Beth Jeans Houghton & The Hooves Of Destiny -《Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose》[FLAC]

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专辑英文名Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose

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版权所有: © 2012 Beth Jeans Houghton, Warner Chappell Music Publishing Ltd and Ben Hillier. Under exclusive licence to Mute Artists LtdThis label copy information is the subject of copyright protection. All r
音乐类型: Indie Folk/Alternative/Female Vocalist
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虽然这是Beth Jeans Houghton的首张全长专辑,但她很难被称为一个新人。早在3年前她就曾发行过Hot Toast Volume One的EP,并在当时得到了NME的关注与喜爱,可惜之后我们没有机会能够听到Volume Two,Volume Three,反是等来了她的消失,这3年同期出道的Laura Marling俨然已成为英国民谣乐的年轻代表,而Beth则必须以新人的姿态重新出发。在这张由Ben Hiller(Blur、Elbow)担任制作的专辑中你可以听到丰富亮耳的器乐演奏,比如Carousel中的小提琴,Atlas中层层的鼓点…这都归功于Beth的乐队The Hooves Of Destiny,而Beth悠扬悦耳具有广度的声音在专辑中也是一大亮点,Humble Digs中唱诗团般神圣庄严的合唱,Liliputt中悠长的whoo带来神秘诡异的气氛…尽管出生在英国Newcastle被认为英国东北部音乐新声的代表,但Beth似乎十分钟情美国加州,这影响不仅来自Joni Mitchell的那首Ladies Of The Canyon,还有一部我同样十分喜爱的电影Almost Famous,而之后被拍到和加州摇滚乐队Red Hot Chili Peppers主唱Anthony Kiedis出双入对的照片也证明Beth可不是随便说着玩的。水手音乐.by sakaya

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It’s four years since Beth Jeans Houghton appeared on our radar with EP ‘Hot Toast Volume One’. A single, ‘Golden/Nightswimmer’, followed. And then… we waited. A good portion of ‘Yours Truly…’ will be familiar to fans: ‘Nightswimmer’ pops up, while ‘Dodecahedron’, ‘Liliputt’ and ‘Sweet Tooth Bird’ have been around online for a while now. So is it finally time for Houghton to outshine the Mumfords and Marlings? Or, in trying to polish her long-awaited debut to perfection, has she got lost in the small details?

One thing’s for sure: this isn’t the same Beth Jeans that we heard on ‘Golden’. Produced by Ben Hillier, of Blur’s ‘Think Tank’, ‘Yours Truly…’ owes more to the North American alt.folk of Owen Pallett and Joanna Newsom than the proto-Communion lot Houghton got lumped in with following her EP. ‘Humble Digs’ nods a head to Louis MacNeice’s Autumn Journal as Houghton sings of a frugal love to a marching beat, the chorus changes and well-placed strings imagining Owen Pallett’s Final Fantasy transplanted to Newcastle. It’s reflective of the album as a whole, in which every other second demands a double take, revealing a snag that went unnoticed on first listen.

On ‘Dodecahedron’, Houghton’s voice cascades sweetly, but the song’s beauty is shattered when you realise she’s singing about night terrors. As the middle eight approaches, a male member of the Hooves Of Destiny begins to harmonise, and Houghton goes up an octave, like the choirgirl meeting the priest. It’s spellbinding.

‘Atlas’ has touches of Los Campesinos! to it, as Houghton sits with her boyf, “dissecting the Atlas for places we’ve been/Your list is longer, but you’ve got more years on me” (her current beau is Anthony Kiedis of Red Hot Chili Peppers, so that last bit’s certainly true). But without a doubt, ‘The Barely Skinny Bone Tree’ is the stand-out here. Opening a cappella, Houghton’s voice treated slightly, it sounds familiar yet mysterious, telling of “a baby boy, with eyes of mercury” with echoes of Vashti Bunyan or, more recently, Smoke Fairies.

Things begin to crumble towards the end. ‘Liliputt’ skitters without destination and ‘Franklin Benedict’ blends into the cluttered ‘Carousel’, in which clown laughs are sampled above harpsichord lines. ‘Nightswimmer’ is incongruous next to the more recent tracks. It’s not perfect. It’s not even close, but, like its title, ‘Yours Truly, Cellophane Nose’ has an intimate, unusual charm that’s all its own.
Ailbhe Malone NME



Sweet Tooth Bird

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01. Sweet Tooth Bird
02. Humble Digs
03. Dodecahedron
04. Atlas
05. Night Swimmer
06. The Barely Skinny Bone Tree
07. Liliputt
08. Veins
09. Franklin Benedict
10. Carousel






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