Carlos Santana -《Abraxas》[SACD-R] [Japan Remaster]

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版本[SACD-R] [Japan Remaster]

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★ 正港「吉他之神」卡洛斯.山塔那率领的山塔那乐团公认最经典的一张专辑,火热的打击乐器,畅快的吉他演奏,融合多样曲风的拉丁音乐大碟!

★ 滚石杂誌★★★★高度评价,AMG(All Music Guide)音乐网站★★★★★精选推荐,排行榜冠军专辑,经典地位无庸置疑!

「山塔那」的灵魂人物卡洛斯.山塔那(Carlos Santana)是一位来自墨西哥的吉他手,他以出神入化的吉他演奏技巧与变化多端的曲风,将拉丁风格带入六0年代的流行乐坛,开创出一片新天地。为了超越第一张专辑「山塔那」,山塔那的团员与制作人Fred Catero卯足全力推出的第二张专辑「阿布拉卡斯」在1970年面市,至今仍被认为是卡洛斯.山塔那音乐生涯中最精彩的一张专辑。融合迷幻摇滚、拉丁音乐、蓝调与爵士等曲风,被誉为「迷幻摇滚」的经典之作。其中结合Fleetwood Mac的元老Peter Green所谱写的《Black Magic woman》与Gabor Szabo的《Gypsy Woman》的组曲更拿下单曲榜冠军。骚沙之王Tito Puente的《Oye Como Va》,曲调简单,人人都可以朗朗上口,更是山塔那的招牌曲目。精彩的打击乐器加上卡洛斯.山塔那的如火纯青的吉他演出,从头到尾毫无冷场,就算是现在听起来,经典地位依然不变!


by Alex Henderson

The San Francisco Bay Area rock scene of the late '60s was one that encouraged radical experimentation and discouraged the type of mindless conformity that's often plagued corporate rock. When one considers just how different Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Moby Grape, and the Grateful Dead sounded, it becomes obvious just how much it was encouraged. In the mid-'90s, an album as eclectic as Abraxas would be considered a marketing exec's worst nightmare. But at the dawn of the 1970s, this unorthodox mix of rock, jazz, salsa, and blues proved quite successful. Whether adding rock elements to salsa king Tito Puente's "Oye Como Va," embracing instrumental jazz-rock on "Incident at Neshabur" and "Samba Pa Ti," or tackling moody blues-rock on Fleetwood Mac's "Black Magic Woman," the band keeps things unpredictable yet cohesive. Many of the Santana albums that came out in the '70s are worth acquiring, but for novices, Abraxas is an excellent place to start.

5.0 out of 5 stars Only For Stereo But Excellent Music And Recording For Its Time, July 25, 2005
Joel G. Alabastro "Joel Alabastro" (Sugar Land, Texas) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Abraxas (Sl) (Audio CD)
It is too bad if you expect 5.1 or 7.1 surround from this SACD. The remastering engineer is too honest to reprocess this to 5.1 or multichannel that during the time or recording was not available.

SACD Stereo is meant for stereophiles or audiophiles with equipment carefully chosen to bring out the best in recorded stereo music for two channels only...and never for 5.1 channels unless you have a DSP which will remove the essence of the recording anyway. And I have to emphasize the quality of the playback system since SACD has higher frequency data not possible to be included in the CD. If your system can only playback the audible frequencies then you are missing a lot of information particularly imaging (depth and width) and ambiance.

In short, the SACD version blows away the CD version only if you have the right equipment. I could hear the increased in depth of the soundstage and clarity of the instruments...My comparison is based on a remastered CD played on a very good CD player, versus this SACD played on a midrange SACD/DVD-A player. The CD player costs 3 times as much as the SACD player but still the SACD wins hands down.

So before you write reviews for or against this SACD make sure that you have listened to it using the right equipment...
Denon DVD2200,Audiolab CD Player,Metaxas Marquis Preamp/Solitaire Amp, Nordost Blue Heaven interconnect and Super Flatline speaker wires, Martin Logan SL3's and Descent Sub, PS Audio P600 regenerator.

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01. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
02. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
03. Oye Como Va
04. Incident at Neshabur
05. Se a Cabo
06. Mother's Daughter
07. Samba Pa Ti
08. Hope You're Feeling Better
09. Nicoya






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