《Adobe Photoshop CS6 一对一基础知识视频教程》(Lynda.com Photoshop CS6 One–on–One: Fundamentals)[光盘镜像]

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中文名Adobe Photoshop CS6 一对一基础知识视频教程
英文名Lynda.com Photoshop CS6 One–on–One: Fundamentals
主讲人Deke McClelland

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Lynda.com 出品的时长6小时39分钟的Adobe Photoshop CS6 一对一基础知识视频教程。重点介绍在Photoshop中的主要特点,本课程涵盖了从开始和后续操作,每一个摄影师或图形设计师应该知道的概念和技术的图像编辑过程。Deke McClelland解释数字成像分辨率与大小和下采样的影响。他解释了如何使用图层编辑图像无损和组织的编辑在一个简单的方式,并介绍了裁剪,调整亮度和对比度,纠正和改变颜色和图像修饰等技术。Adobe® Photoshop® CS6软件具备最先进的图像处理技术、全新的创意选项和极快的性能。润色图像使其具有更高的精确度,并使用全新和改良的工具和工作流程直观地创建 3D 图形、2D 设计和整部电影。增强您的创造性和提高工作效率。Adobe® Photoshop® CS6 Extended 软件具备新的 Adobe Mercury 图形引擎、创新的内容识别工具、简化的 3D 图稿创作、改良的设计工具等功能,具有极快的性能。

Topics include:
Opening an image from Photoshop, Bridge, or Camera Raw
Navigating, zooming, panning, and rotating the canvas
Adding, deleting, and merging layers
Saving your progress and understanding file formats
Cropping and straightening
Adjusting brightness and contrast
Identifying and correcting a color cast
Making and editing selections
Enhancing portraits by retouching skin, teeth, and eyes

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1. Opening an Image Welcome to One-on-One 02m 27s
Opening an image from the Windows desktop 04m 07s
Opening an image from the Macintosh Finder 04m 09s
Opening an image from Photoshop or Bridge 02m 45s
Opening an image from Mini Bridge 01m 16s
Opening an image through Camera Raw 02m 32s
Closing one image and using Close All 01m 59s

38m 14s
2. Getting Around Navigating your image 00m 40s
The dark vs. the light interface 03m 12s
Navigating tabs and windows 04m 32s
Organizing panels and workspaces 04m 27s
Zooming incrementally 04m 29s
Zooming continuously 02m 43s
Entering a custom zoom value 02m 25s
Scrolling and panning images 02m 31s
Rotating and resetting the view 02m 11s
Cycling between screen modes 03m 10s
Using the Navigator panel 03m 38s
Adjusting a few screen preferences 04m 16s

45m 58s
3. Image Size and Resolution Understanding digital imaging fundamentals 01m 45s
Working with image size and resolution 03m 03s
Using the Image Size command 03m 27s
Exploring common resolution standards 03m 20s
Upsampling vs. capturing real pixels 04m 36s
Changing the print size 06m 16s
Downsampling for print 04m 12s
Downsampling for email 03m 11s
Exploring the interpolation settings 05m 22s
Some downsampling advice 04m 36s
Some upsampling advice 06m 10s

53m 17s
4. Using Layers Introducing the layered composition 01m 40s
Introducing the Layers panel 04m 12s
Adding, scaling, and aligning layers 05m 27s
Dragging and dropping layers 04m 36s
Stacking, revealing, and renaming 02m 58s
Working with opacity, the History command, and blend modes 06m 05s
Duplicating a selected portion of a layer 05m 32s
Applying a clipping mask 03m 58s
Blending inside a clipping mask 04m 10s
Finishing off your artwork 03m 13s
Creating a new layer and background 04m 24s
Layering tips and tricks 07m 02s

26m 19s
5. Saving Your Progress The art of the save 00m 54s
Four things to know about saving 06m 00s
Saving layers to PSD 06m 38s
Saving print images to TIFF 04m 48s
Saving an interactive image to PNG 03m 41s
Saving a flat photo to JPEG 04m 18s

19m 36s
6. Crop and Straighten Honing in on your image 01m 43s
Exploring the new and improved Crop tool 03m 35s
Editing your last crop 03m 01s
Straightening a crooked image 02m 29s
Filling in missing details 06m 44s
Using the Perspective Crop tool 02m 04s

42m 06s
7. Adjusting Luminance First, there is brightness 02m 12s
Understanding how luminance works 04m 18s
Using the three Auto commands 03m 27s
Working with automatic brightness and contrast 03m 19s
Using the Brightness/Contrast command 02m 47s
Using a dynamic adjustment layer 04m 05s
Editing adjustment layers 03m 52s
Isolating an adjustment with a layer mask 03m 31s
Introducing the histogram 04m 58s
Measuring an adjustment 03m 34s
Using the Shadows/Highlights command 06m 03s

44m 33s
8. Adjusting Colors And second, there is color 01m 31s
Identifying a color cast 03m 34s
Correcting a color cast automatically 03m 57s
Changing the color balance 06m 10s
Compensating with Photo Filter 03m 11s
Adjusting color intensity with Vibrance 03m 29s
Correcting color casts in Camera Raw 05m 46s
Using the Hue/Saturation command 05m 26s
Summoning colors where none exist 04m 08s
Making more color with Vibrance 04m 27s
Making a quick-and-dirty sepia tone 02m 54s

55m 53s
9. Select and Edit Making selective edits 01m 10s
Using the geometric marquee tools 06m 01s
Aligning one image element to another 05m 05s
Working with the Lasso tool 03m 59s
Using the Polygonal Lasso tool and Quick Mask mode 05m 19s
Cropping one selection inside another 06m 16s
Creating rays of light 04m 44s
Using the Quick Selection tool and the Similar command 04m 11s
Making it better with Refine Edge 04m 56s
Integrating image elements 02m 39s
Using the Magic Wand tool and the Grow command 05m 17s
Refining and finishing the image 06m 16s

53m 49s
10. Retouch and Heal Putting your best face forward 01m 00s
Working with Content-Aware Fill 06m 11s
Using the Spot Healing Brush 05m 36s
Working with the more capable standard Healing Brush 05m 55s
Meet the Clone Source panel 03m 53s
Using Caps Lock and fading brushstrokes 04m 57s
Using the Dodge and Burn tools 05m 01s
Adjusting color with the Brush tool 06m 35s
Smoothing skin textures 05m 58s
Brightening teeth 04m 00s
Intensifying eyes 04m 43s

00m 51s
Conclusion Goodbye 00m 51s

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: Lynda.com – Photoshop CS6 One–on–One: Fundamentals



Photoshop CS6 One–on–One: Fundamentals is a concise and focused introduction to the key features in Photoshop, presented by long–time lynda.com author and Adobe veteran Deke McClelland. This course covers the image editing process from the very beginning and progresses through the concepts and techniques that every photographer or graphic designer should know. Deke explains digital imaging fundamentals, such as resolution vs. size and the effects of downsampling. He explains how to use layers to edit an image nondestructively and organize those edits in an easy–to–read way, and introduces techniques such as cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast, correcting and changing color, and retouching and healing images. These lessons distill the vast assortment of tools and options to a refined set of skills that will get you working inside Photoshop with confidence.
Topics include:

Opening an image from Photoshop, Bridge, or Camera Raw
Navigating, zooming, panning, and rotating the canvas
Adding, deleting, and merging layers
Saving your progress and understanding file formats
Cropping and straightening
Adjusting brightness and contrast
Identifying and correcting a color cast
Making and editing selections
Enhancing portraits by retouching skin, teeth, and eyes



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