Maxim Vengerov -《惊艳的文格洛夫:小提琴协奏曲名家作品》(Phenomenal Vengerov :Concertos & Pieces Virtuosos Pour Violon)[3CD][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Phenomenal Vengerov :Concertos & Pieces Virtuosos Pour Violon
艺术家Maxim Vengerov

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发行厂牌:EMI Records
演奏:Maxim Vengerov (Violin),Ian Brown (Piano),Vag Papian (Piano),London Symphony Orchestra,Philharmonia Orchestra.


马克西姆·文格洛夫,俄罗斯小提琴家。1974年出生于新西伯利亚,受俄罗斯传统小提琴教育,有扎实的基础。后赴以色列师,从布劳(Z.Bron)学习。10岁获得“青年维尼亚夫斯基比赛”的第一名,16岁获得卡尔·弗莱什国际小提琴比赛第一名。从而确立了他的世界一流音乐家的地位。1994年被《留声机》杂志评为“年度新人”,从而在欧洲引起人们注目。1997年作为首位古典音乐家被联合国儿童基金会任命为音乐大使。2000年10月担任萨尔兰德斯音乐学院小提琴教授。 2001年曾来华参加第四届北京国际音乐节,并在中央音乐学院作了讲座。(摘自百度百科)

Maxim Vengerov is recognised as one of the world’s most exciting violinists. He gave his first recital at the age of five and, after studying with Galina Tourchaninova and Professor Zakhar Bron, he went on to win the First Prize in the Junior Wieniawski Competition when he was ten years old. In 1990, aged fifteen, he won the Carl Flesch International Violin Competition, confirming his reputation as a musician of the very highest order. In May 2000, Maxim Vengerov signed an exclusive contract with EMI Classics. Vengerov’s awards and prizes have included Gramophone Artist of the Year in 2002 and Edison Award winner and Grammy Award winner in 2004 for Best Instrumental Soloist Performance (with Orchestra) for the Britten: Violin Concerto/Walton: Viola Concerto.

Maxim Vengerov has appeared with all the major orchestras and eminent conductors, has performed as both soloist and conductor, made his debut on the baroque violin accompanied by Trevor Pinnock, and has also taken up the viola. His extensive concerto, solo and duo recital tours have taken him regularly around the globe. Vengerov toured the Far East and Europe until the end of 2004 with a program of Virtuosi pieces, which was also recorded and released by EMI. The year 2005 was a sabbatical year in which Vengerov studied improvisation with Didier Lockwood and tango dance, and prepared for an explosive new viola concerto written for him by Benjamin Yusupov. The world premiere took place with the NDR Orchestra in Hannover in May 2005. In 2006 Vengerov reassumed his usual concert work with tours worldwide of the Mozart concertos with the UBS Verbier Festival Chamber Orchestra and a recital tour with works by Mozart, Beethoven, Prokofiev and Shostakovich. Then he recorded 2 Violin Concertos and the Sinfonia Concertante by Mozart (with viola soloist Lawrence Power).

This 3CD set offers an incredible value for the price of one mid album, with a great panorama of his art. On CD1, the Beethoven Concerto and two Romances, and Kreisler’s favorite encore ‘Liebesleid’ and ‘Liebesfreud’. The second CD contains the French most famous violin concertos: Lalo’s Symphonie espagnole, a piece of bravura with the 3rd violin concerto by Camille Saint-Saëns, and Ravel’s great ‘Tzigane’. Last but not least the 3rd CD celebrates best loved and virtuoso violin works: Meditation de Thaïs, Ave Maria, Hungarian Dances, Vocalise…



01. I Allegro ma non troppo 27:18
02. II Larghetto 09:28
03. III Rondo. Allegro 10:02
04. Romance №1 en sol majeur Op.40 - Romance No.1 08:28
05. Romance №2 en fa majeurr Op.50 10:06
06. Liebesleid 03:27
07. Liebesfreud 03:18


01. I Allegro non troppo 08:01
02. II Scherzando: Allegro molto 04:16
03. III Intermezzo: Allegretto non troppo 06:09
04. IV Andante 07:41
05. V Rondo: Allegro - Poco piu lento - Tempo I 08:28
06. I Allegro non troppo 08:58
07. II Andantino quasi allegretto 08:53
08. III Molto moderato - Allegro non troppo 11:38
09. Tzigane Rhapsodie de Concert 09:47
10. Scherzo-Tarentelle Op. 16 04:54


01. Vocalise Op.34 №14 06:17
02. Estrellita 03:41
03. Danse Hongroise №7 en La majeur 02:17
04. Danse Hongroise №1 en sol mineur 03:32
05. Danse Hongroise №5 en sol mineur 02:38
06. Perpetuum Mobile Op.5 №4 02:53
07. Humoreske en sol bemol majeur Op.101 №7 03:24
08. I Méditation 10:02
09. III Mélodie 03:45
10. II Scherzo 04:24
11. Ave Maria D. 839 05:51
12. La Ronde des Lutins (Scherzo fantastique) Op.25 05:29
13. La danse du sabre (de' Gayaneh) 02:26
14. Méditation de Thaïs 06:06
15. Csardas 06:09






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