《高级 Photoshop 杂誌》(Advanced Photoshop) 2006年 11月 - 2008年 7月

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中文名高级 Photoshop 杂誌
英文名Advanced Photoshop
版本 2006年 11月 - 2008年 7月

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《Advanced Photoshop》是一份可以帮你磨砺高级Photoshop技巧的完美杂志,特别为高级数字艺术工作者定制,每期都包含了精彩的访谈和挑战性的教程。 无论您是Photoshop专家还是普通用户,本教程均会让你受益匪浅。


Advanced Photoshop magazine is the perfect magazine for polishing up already great Photoshop skills. Aimed towards Adobe Photoshop professionals and enthusiasts every issue prides itself on its unbeatable quality and sophisticated content.

Every month you can have the chance to develop your techniques with a bunch of creative and challenging Masterclass and Workshop tutorials. Our intention is to give you the chance to learn new tricks and fine-tune your skills. Whether you're a design student, an enthusiast who is considering going into the design industry full-time, or an established pro we guarantee that there will always be something new to get your teeth into. As Advanced Photoshop is written for those who already have a lot of experience in Photoshop we never dumb down the tutorials, always getting straight into business of creating superb imagery without wasting time on the simple techniques you already know. Every month includes many different techniques and styles so you can be sure to find something that grabs your interest.

If you enjoy learning more about the culture of art and design and appreciate the inspiration that can come from other artists' designs then you'll be pleased to hear that there are regular features on contemporary design subjects and in-depth interviews with a real mixture of pros. One thing that pleases us every issue is how responsive and enthusiastic even the most established Photoshop artist is when we approach them to be included in the magazine. With this in mind the team hunts high and low every issue to showcase work from only the best. Previous contributors to the magazine have included McFaul, Kristian Olson, Mike Campau, ilovedust, Magic Torch, Jason Cook and Jerry Lofaro. We are also proud of the fact that we have helped to launch several new comers to the industry and always keep an eye out for hot new talent.

One thing you can guarantee with Advanced Photoshop is that it has its fingers on the pulse of contemporary design.

Enjoy the magazine!


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IPB Image

All the latest and greatest techniques including:
- Learning to control the Airbrush tool
- Designing a website in Photoshop
- Creating different text effects

Creative Tutorials
Challenging and inspiring Masterclasses including:
- Mixing stock images into a creative collage
- Producing book-cover artwork
- Painting perfect portraits from a photo reference
Also featured
- Student showcase: the best new talent exposed
- Underused features in Photoshop explored
- Interview with Adam Benton

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