《互联网防御[综合防火墙]》(Online Armor Premium )v5.5.0.1543[压缩包]

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英文名Online Armor Premium
制作发行Emsi Software GmbH

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应用平台:Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Vista SP2 (32bit) and 7 (32bit & 64bit).

Online Armor是一个集众多功能于一体的网络威胁综合解决方案,可以防御各种来自网络的在线威胁。Online Armor有3种操作模式,包括标准模式、专家模式和网银模式。可进行键盘记录防护、DNS欺骗保护、自启动控制。Online Armor一共有3个版本:Free,Premium以及++,其中++是包含了Emsisoft双引擎,功能全面。

Online Armor是一个提供防御最新网络威胁的综合保护解决方案,Online Armor防御所有类型的恶意代码、基于网络“驱动”下载、间谍程序和网络钓鱼的攻击.提供完全的内核保护和强大的网络防火墙.Online Armor在最近的Leaktests有极佳的表现,收费版获得第一名好成绩,足可见这款防火墙的实力.

Online Armor是一个革命性的产品,可以保护你的电脑免受间谍程序,木马和其它危险的互联网程序的侵害。从允许你设定程序的运行权限开始。Online Armor提供多层的保护。允许安全的程序无须提示即可执行,立即停止危险的程序,Online Armor不能识别的未知的程序仅在你的允许下方可执行,可以扫描你浏览的任何网页,并提醒你里面存在的危险内容。无论你是否信任该网站,你只需要选择对危险内容进行屏蔽。可以屏蔽未经授权的下载请求,Active X,以及 Java对象,还可屏蔽,发掘HTML漏洞的代码或者任何潜在可被发掘的内容。防钓鱼功能,邮件检测功能。

#Online Armor不能识别的未知的程序仅在你的允许下方可执行
#可以屏蔽未经授权的下载请求,Active X,以及 Java对象,还可屏蔽发掘HTML漏洞的代码或者任何潜在可被发掘的内容。


System Requirements

Online Armor currently runs on Windows XP SP3 (32bit), Vista SP2 (32bit) and 7 (32bit & 64bit).

Note: Product does not currently support the following operating systems:
Windows XP 64, Windows Vista 64, Windows 98/Me
Recommended Requirements
Windows XP & Windows Vista & Windows 7
512 MB RAM
50 MB hard disk space
Internet access

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Online Armor Premium

If you use online banking, buy things online, send and receive emails or just browse the internet then you're open to serious threats that your Antivirus Software just wasn't designed to stop. That's where Online Armor's Personal Firewall comes in.
Key Features
Stops Hackers
Stops Malicious Programs
Protects you when Banking and Transacting Online
Protects your Identity

Easy to use

You do not need a computer science degree to use Online Armor. The setup process is straightforward, and configuration is a one-time event and part of the initial installation process.
Light on Pop-ups

Online Armor's aim is not to annoy you with too many messages and when it does give you a message, there are clear options given on how to respond.
Doesn't slow down your PC

Online Armor does not slow down your PC.
Personal Firewall

Online Armor's new personal firewall provides awesome protection from inbound threats and complete control of data leaving your computer for the internet.
Online Banking Protection

Never worry about banking online again. Online Armor's Banking mode is a standout feature that locks down your session while you are doing your banking online.
Identity Theft Protection

Probably the number one threat online; identity theft ruins lives. Online Armor protects you from phishing and keylogging techniques that these criminals use.
Safe Browsing

This allows you to lock down your online browsing sessions and protect yourself from malicious websites installing nasties on your machine.
Prevent Spyware

Program Guard gives you control over which programs are allowed to run on your computer. Known safe programs don't harass you with popups, and dangerous programs will give a red warning popup so you can prevent them from running.
Remove Spyware

If spyware gets onto your computer - perhaps because you have accidentally allowed it, Online Armor will allow you to remove it. Unwanted extensions to Internet Explorer can be removed with a mouse-click. Unwanted programs can be blocked via Program Guard, or removed completely.
DNS Checker

This stops programs from manipulating your Windows settings to misdirect you to fake sites.
Hosts Checker

Similar to the DNS Check, Online Armor checks your HOSTS file and alerts you if anything changes. The hosts file can also be used to make your web browser visit sites other than the one you intended.
Autoruns Management

Allows you to control which programs start automatically with your computer. This can be used to help defeat spyware (it must start sometime) as well as optimize your computer's performance.
Tamper Protection

Malicious programs are getting tougher and tougher and often attack other programs (including security programs) to do their nasty deeds. Online Armor's Program Guard guards not only itself against tampering, but protection other programs from malicious code.
Keylogger Detection

Online Armor protects your passwords and private information from being stolen by blocking the keylogger as it tries to activate. Online Armor's behaviour detection ensures that even specially created or new keyloggers are detected and prevented.
Web Shield

Many websites use tricks to install dangerous software on your computer. The type of software can range from the irritating display of popup advertising, through to software designed to steal information or defraud you.






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