《Adobe Illustrator CS6 基础教程》(Lynda.com Illustrator CS6 Essential Training)[光盘镜像]

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中文名Adobe Illustrator CS6 基础教程
英文名Lynda.com Illustrator CS6 Essential Training
主讲人Justin Seeley

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Lynda.com 出品的时长8小时48分钟的Adobe Illustrator CS6 基础教程。Adobe Illustrator CS6可以用来完成许多不同的设计任务,从插图到应用开发。本课程演示,可以适用于任何工作流程,印刷,网页,或建筑,会发现他们的方式到其他应用程序的核心概念和技术。作者Justin Seeley解释的元素,使矢量图形(路径,笔触和填充),同时展示如何使用绘图工具,并演示了如何结合,清理路径,并将它们组织成组合层。当然也包括文字编辑,颜色,效果和更多的工作。

Topics include:
Understanding vector graphics
Creating and setting up files for print or web destinations
Selecting and transforming objects on the page
Creating spot colors
Applying fills, strokes, and gradients to artwork
Adjusting appearances and effects
Working with anchor points and paths
Drawing with the Pen tool
Creating text
Managing layers
Creating and using symbols
Printing, saving, and exporting artwork

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Adobe Illustrator
1m 15s

What is Illustrator?
1m 15s

2m 17s


Using the exercise files
1m 19s

1. Getting Started
41m 25s

Understanding vector graphics
5m 0s

Setting preferences
9m 24s

Touring the interface
9m 41s

Exploring the panels
6m 54s

Working with the Control panel
4m 25s

Creating and saving workspaces
6m 1s

2. Working with Documents
43m 42s

Creating files for print
4m 42s

Creating files for the web
3m 36s

Managing multiple documents
3m 25s

Navigating within a document
5m 21s

Using rulers, guides, and grids
6m 59s

Changing units of measurement
1m 50s

Using preview modes
3m 10s

Creating and using custom views
3m 12s

Locking and hiding artwork
3m 43s

Creating and using artboards
7m 44s

3. Selecting and Transforming Objects
1h 1m

Setting your selection preferences
5m 57s

Using the Direct Selection and Group Selection tools
4m 6s

Using the Magic Wand tool
5m 45s

Using the Lasso tool
4m 9s

Selecting objects by attribute
6m 48s

Grouping objects
3m 7s

Using isolation mode
4m 48s

Resizing your artwork
3m 55s

Rotating objects
2m 10s

Distorting and transforming objects
6m 26s

Repeating transformations
5m 6s

Reflecting and skewing objects
4m 54s

Aligning and distributing objects
4m 38s

4. Working with Color
29m 27s

1m 46s

Adjusting Illustrator color settings
5m 10s

Process vs. global swatches
5m 6s

Creating spot colors
3m 40s

Using the swatch groups
2m 33s

Working with color libraries
3m 17s

Importing swatches
4m 4s

Using the Color Guide panel
3m 51s

5. Working with Fills and Strokes
57m 36s

Understanding fills and strokes
4m 18s

Working with fills
4m 58s

Working with strokes
8m 46s

Creating dashes and arrows
8m 1s

Creating variable-width strokes
4m 3s

Using width profiles
3m 31s

Outlining strokes
3m 51s

Creating and editing gradients
5m 45s

Applying gradients to strokes
3m 8s

Applying and editing pattern fills
4m 52s

Creating your own pattern fill
6m 23s

6. Working with Paths
20m 20s

Understanding paths
2m 41s

Understanding anchor points
4m 20s

Working with open and closed paths
5m 28s

Joining and averaging paths
4m 9s

Using the Scissors tool and the Knife tool
3m 42s

7. Creating Shapes
37m 56s

Understanding drawing modes
4m 23s

Creating compound paths
5m 15s

Creating compound shapes
4m 11s

Working with the Shape Builder tool
6m 32s

Working with the Blob Brush and Eraser tools
5m 26s

Working with the Paintbrush and Pencil tools
7m 8s

Smoothing and erasing paths
5m 1s

8. Don't Be Afraid of the Pen Tool
35m 53s

Exploring the Pen tool
2m 39s

Drawing straight lines
5m 12s

Drawing simple curves
5m 23s

Understanding the many faces of the Pen tool
6m 10s

Converting corners and curves
1m 46s

Your keyboard is your friend
2m 14s

Tracing artwork with the Pen tool
12m 29s

9. Using Type in Illustrator
35m 33s

Adjusting your type settings
4m 10s

Creating point and area text
3m 36s

Basic text editing
2m 14s

Creating threaded text
4m 59s

Using the type panels
9m 48s

Creating text on a path
5m 11s

Converting text into paths
1m 43s

Saving time with keyboard shortcuts
3m 52s

10. Adjusting Appearance
27m 25s

Exploring the Appearance panel
4m 44s

Explaining attribute stacking order
1m 40s

Applying multiple fills
3m 1s

Applying multiple strokes
4m 20s

Adjusting appearance with live effects
4m 46s

Saving appearances as graphic styles
8m 54s

11. Working with Layers
20m 44s

Exploring the Layers panel
4m 18s

Creating and editing layers
3m 27s

Targeting objects in the Layers panel
3m 3s

Working with sublayers
3m 0s

Hiding, locking, and deleting layers
4m 14s

Using the Layers panel menu
2m 42s

12. Working with Images
46m 0s

Placing images into Illustrator
2m 53s

Working with the Links panel
6m 5s

Embedding images into Illustrator
3m 12s

Cropping images with a mask
5m 8s

Exploring the Image Trace panel
12m 14s

Tracing photographs
8m 6s

Tracing line art
4m 33s

Converting pixels to paths
3m 49s

13. Creating and Using Symbols
19m 21s

What are symbols?
2m 45s

Using prebuilt symbols
3m 3s

Using the Symbol Sprayer tool
4m 19s

Creating new symbols
3m 50s

Breaking the symbol link
3m 19s

Redefining symbols
2m 5s

14. Drawing in Perspective
12m 9s

Defining a perspective grid
4m 29s

Drawing artwork in perspective
3m 49s

Applying artwork to the grid
3m 51s

15. Printing, Saving, and Exporting
35m 7s

Printing your artwork
6m 16s

Saving your artwork
2m 2s

Saving in legacy formats
3m 0s

Saving templates
4m 18s

Creating PDF files
5m 23s

Saving for the web
4m 46s

Creating high-res bitmap images
3m 58s

Using Illustrator files in Photoshop and InDesign
5m 24s


Next steps


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: Lynda.com - Illustrator CS6 Essential Training



Adobe Illustrator can be used to accomplish many different design tasks, from illustration to app development. This course demonstrates core concepts and techniques that can be applied to any workflowùfor print, the web, or building assets that will find their way into other applications. Author Justin Seeley explains the elements that make up vector graphics (paths, strokes, and fills) while showing how to use each of the drawing tools, and demonstrates how to combine and clean up paths and organize them into groups and layers. The course also covers text editing, working with color, effects, and much more.

Topics include:

Understanding vector graphics

Creating and setting up files for print or web destinations

Selecting and transforming objects on the page

Creating spot colors

Applying fills, strokes, and gradients to artwork

Adjusting appearances and effects

Working with anchor points and paths

Drawing with the Pen tool

Creating text

Managing layers

Creating and using symbols

Printing, saving, and exporting artwork



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