《精通UNIXShell脚本编程》(Mastering Unix Shell Scripting)文字版[PDF]

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原名Mastering Unix Shell Scripting
出版社Robert Ipsen

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* Provides readers with end-to-end shell scripts that can be used to automate repetitive tasks and solve real-world system administration problems
* Targets the specific command structure for four popular UNIX systems: Solaris, Linux, AIX, and HP-UX
* Illustrates dozens of example tasks, presenting the proper command syntax and analyzing the performance gain or loss using various control structure techniques
* Web site includes all the shell scripts used in the book
From the Back Cover
Discover how to solve real-world system administration problems with this collection of end-to-end shell scripts

This comprehensive book takes you step-by-step through the process of writing shell scripts to solve real-world Unix problems and tasks. Each chapter begins by presenting a typical Unix challenge that you’ll most likely experience at your job. With each challenge, you’ll learn how to identify a specific goal and start the shell script by defining the correct command syntax to solve the problem. You’ll find out how to build the shell script around the commands, filter the commands output to strip out the unneeded data, and add options that give users more flexibility on the command line.

The approach used will teach you how to attack problems logically. It will also empower you to take the basic command syntax and turn it into a shell scripting solution.

Throughout the book, you’ll find end-to-end shell scripts that you can use to automate repetitive tasks and solve real-world system administration problems. These tasks include:
Communications such as automated event notification, monitoring processes locally and on remote systems, and automated FTP file transfers
Information gathering and monitoring for file systems, paging/swap space, system load, applications, processes, and capturing the system’s configuration
Print queue management to keep the printers printing
Floating point mathematics in shell scripts using the bc utility

The companion Web site contains all of the shell scripts and most of the functions that are discussed in the book as well as bonus shell scripts for various tasks.


RANDAL K. MICHAEL is a Unix Systems Administrator at Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc., where he writes shell scripts to address complex monitoring and event notification issues. He has more than 23 years of industry experience and 10 years of experience as a Unix Systems Administrator, working with Solaris, Linux, AIX, and HP-UX.


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Chapter 1 Scripting Quick Start and Review
Chapter 2 Twelve ways to process a file line by line
Chapter 3 Automated event notification
Chapter 4 Progress indicator usring a serier of dots, a rotating line, or a countdown to zero
Chapter 5 File system monitoring
Chapter 6 Monitoring paging and swap space
Chapter 7 Monitoring system load
Chapter 8 Process monitoring and enabling preprocess, startup, and postprocess events
Chapter 9 Monitoring processes and applications
Chapter 10 Creating Pseudo-Random passwords
Chapter 11 Monitor for stale Disk partitions
Chapter 12 Automated hosts pinging with notification
Chapter 13 Taking a system snapshot
Chapter 14 Compiling, installing, configuring, and using sudo
Chapter 15 hgrep:Hilighted grep script
Chapter 16 Print queue hell:keeping the printers printing
Chapter 17 Automated FTP stuff
Chapter 18 Finding Large Files
Chapter 19 Monitor and auditing user key strokes
Chapter 20 Turning On/Off SSA identification lights
Chapter 21 Pseudo-random number generation
Chapter 22 Floating-point Math and the bc utility
Chapter 23 Scripts for number base conversions
Chapter 24 Menu program suitable for operations staff
Chapter 25 Sending Pop-up messages from Unix to Windows
Appendix A what's on the web site






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