Paradise Lost -《Tragic Idol》[Japanese Edition][FLAC]

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专辑英文名Tragic Idol
歌手Paradise Lost
版本[Japanese Edition]

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发行公司:Century Media Records
专辑风格:Gothic Rock / Metal


当一个乐队保持活动状态,为超过 20 年的收入一定的尊重和技术上无法匹敌的年轻的行为,无论怎样的公信力,或精通大趋势的波他们碰巧骑。"悲惨偶像"是精心打磨,并期望从一个一直在这么做自八十年代末的乐队的一样扎扎实实地精心编制一张专辑。失乐园的球迷有很多可以期待这张专辑里,而且这个跨体裁呼吁由于容易听到音乐中影响的范围。尽管被"末日"或"戈特"端的金属规模更多失乐园,"悲剧偶像"的整体声音非常坚决地植根于传统的金属,和甚至是回收站影响在任何给定的歌听到很多。打开段标题轨道的特别有一巨大的传统金属感觉,几乎使介意 Metallica 哥特式清洁歌唱实现之前。从开始到结束相册是相当无情地沉重,但大多是缓慢和蓬勃发展的方式,而不是一种爆炸物或快速的方法。声援,专辑的第一次的三分之二集中于半咆哮,但年底的哥特式的光盘时,类型 O 负样式人声获得释放。同时大量重,专辑也挣的标记"旋律,"虽然大多只是意义上,它不是野蛮和有很多的吉他挂钩,而不是键盘或乐团元素与意义上的任何东西。关闭跟踪"光荣结束"像歌曲采取低端声音难以置信的深度,几乎就像从葬礼厄运的东西释放,却也混在花费了大量的岩石的好措施。不幸的是也不是什么很多第一次几个跟踪,能量,尽管这可能是点 — — 这被认为是令人沮丧的毕竟 — — 它使早期歌曲相当引路。经常慢的起搏还没有帮助的事项。总体而言,"悲剧偶像"是固体和很难指出特定缺陷在宋建设,但另一面也有不多的突出。除的标题轨道和更加集中和大气"理论的另一个世界",很多专辑基本上可以互换。虽然完美地启用和可能失乐园的球迷们很容易受到冲击,"悲剧偶像"不完全符合即时的经典。有很多层的工作通过和不彻底的坏磁道的声音,但也没有什么春天的理由令人震惊、 令人兴奋,或意外在这里听到。

When a band remains active for over 20 years it earns a certain amount of respect and credibility that can’t be matched by younger acts, no matter how technically proficient or which big trend wave they happen to be riding. “Tragic Idol” is as painstakingly polished and as solidly crafted an album as would be expected from a band that’s been doing this since the late ‘80s. Paradise Lost fans have plenty to look forward to from this album, and it’s got cross-genre appeal due to the range of influences readily heard in the music.

Despite Paradise Lost being more on the “doom” or “goth” end of the metal scale, the overall sound of “Tragic Idol” is very firmly rooted in traditional metal, and there’s even a good deal of thrash influences heard in any given song. The opening segment of the title track in particular has a huge traditional metal feel, almost bringing to mind Metallica before the gothic clean singing comes in. From beginning to end the album is pretty relentlessly heavy, but mostly in a slow and booming way, rather than an explosive or fast way. Vocally, the first two thirds of the album focus on a half-growl, but towards the end of the disc the gothic, Type O Negative style vocals get unleashed.

While plenty heavy, the album also earns the tag “melodic,” although mostly just in the sense that it isn’t brutal and there are plenty of guitar hooks, rather than in the sense of anything with keyboards or orchestra elements. Songs like closing track “The Glorious End” take the low end sounds incredibly deep, almost like something from a funeral doom release, but then also mix in a decent amount of rock for good measure.

Unfortunately there’s really not much energy to the first several tracks, and while that may be the point – this is supposed to be gloomy after all – it makes the early songs fairly forgettable. The frequently slow pacing also doesn’t really help matters. “Tragic Idol” is solid overall, and it’s hard to point out specific flaws in the song construction, but on the flip side there’s also not much that stands out. With the exception of the title track and the more focused and atmospheric “Theories of Another World,” much of the album is essentially interchangeable.

While perfectly listenable and probably an easy hit for Paradise Lost fans, “Tragic Idol” isn’t exactly an instant classic. There are plenty of layers of sound to work through and no outright bad tracks, but there’s also nothing majorly shocking, thrilling, or unexpected to be heard here.

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01. Solitary One
02. Crucify
03. Fear Of Impending Hell
04. Honesty In Death
05. Theories From Another World
06. In This We Dwell
07. To The Darkness
08. Tragic Idol
09. Worth Fighting For
10. The Glorious End
11. Ending Through Changes (Bonus Track)
12. Never Take Me Alive (Bonus Track)
13. True Belief (Live Version) (Bonus Track)
14. One Second (Live Version) (Bonus Track)
15. Say Just Words (Live Version) (Bonus Track)



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