《Facebook帐户管理软件》(Flirt )v1.0.28 for Mac OS X[压缩包]

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版本v1.0.28 for Mac OS X
制作发行Falkor Inc.,

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软件类型: 软件>网络软件
应用平台:Mac OS X
操作系统:Mac OS X 10.6.6 or later

Flirt 原生的Mac OS X专业Facebook桌面应用程序,管理你的Facebook帐户,网页和组.


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Flirt is your secret weapon to marketing on Facebook. Advertise to millions of people on the largest social network.

You need more likes. Maybe for your band, a product, event or group. You need to quickly invite people to your event. You manage several pages or groups and need to increase the number of fans.

Then you need Flirt. The best friend adder bot for Facebook. We've designed Flirt from scratch to bring you a truly new and effective solution that is turbo-charged, secure, and exceptional.

With Flirt you can:
• Automatically send friend requests to specific targeted groups you define.
• Share content with people and pages and update your status through wall posts.
• Send messages to all of your friends or to any specified target market. You can also send messages with attachments to people on Facebook or other email addresses.
• Quickly create new events sparing no detail and invite all your friends at once. You can make events for your accounts, pages, and groups.
• Send event invites to anyone, including people you aren't friends with.
• See what events you've been invited to and respond to them individually or if you're way too busy you can respond to them all at once.
• Approve or deny friend requests sent to you. With the Pro upgrade you can manage friend requests you've sent and also find out who has unfriended you.
• Find people by name, location, school or workplace. You can also search for pages, groups, posts, and by object IDs.
• Automatically see an overview of people you may already know.
• Get more likes and fans for your pages by being able to invite people you know on Facebook, or from your Address Book contacts or email list.
• Like (or unlike) pages, wall posts, and even comments. You can even have your pages like other pages.
• You can join (or leave) groups. If you're a group administrator you can add people to your groups and create group events.
• Use Facebook as a page and you can like other pages, update the status as the page and create page events.
• Manage your friend lists, you can make new lists or delete existing ones and edit their content.
• Switch from another program to Flirt and keep your preexisting data. Flirt can also export text (CSV), XML files, and directly to Address Book.
• Configure per-account proxy servers using secure proxy server protocols when you upgrade to the Pro version.

