《模拟农场:传统耕作2012》( Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming 2012)[光盘镜像]

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    游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
    制作发行Ascaron Entertainment UK
    UIG Entertainment
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英文名称 Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming 2012
游戏类型SIM 模拟经营类游戏
制作发行Ascaron Entertainment UK
UIG Entertainment

IPB Image

IPB Image



  快进入《模拟农场:传统耕作(Agricultural Simulator: Historical Farming)》这款游戏中来吧。来见识一下“农耕机械的黄金时代”是多么辉煌。这款游戏号称“完美模拟了农机驾驶、工作流程以及农资销售的全过程。”如果你不喜欢在业余休闲的时候听到:“工作流程”这个词,别急着下断言,先来看看这些截图,那些造型古典的拖拉机是如何静静的躺在车库里,是不是有立即将其发动投入劳作的冲动?没错,这些截图都来自可操作的试玩体验。





IPB Image

IPB Image

-=- Proudly Presents -=-

      Agricultural Simulator Historical Farming 2012 (c) UIG Entertainment

   Release On   : 28 May 2012             Disk Amount/Format : 1 DVD ISO
   Type of Game : Farmer Simulator        Media Protection   : Activation

   Release Information:

   Enjoy being a farmer between 1950 and 1970 in the "Agricultural Simulator
   Historical Farming". The game takes you to the good old days and you will
   experience the charming farming of the 60s and 70s. Fans of nostalgia and
   history will be glad to work with original designed machines and to till
   a field with well known Oldtimer Tractors. With the new feature - the
   dynamic ground Agrar Simulator - Historical Farming presents the first
   real furrows which will be left when working at the fields with strong
   machines. The furrows will have impact on the driving behavior of the
   tractors and guarantee pure realism. It is up to the player to decide in
   which region he would like to cultivate his farm. There are two amazing
   szenarios - idyllic highlands, valleys and woods in the alp-region or the
   faszinating Toscana region with measured climate.

   Experience the charming farming in between 1950 and 1970
   Original drafted Oldtimer tractors of well known brands like John Deere,
   Lanz Bulldog etc.
   Pure Realism due to features like the dynamic ground with furrows
   Two different scenarios - Toskana and the nothern Alp-Region

   Burn/mount, install, copy crack, play!

   Greetz: LARGEiSO and MEDIUMiSO
  (C) E/dfs
Release Date: 23-06-2012 Platform: XP/ViSTA/7
Company: UIG Ent Files: 50 x 15MB
Type: Update Language: ENGLISH
Protection: Cdkey/Serial Genre: Simulator
Shop URL: http://www.gamersgate.co.uk/DD-AS2012/agricultural-simulator-2012


Unrar Burn Or Mount the IMG, Uncheck the updates via the
internet option at start of install, and run thru the install

Update using the update included this updates to version

Copy contents of /CRACK/ Dir to install dir and overwrite if
and when prompted

Block the game in your firewall to stop the game updating as
their is no guarantee our crack works on new versions that are
at this moment non-existant

Shouts to our freinds in PROPHET for their help;D

Software Info

In Agricultural Simulator 2012 idyllic, expansive landscapes
with lush pastures and fallow fields are waiting for you

Take over the role of a farmer and earn money by selling
goods. But be aware: There is a lot of work to be done
until you have your first finished goods

In the 2012 version of the Agricultural Simulator you will
be able to work with original machines from Fendt
Challenger, Massey Ferguson and Valtra

It is up to you if you want to drive the tractors directly
or if the AI should do the work and you concentrate on the
business part of the game

The income earned can be invested in more powerful farm

Vast gaming world with mountains and valleys

Exciting career mode with trading feature

Market place for animals, seeds and machines

Countless economical circuits: growing of crops, breeding
bio gas

Agricultural technology of Fendt, Massey Ferguson, Challenger
and Valtra
Realistic physics

Highly sophisticated co-workers AI

Day and night cycle as well as varying weather conditions

Multiplayer via network or internet






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