《高动态范围3D渲染软件》( Lightmap HDR Light Studio Pro)V3.0 WIN64|WIN32 [压缩包]

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英文名 Lightmap HDR Light Studio Pro
版本V3.0 WIN64|WIN32
制作发行Lightmap Limited.

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HDR Light Studio(简称HLS)是一款专业级高动态范围3D渲染软件HDR制作软件,能够帮助3D艺术家快速设计、创建、调整HDRI高动态范围照明/反射图,包括摄影工作室光照效果。

HDR Light Studio为3D计算机图形艺术家而生,帮助建立专业摄影样式的产品渲染效果,产品包装,以及媒介。根据用户的三维数据,产生高品质的专业级HDRI高动态范围图片,能够和传统的摄影完美匹配,适用于进行广告和市场推广使用。  
HDR Light Studio作为HDRI制作软件,为CG场景创建HDR照明与反射贴图,提供了各种摄影灯具元素,可以轻松制作出优秀的产品布光环境,加快渲染速度。

HLS是一款高效,即时,所见即所得的自定义HDR软件,生成的HDR能和KEYSHOT,CINEMA 4D ,3DMAX,MAYA等渲染器完美结合.最大强势:打光所见即所得!

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Main Features:

Really simple and focused interface. Fast to learn and use, designed for the job. HDR Light Studio is designed specifically for designing and generating HDRI light and reflection maps for CG rendering. Lighting maps are designed independent of the final output resolution. So HDR images can be output at any size (depending on the version of HDR Light Studio purchased).HDR Light Studio creates HDRI maps in both the major HDRI file formats — EXR (ILM) and HDR(Radiance) files.
The HDR Canvas. Spherical distortions handled in real-time. Users create lighting designs by placing light sources onto a 2D canvas representing a sphere map. As you manipulate your lights on the canvas the shape is automatically distorted in real-time so they maintain their shape when mapped onto a lighting sphere. It's an interactive HDRI!
Everything is Adjustable. Work in a resolution independent environment. Once lights are placed they are totally editable — so adjustments to position, size, brightness and much more can be made really fast. However many times the lighting design is adjusted or tweaked there is no loss of quality because a fresh and perfect HDRI map can be generated whenever you like.
Synthetic Light Sources. Mathematically Perfect Lights. At the heart of HDR Light Studio is the Synthetic Lighting System. This allows for the creation and placement of mathematically generated light sources on the canvas, resulting in visually perfect lights. Simple, yet powerful properties control the look and feel of the lights to generate virtually any studio lighting effect you could want.
Picture Lights. A library of image-based light sources. Picture Lights add hyper realistic image based light sources to HDR Light Studio, extending the realism and creative possibilities for your lighting designs. HDR Light Studio provides a comprehensive collection of soft boxes, spot lights, windows, and much more — providing endless possibilities to take your renders to new levels of realism and creativity.
HDRI Background. Enhance existing HDRI environments. HDR Light Studio can use existing HDRI environments (HDR or EXR) as the background, so additional HDR Light Studio lighting effects can then be added to a scene. This results in a totally editable and adjustable lighting design that can be easily tweaked and adjusted.
Create HDRI Gradient Backgrounds. Using two gradient ramps for luminosity and color, you can design a simple or complex vertical gradient that sits behind your lights and surround your scene. This can be used to create an ambient background light level or studio backdrop.
Real-time lighting design on your 3D model. Use HDR Light Studio as a stand-alone image based lighting design studio using the included LiveLight real-time rendered lighting preview of your 3D model. Drag and drop a Collada, OBJ or mi file onto the LiveLight preview window and begin lighting your 3D model in real-time. Collada and mi files also contain your cameras for the perfect match of your lighting design back in your main 3D software. Save your lighting design as a HDR/EXR file and use it as the environment in your 3D software — the lighting and reflections seen in final render will then perfectly match those created in LiveLight.
What's new in version 3:
Shine a light into existing HDR locations with the new Blend modes. Use synthetic light sources to make adjustments to the underlying content — be that other lights or existing HDR locations. These new blend modes provide totally interactive control over the lighting from existing HDRI environments. Blend modes can be used in conjunction with the 'Inv' button to reverse their effect.
Precise control to shape the light — Custom Fall-off. Use the powerful custom fall-off ramp to control the graduation of light precisely across its fall-off shape. This provides more subtle studio lighting effects than ever — allowing precise control of how graduations of light will appear in reflections. Custom fall-off also provides users with the ability to precisely control the areas adjusted by the new light blend modes.
Color Gradients — Synthetic and Picture Lights. Why should a light have only one color? Now you can create a ramp of color from the center to the edge of a synthetic and picture light. The effect can be subtle or outrageous. You can also use the color gradient to control the brightness across a picture light, like a fall-off ramp, ideal for fine control of Soft boxes.
Advanced Color Picker — Designed for lighting artists. We designed a new color picker focused on the the needs of a lighting artist. The color refinement grid allows artists to try subtle changes in color to see their effect in real time. The color matching tools let users match color from HDR and LDR images, plus there's a Kelvin Color Temperature picker — an essential ingredient for lighting.
LiveLight — faster and full of new enhancements. LiveLight is now faster with an improved render engine. Added support for loading Collada files into LiveLight — including multiple cameras. Select your camera views from .mi and Collada files containing multiple cameras. Metallic reflection mode has been added. Floor Shadow — grounds a model giving it a more realistic feel, without the need for importing floor geometry that blocks light and reflections from the HDRI. Choose an image (JPEG, TIF, BMP) or a solid color for the LiveLight background. Tone-mapping has been replaced with a gamma setting.
General. It's all real-time — a far more interactive experience! Every setting in HDR Light Studio 3.0 now updates the HDR canvas in real-time. Adjust a light color, the background gradient, HDR background rotation or brightness — and instantly see the results without waiting to press OK.
HDi project files now have an icon in Windows, and can be double clicked to open them in HDR Light Studio.
Main Interface. Re-name lights — double click a light in the list to re-name it. Picture Lights are given their Picture Light name — but can be re-named afterwards.
Click and drag lights up and down the light list to easily re-order them. Hover over a light in the list and a cross appears on the HDR canvas showing the location of that light, making it easier to identify your lights. The light visibility states are now saved in the HDi project files.
HDRI Background Settings. Fine tune the HDRI rotation with both Degree and Minute precision.
Colorize your HDRI background — ideal when used with studio background images to create any background color from a single grey-scale HDRI. Flip — now you can flip the referenced HDRI horizontally.