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       槽圮          咣圹槽圻  咣圹膊圻 捋槽� 捋草薏圹槽圹圯        懿鄄
       卟槽             哌�       哌�   哌哌� 哌� 哌哌�             鄄圻
  草  � 咣�                                                         捋� �  薏
掭  �   圯   p r e s e n t   t h e   2 0 k - c o l l e c t i o n   捋   �  掭
�  �  ��                                                           哌�  �  �
掭 圯                       Flirt v1.0.28 *CRACKED*                       捋 �
� 捋                                                                       圯 �
  圯                                                                       捋
捋     Cracked by....:  Minamoto          Release-Name..:  CR-8B6B1.ZIP    圯
圹     Supplied......:  CORE              Release-Date..:  2012/04/11      圹
圹�    Packaged......:  Bergelmir         Release-Type..:  MAS             圹
鄄�    Protection....:  DRM+Custom        OS............:  MacOSX         薏�
捋�    Crack/SN......:  Patch             Language......:  English        圹�
捋圯   Rating........:  [You decide!]     Disks.........:  02             圹�
  捋�                                                                     圹�
   鄄�                                                                   鄄�
    圹�  咣�                         苓哌�                         苒�  圹�
     圹圮   哕                苒策苘�     哕苓槽�                苓   苒圹
�    咣槽苘   哌苘        苓�     哕     苓     哌�        苘哌   苘鄄圻    �
  哕�   哌圹圹圮   哕     �   哕�  苓     哕  苘�         苓   苒圹圹哌   苘�
    哌圮苘  咣槽�   �      �    哌圮       苒哌    �      �   圹槽�  苘苒哌
     �  哌圹� 咣  �          苓� 薨�     舶� 哌�          唼  圻 咣圻�  �
  荥             � �         掭    北�   薇�    掭         � �             �
圯      �   曹苓   哕�       哕� 膊�     鄄� 苘�       苓�   哕懿   �      捋
薏圮鼙   苘苒圻        �       苘膊�       卟曹�       �        咣圮苘   避苒草
卟鄄圹圹膊�                 苒策             卟圮                鄄槽圹圹槽策
     哌哌�                 佰�                   咣�                哌哌哌�
                          佰 苓哕             苓哕 �
                          掭安� 掭           掭 卟稗
                           哕  苓             哕  苓
                             哌                 哌
                     荥                                 �       苘� 苓曹
     懿哕 哕�       圯      �   曹苓       哕懿   �      捋   苓�  苘�   �
    �   苘�  哌�   薏圮鼙   苘苒圻           咣圮苘   避苒草 掭  懿�  哌苘
    苘哌  安�  掭   卟鄄圹圹膊�                鄄槽圹圹槽策   哕  �  �  � 哕
  苓 �  �  �  苓        哌哌�                    哌哌哌�        哌舶   圻  捋
圯  咣   安哌                                                       �     草
薏     唼                     ..: DESCRiPTiON :..                           草
鄄                                                                          槽
鄄                                                                          槽
�     Flirt is your secret weapon to marketing on Facebook. Advertise to    槽
�     millions of people on the largest social network.                     槽
�                                                                           槽
�     You need more likes. Maybe for your band, a product, event or         槽
�     group. You need to quickly invite people to your event. You manage    槽
�     several pages or groups and need to increase the number of fans.      槽
�                                                                           槽
�     Then you need Flirt. The best friend adder bot for Facebook. We've    槽
�     designed Flirt from scratch to bring you a truly new and effective    槽
�     solution that is turbo-charged, secure, and exceptional.              槽
鄄                                                                          槽
薏蒈                                                                      苻草
  甙�                                                                    甙�
�                                                                          唼
哕          苘   �                                        �   苘          苓
    � � � 苓�  � 弑�                                      弑� �  哌� � � �
          掭         � �          �        �          � �         掭
      懿哕 哕�           唼 �  �            唼  � �           苘� 苓曹
     �   苘�  哌�                                            苓�  苘�   �
     苘哌  安�  掭                                          掭  懿�  哌苘
  苓 �  �  �  苓                                            哕  �  �  � 哕
  圯  咣   安哌         ..: iNSTALL/REGiSTER NOTES :..         哌舶   圻  捋
薏     唼                                                          �     草
鄄                                                                        槽
鄄                                                                        槽
�    Just install.                                                        槽
�                                                                         槽
鄄                                                                        槽
鄄                                                                        槽
鄄                                                                        槽
鄄                          Thanks for choosing                           槽
鄄               (C)hallenge (O)f (R)everse (E)ngineering!                槽
鄄                                                                        槽
鄄                                                                        槽
捋�                                                                      槽�
  捋�               荥                                  �       苘� 苓曹槽�
     哕 哕�        圯      �   曹苓        哕懿   �      捋   苓�  苘�    
       苘�  哌�   薏圮鼙   苘苒圻            咣圮苘   避苒草 掭  懿�  哌苘
   苘哌  安�  掭   卟鄄圹圹膊�                 鄄槽圹圹槽策   哕  �  �  � 哕
苓 �  �  �  苓        哌哌�                     哌哌哌�        哌舶   圻  捋
圯  咣   安哌                                                        �     草
    苘 �                  ..: CORE NEWS AND iNFOS :..                 � 苘
  苒圹� 哕                                                          苓 圹圹�
捋鄄圹� 掭                                                        掭 捋鄄圹�
圹槽圹  �       - not available -                                  �  圹鄄圹
薏鄄圯 苓                                                          哕 捋槽草
  鄄圹 掭                                                            掭 圹槽
  捋草  哕�                                                        苘�  薏圯
   圹�     哕                                                    苓     捋�
    咣      掭                                                  掭      圻
     �    苓                                                      哕    �
        苒�                                                         咣�
      苓�                                                             哌�
    苓                                                                   哕
  苒�                                                                     捋�
槽�                                                                       圹�
捋�                                                                         捋�
圹                                                                           圹
圹                                                                           圹
圹                                                                           圹
槽�                                                                          圹
捋圯         ��                                                苓�         捋�
鄄圮          掭                                              掭          苒�
咣圹圮�  苘苘圻                                                咣苘苘  苘圹圹
  圹圹槽圹圹哌                                                    哌圹圹鄄圹圹
  薏� 哌�                                                              哌� 鄄�
   捋�                                                                    捋�
   捋�                                                                    捋�
    鄄                                                                    槽
    捋�                                                                  捋�
     鄄                                                                  槽
     捋�                                                                捋�
      鄄                                                                槽
       圯                                                              圹
       圹                                                             捋�
      捋�                                                             捋�
     薏�                                                               薏�
     圹                 �  唼                    �  �                  圹
    薏�                �       �                �       �               薏�
     圹  苒哌苘     � �         �              �         � �     苘哌圮  圹
    薏蒈哌     咣� 卟�                                    卟� 苒�     哌苻草
    圹            �                                          �            圹
   圹�                                                                    圹�
   槽�                                                                    圹�
  捋圯                                                                    捋圯
  槽�                                                                      圹�
  圹�                                                                      槽�
  槽�                                                                      鄄�
  圹�                                                                      圹�
  圹�                                                                      圹�
   圹                                                                      圹
    掭                                                                    掭
     �           苘�                                        苘�           �
      �       苓�   哌�   lAYOUt & hEADER bY. [rAD!s]    苓�   哌�       �
       哕     哕       �  nfO UPdATED ON [2012/01/13]   �       苓     苓
         哌苘�     苘苓  �    (c) C.O.R.E. 2 0 1 2    �  哕苘     苘苓�
              哌哌�                                          哌哌�
� CRC 48ED:C2A2






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