Delano Smith -《An Odyssey》[MP3]

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专辑英文名An Odyssey
歌手Delano Smith

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资源码率: 320kbps
版权所有: 2012 Sushitech
音乐类型: Deep-House/Detroit-Techno
发行链接: amazon


底特律灵魂之声 Delano Smith新专《An Odyssey》

尽管《An Odyssey》将会是Delano Smith的首张全长专辑,但他绝对不是什么新人来的。出生在芝加哥的他,早期在底特律接受教育,他在70年代末期就与Ken Collier一同开始了DJ生涯,风格偏向于Disco和Funk。同时也是Ken Collier影响着Delano Smith,Jeff Mills,Eddie Fowlkes,Mike Grant等音乐人。Delano Smith在90年代的时候并没有很活跃,于2000初期重出江湖,2003年发行了他的首张12英寸黑胶唱片。从那时开始,他便专注于创作soulful deep(灵魂深度) house和techno,主要在Mixmode, Third Ear和Sushitech厂牌发行。这张专辑收录了他在过去两年件的11首作品,都是从未公布过的。此次新专辑将会以三个为一组的黑胶发行,其中还包含了2首特别曲目《Trust In Somthing》和《No Turning Back》,同时还将发行限量CD,里面包括了一本《the Detroit Story through the eyes of Delano Smith》小册子。 by sunqin 原文:residentadvisor

Delano Smith is one of the first artists who come to mind when speaking about Detroit House and Techno. Born in Chicago and raised in Detroit, Delano’s career started in the late 70′s DJ’ing together with the godfather of Detroit House, Ken Collier. Delano was one of Kens “students” and during the 80’s started to spin a mixture of Disco and Funk. It was during those years that like all legendary DJs he started to develop his own sound to what we know today as “House” music and then later on, Techno.During the early years Delano would get to play records in front of now legendary DJ’s such as Derrick May and Jeff Mills. Then, around 10 years ago, Delano decided to take all of his DJ experience and bring it to the studio. Shortly afterwards he started his own label called Mixmode and started to release records that are still played by the leading DJ’s on the scene today from Ricardo Villalobos, Daniel Bell to Laurent Garnier and Derrick May.

“Delano – Watching you play brings back so many memories! I used to go listen to you long before I ever wanted to become a DJ. At the YWCA, Downstairs Pub with Ken. I’m following you. Keep it comin’!”
- Jeff Mills

A few years ago Delano joined forces and formed a deep relationship with Sushitech. The first release on the label and a now very sought after limited release, was with long-term Detroit buddy Norm Talley. As well a string of releases and playing at all the main label parties, Delano has cemented himself as one of the leading artists on the label. It was then only natural that he should want to release his first album on the same label that he has become such a big part of.

Derrick May: “There was no Derrick May without Delano Smith”

Contained within the album, Delano shows us the musical world he is living in today. Taking all of his experiences from the past years, all the various styles of records he has played and all of the inspiration that has soaked into his soul from playing in major clubs and cities around the globe, the album comes together as a single entity and represents the sound of Delano Smith and his work with Sushitech.The album sound is deep, lush and dry just as you would expect from a true Detroit legend. Moving all the way from Deep House to Techno, Delano and Sushitech have collected his best works during the last 2 years and compiled an album of new tracks and unreleased rare mixes that should be a welcome addition to any collector or DJ.The album includes 3 records and a limited edition CD with a booklet containing the Detroit Story through the eyes of Delano Smith, as well as original pictures and stories. This is an album not to be missed!

Sushitech – Berlin, 2012 原链:sushitech


01. Survival
02. What I Do
03. I Feel This (Odyssey Version)
04. Thoughts
05. I Wonder
06. Midnight Hours
07. Ocean Melody
08. Inspiration
09. Odyssey
10. Invitation Only
11. Togetherness






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