System Requirements
IBM or compatible Pentium/AMD processor (900 MHz or greater), 512 MB RAM or greater. 1024 x 768, 16-bit display (32-bit recommended)
Windows XP SP2
Windows Vista all SP
Windows 7
Language English

      Û²ÛÛÛÛ   ÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÞÛÛÛÛÛÛßßßßßßßßß
ßÜÛÛ ÛÛÛÛÛÛ ² ÛÛÛÛÛÛ  ÛÛÛÛÛÛÜÜÜÜ ßßßßßßßßÛßß ß   ß                ß  ß ßßÛÜß
      ÛÛÛÛÛÛ   ÛÜÜÜÜÛ                                           ASCii<ROY>

             P R E S E N T S

³                                                                            ³
³                  HDR LIGHT STUDIO PRO VERSION 3.0      -WIN32-             ³
³                                                                            ³
³ Type..........: HDRI                ³ Packager......: TEAM XFORCE        ³
³ Publisher.....: LIGHTMAP            ³ Cracker.......: TEAM XFORCE        ³
³ Supplier......: TEAM XFORCE         ³ Release Date..: JULY 23RD 2012     ³

³  Release notes..                                                           ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³  HDR LIGHT STUDIO PRO 3.0 - KEYGENED of course, what else from XFORCE    ³
³                                                                          ³
³  The Ultimate Image Based Lighting Creation and Adjustment Studio       ³
³                               ³
³  HDR Light Studio provides a new way to light 3D objects... at last      ³
³  image based lighting is as easy and flexible as traditional             ³
³  3D CG light sources.                                                    ³
³                               ³
³  Interactively create HDR lighting environment maps from scratch using   ³
³  powerful Synthetic light sources and HDR Picture based lights.          ³
³  Interactively adjust existing HDR environment maps, nondestructively,   ³
³  locally adjusting exposure, color and saturation.                       ³
³                               ³
³  See the results on your 3D model in real-time. The LiveLight preview    ³
³  window supports: Collada, OBJ and MI files.                             ³
³  Unlimited render resolutions for your final lighting design as EXR or   ³
³  HDR file formats.                                                       ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³  http://www.hdrlightstudio.com                                           ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³  INSTALLATION:                                                           ³
³  ------------                                                            ³
³                                                                          ³
³  1. Unzip, Unrar                                                         ³
³                                                                          ³
³  2. Check crack\install.txt                                              ³
³                                                                          ³
³  3. Enjoy it                                                             ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³
³  When so many groups bring you crap fakes non-working, X-FORCE always    ³
³  gets you the Best of the Best. ACCEPT NO IMITATION !                    ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                           X-Force 2012!  ³

³   Group News & Greetings..                                                 ³
³                                                                          ³
³  OUR DiAMONDS-4-EVER GREETiNGS MUST GO TO :                              ³
³                                                                          ³
³  All our OLD friends ...  and to all our fans                            ³
³                                                                          ³
³  This one has been made possible by a very good and dedicated friend     ³
³  Thank you IB for your help and support .                                ³
³                                                                          ³
³                                                                          ³

[-----------------  X-FORCE 2012 SMOKING THE COMPETITION  --------01/01/12-]

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Included in this fine release is the following plugins:

HDR Light Studio Live DeepExploration v3.0
HDR Light Studio Live KeyShot v3.0
HDR Light Studio Live Maxwell v3.0
HDR Light Studio Live SprayTrace v3.0
HDR Light Studio Live VisualEnterpriseAuthor v3.0

IPB Image
Picture Lights, the library of over 100 Picture Lights ³
³ ³
³ High Dynamic Range Images (HDRIs) have been used for many years to ³
³ light computer renderings. HDRIs are a mature technology with almost ³
³ all 3D renderers now supporting fast and efficient rendering using ³
³ image-based lighting. In fact, most real-time rendering software ³
³ relies on HDRIs as the main source of lighting and reflections. ³
³ But why have HDRIs become such an important part of the CG lighting ³
³ toolkit? The answer is realism. ³
³ ³
³ HDR lighting images capture a lot of useful information that is stored ³
³ by each pixel as color and brightness values. Surrounding a 3D computer ³
³ model with this data generates the brightness and color of the ³
³ illumination coming from all directions and provides all the ³
³ reflections seen by the 3D model. A bright light in a HDRI creates ³
³ a bright reflection, and a bright reflection creates bright ³
³ illumination from that direction. The lighting and reflections are ³
³ therefore hard-wired together in a HDRI. This is why renderers ³
³ using photo-real materials and HDRI lighting can create amazingly ³
³ realistic results that are photographic and truly believable as real ³
³ and not computer generated. ³






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