞÝ        ÜÜßß     ßÛÛÝ          Þݲݠ  ÞÝ °Û          
             ß²ÜÛß Ü²Üß                    ßßÜÜ         ßÜ²Ü ßÛÜÜß          
                ÜÛÛßß             C.R.U.D.E               ßßÛÛÜ              
               ÞÛÛÝ°    P.R.O.U.D.L.Y   P.R.E.S.E.N.T.S    °Þ²ÛÝ            
                ²ÛÛÜ     Ü                           Ü     ܲÛÛ              
                 ßßÛÛÛÜÛß                             ßÛÜÛÛÛßß              
                       MPSOFTWARE phpDesigner v8.1.0.10                      
                  Ü  ßÜ                                 Üß  Ü                
                 ߲ߠ ²Ý  RLS.DATE.........2012/08/13  Þ²  ß²ß              
                    ÜÛß   RLS.SIZE.........03x10.00MB    ßÛÜ                
               ÜÜßßß                                       ßßßÜÜ            
            ÜÛß   Ü       RLS.TYPE.............Keygen       Ü   ßÛ          
            ²Ý°    ßßÜ    PROTECTION...........Custom    Üßß    °ÞÝ          
             ßÜÜ    °Þ²                                 ²Ý°    ÜÜß          
                ßß  ÜÛß   PLATFORM.............WinAll   ßÛÜ  ßß              
               ÜÜÜÛßß                                     ßßÛÜÜÜ            
            ÜÛÛßß                                             ßßÛÛÜ          
           ޲ݠ °                                             °  Þ²Ý        
            ßÜ °°                                             °° Üß          
               °±                                             ±°            
               ±²                                             ²±            
               ²ÛÞ             * RELEASE NOTES *             ÝÛ²            
               ²ÛÞ                                           ÝÛ²            
              ÝÛÛÞ  phpDesigner is more than just a          ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  powerful and lightning fast PHP IDE      ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  and PHP editor, it is also a             ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  full-featured HTML, CSS and              ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  JavaScript editor and even more! --      ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  for both beginners and professional      ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  developers!                              ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  phpDesigner helps you with analyzing,    ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  editing, debugging and publishing        ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  applications and websites powered by     ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  PHP, HTML and many other web languages!  ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  URL: http://www.iteksoft.com             ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ             * iNSTALL NOTES *             ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  1.) Unpack and install                   ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  2.) Use our keygen to register           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  3.) Enjoy!                               ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  If you can't understand how to install   ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  or use this then please don't waste our  ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  or anyone else time whining about bad    ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  installation instructions.               ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  Instead of blaming us for delivering     ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  poor package try to read developer's     ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ  FAQ or program's manual.                 ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛ²                                             ²ÛÞ            
              ÝÛ²                                             ²ÛÞ            
               ²±                                             ±²            
               ±° ÜÜ                                       ÜÜ °±            
               °°   ßßÜ                                 Üßß   °°            
               °      ²Ý                               Þ²      °            
                    ÜÛß                                 ßÛÜ                  
               ÜÜßßß           * C O N T A C T *           ßßßÜÜ            
            ÜÛß   Ü                                         Ü   ßÛÜ          
            ²Ý°    ßßÜ                                   Üßß    °Þ²          
             ßÜÜ    °Þ²     CRUDE IS A CLOSED GROUP     ²Ý°    ÜÜß          
                ßß  ÜÛß     SO WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY     ßÛÜ  ßß              
               ÜÜÜßß          KIND OF NEW MEMBERS          ßßÜÜÜ            
            ÜÛßß                                               ßßÛÜ          
           Þ²   °                                             °   ²Ý        
            ßÜ °°       OUR RESPECT AND GREETS GOES TO:       °° Üß          
               °±                                             ±°            
               ±²    BEAN . CoolPHat . DVT . EMBRACE . FLT    ²±            
               ²ÛÞ                                           ÝÛ²            
               ²ÛÞ    HERiTAGE . HOODLUM . Lz0 . OUTLAWS     ÝÛ²            
              ÝÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛÞ            
              ÝÛÛÞ   PARADOX . SKIDROW . UNLEASHED . VACE    ÝÛÛÞ            
      ÜÜßßßÜÜ  ÛÛÞ                                           ÝÛÛ  ÜÜßßßÜÜ    
     ÞÝ     ßÛ ²ÛÞ                                           ÝÛ² Ûß     ÞÝ  
      ß     ±ÛݲÛÞ    AND TO ALL OUR FRIENDS IN THE SCENE    ÝÛ²ÞÛ°     ß    
           ÜÛß ±²                                             ²± ßÛÜ        
        Ü²Ûß   °±    Ü                                   Ü    ±°   ß۲ܠ     
       ²Ûß  Üß °° ÜÛß                                     ßÛÜ °° ßÜ  ßÛ²    
      ÞÛÛ° Þ²   °ÞÛÝ        YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE :P        ÞÛÝ°   ²Ý °ÛÛÝ    
      ÛÛÛ²Ü ßÛÜÜ  ßÛÜ                                     ÜÛß  ÜÜÛß Ü²ÛÛÛ    
      ÞÛÛÛÛ²ÜÜ ßßßÜÜ ßÜ                                 Üß ÜÜßßß ÜܲÛÛÛÛÝ    
       ²ÛÛßßÜ°  ÜÜ  ßÛÜ    ÜÜ                     ÜÜ    ÜÛß  ÜÜ  °ÜßßÛÛ²    
        ß Üß Üßß   °°ÞÛÝÜÛß                         ßÛÜÞÛÝ°°   ßßÜ ßÜ ß      
         Û² ²Ý°   °ÜÛÛßÞÛÝ  * aScii by ___Z <DFS> *  ÞÛÝßÛÛÜ°   °Þ² ²Û      
        ÞÛÛ°ßÛÜ   ß°²ÛÛÜßÛÜ                         ÜÛßÜÛÛ²°ß   ÜÛß°ÛÛÝ      
         ßÛÛܲ°ßßÜÜÜ °±²²ÜßÛÜ                     ÜÛßܲ²±° ÜÜÜßß°²ÜÛÛß      
           ßÛÜß²±°° ßÛÜ°±²²ÞÛÝ Direct From Stars ÞÛݲ²±°ÜÛß °°±²ßÜÛß        
            ÞÛÝÞÛ²±°°Þ²Ý°ÜÜßß                     ßßÜܰ޲ݰ°±²ÛÝÞÛÝ          
           ÜÛßÜßßß ÜÜÛß                                 ßÛÜÜ ßßßÜßÛÜ        
     ÜÜÜßßß      ßßß                                       ßßß      ßßßÜÜÜ  






(?) [公告]留口水、评论相关规则

  1. 类似“顶”、“沙发”之类没有营养的文字,对勤劳贡献的楼主来说是令人沮丧的反馈信息。
  2. 提问之前请再仔细看一遍楼主的说明,或许是您遗漏了。
  3. 勿催片。请相信驴友们对分享是富有激情的,如果确有更新版本,您一定能搜索到。
  4. 请勿到处挖坑绊人、招贴广告。既占空间让人厌烦,又没人会搭理,于人于己都无利。
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